7 Ways We See Your Competitors Beating You


Voice and text broadcast integration to your recruiting and staffing software can automate routine tasks and improve your competitive advantage.

Guest blog by Adam Arnold

By now most light industrial and clerical staffing firms have at least considered using automated voice broadcast to fill open positions with a single call.  Staffing firms are eliminating mind-numbingly boring processes and proactively communicating with associates in many other situations, too.  Some call it efficiency, and others just call it making life easier.  I prefer to look at it as another way to beat your competition.  Here are my seven favorite non-job fill uses of Call-Em-All by staffing clients:

  1. Chasing Down Missing Timesheets

    “Before you leave today, please make sure your timecard has been submitted.  If you have questions, please contact us at…..”

  2. Sending W-2s to the Right Address the 1st Time

    “If you have moved or your information has changed since we sent your 2011 W-2, please contact payroll at……”

  3. Changing Shifts

    “This is ABC Staffing calling to let you know of a cancellation (or recall) of third shift.”

  4. Weather Closings

    “This is ABC Staffing calling to let you know that due to this evening’s snow storm, third shift has been cancelled.  We will keep you up to date as weather conditions evolve.”

  5. Open Enrollment

    “Don’t forget that Friday is the last day to submit your changes during open enrollment.  Please contact HR with questions at…….”

  6. Wakeup Calls

    “This is ABC staffing calling to remind you that you begin work at XYZ company today.  Your shift starts at 8:00am sharp!  If you have questions, please contact me at…..”

  7. Dress Code

    “Don’t forget that your work assignment requires steel toe boots, a black jacket, and hairnet.”

  8. Unemployment Hearings

    “Your honor, we offered him 3 jobs and included him on 12 job opportunity broadcasts, but she is seeking unemployment compensation.  See these offers and call results?”  (OK, so this is not a broadcast, but it IS great result of good data!)

Are you trudging through the same calls over and over while you could be doing something more engaging?  Think automated calling & texting can improve the efficiency in your office?

Call-Em-All is an integrated partner with Bond Adapt, eEmpACT, and StaffSuite staffing and recruiting software.  If you do not yet have an account, you can try it for free by clicking here.


Adam Arnold is Director of Business Development at Call-Em-All.


Easy DIY Remodeling of Your Staffing Software That Improves Your Productivity

Make your Bond StaffSuite staffing software more personal and productive with easy-to-use DIY user interface configurations.

One of the biggest shows on HGTV is “Property Brothers.” In it, Drew Scott, the real estate agent, and Jonathan Scott, the visionary remodeler, convince the home buyers that they can get their dream home – one that’s really out of their price range — by buying a “fixer-upper” and remodeling it to fit their desires. The home buyers, almost always skeptical to begin with, become true believers as they employ a little sweat equity and a little cash to turn the target home into their personal dream home that fits their lifestyle perfectly.

It’s hard not to identify with the pleasure these homebuyers experience, as I’ve benefited from a number of DIY home remodeling projects over the years. In every case, I wanted to improve the usability, flow, look, and value of my home in harmony with my personal tastes and needs.

New StaffSuite 6.0 is even easier to remodel than a near-perfect home

Like that home you’ve found that is just right for your lifestyle, StaffSuite is designed with you in mind. Right from the moment you open the “door” to StaffSuite 6.0, you’ll find it very familiar; as it follows design standards you already know if you use Microsoft Office. Like in any well-designed home, you will flow easily from one area to another to accomplish your daily tasks related to staffing and recruiting.

But, like any homeowner (or, in this case, staffing software owner), you will probably want to personalize, redecorate, and remodel each room to fit you and your needs. Now you can.

StaffSuite 6.0 now gives professionals like you in high-volume temporary staffing agencies the tools and ability to very easily “remodel” its already intuitive interface. That way you can make it completely personal to your own needs, workflows and uses so that you, too, can enjoy a better, more productive experience.

Here are just a few of the ways that you can remodel StaffSuite 6.0 to fit you:

  • You can easily configure your personal views of your data so that they are specific to your preferences and/or role, such as recruiting, sales, or payroll and billing.
  • You can also configure the new ribbon toolbar – which gives you quick access to Employee, Company, Order, and other data. You can add custom tabs to the ribbon that can include personalized, customizable actions, such as adding a tab for typical recruiting activities.
  • You can customize the Quick Access Toolbar – which gives you one-click access to your own pre-defined common tasks or actions.
  • You can assign keyboard software shortcuts to action commands to reduce clicks or keystrokes.

All of these quickly and easily-done (no coding needed) “remodelings” of StaffSuite 6.0 are just the ticket to help speed you through your work day with less effort. More importantly, all of this remodeling of StaffSuite’s personalized look-and-feel does not in any way impact its flexible, powerful, and reliable performance. Thousands of staffing professionals just like you depend on StaffSuite every day to recruit, assign, pay and manage tens of thousands of temporary employees in every state.

Ah, if only remodeling a home were as easy as remodeling StaffSuite staffing software! If you would like to find out more about the benefits of StaffSuite’s new interface, just CLICK HERE.

If you would like to talk to us about how our solutions can improve your business, CLICK or give us a call at 800-318-4983 today. We’re here to help you succeed.


Why are you wasting six seconds reviewing a resume?

Time is money - save both with the right staffing software or recruiting softwareThat’s ten resumes a minute, 60 in an hour, and 480 in an eight-hour work day (assuming you actually spent all that time reviewing resumes). That’s what a recent eye-tracking study of recruiters by concluded.

Sure, the study was obviously self-serving (TheLadders successfully showed that the resume formatting on their website was easier for recruiters to use than that of the profiles on LinkedIn). The observation is that recruiters and staffing coordinators charged with determining the “fit/no fit” of job candidates really don’t spend much time on reviewing individual resumes. In that six-second review, the average recruiter might be able to read seven, that’s SEVEN words – candidate name, title, company worked at, and maybe their last job start/end dates. Think you can read more? Test yourself here.

So, my question is, why are you wasting those six seconds reviewing a resume? You’re really not getting anything substantive about the candidate’s fitness for the job in six seconds, so why bother? After all, according to many, “the resume is dead” anyway (a Google search for that term came up with 56,200,000 hits). Profiles, such as those on LinkedIn, have really taken their place, at least for many professionals.

Nope, the reality is that your staffing software or recruiting software should be doing the grunt work for you of “reviewing” resumes. The data you’ve collected on candidates through all of your sourcing – including those “dead” resumes and through your social media channels – is the data pool you swim in most often. Then you plug in the criteria for the job and the software spits out a list of the most likely candidates that will fit the job opportunity. Then you set up interviews, present the candidate(s), fill the order/placement, bill the customer, and collect payments. Repeat for continued success as a staffing and recruiting professional.

I know I’ve over-simplified the process, but that’s the gist of it, right?

What I’m saying is that you probably shouldn’t waste those six seconds looking at a resume. If you’re not wasting time looking at resumes, think about how many more placements you might make using your recruiting and staffing software to find the most likely candidates. More importantly, you can work at what software can’t do – build relationships that help you better understand your customers and candidates and that in turn result in sales and fills. Then your software becomes an enabling tool to help you manage those relationships successfully.

Naturally, each of Bonds’ staffing and recruiting software packages can help you do that.

Plus, while Adapt, eEmpACT, and StaffSuite offer tools for the business of staffing and recruiting, each has its own specific feature/benefit sets, so I’m confident that one of them can fit the unique needs of your firm. Click or give us a call at 800-318-4983 to talk about how your staffing software or recruiting software should be making your life easier today. We’re here to help you stop wasting time and effort reviewing resumes – six seconds at a time.

Five Reasons to Upgrade Your Recruiting or Staffing Software

For some staffing and recruiting firms, the thought of going through a software upgrade causes an anxiety attack. After all, you’ve invested a lot into the software you have now, you and your team are familiar with it, and you know that change may be painful. So why change?

The short reason is that the upgrade will be good for you and the profitability and the performance of your business. But let’s go into a little more detail. There are five major reasons why staffing software developers like Bond International Software develops an upgrade, all of which relate to improving your ability to work more profitably.

First, your software should mature in its capabilities and value to your business. Here’s an example: what part of your recruiting and staffing business hasn’t been impacted by the rise of social media in the past few years? To address these and other market dynamics, your business will change in how it works with customers, candidates, and the market. Changes in any of these probably require software upgrades that add new functionality or features. For example, Bond US staffing and recruiting software has added social media capabilities to address this change in how candidates and customers communicate. These enable you to deliver better service, remain competitive with the marketplace and improve your operating efficiency.

Second, you can never have enough performance. Your software’s flexibility, speed, reliability, scalability and other factors that affect productivity within your business operations are always targets for software improvement. Upgrades that use new software or hardware technologies can greatly increase the performance of your staff and your business. In this area, Bond International Software can leverage its unmatched development resources to offer you a solution that is constantly improving.

Third, compatibility with your shifting business needs and other technologies often requires software upgrades. A good example of this is the need for code changes to enable your software to work with the latest tax updates for payroll or to extend the capabilities of your recruiting or staffing software with an integration to a third-party software that offers a useful, but non-critical functionality.

Fourth, upgrades can make your life easier. Usability – how easy it is to get work done within the software – can only be improved with study of user interactions over time. Bond International Software has made a fine art of this over its nearly 40 years of experience. Working with some 100,000 user worldwide, observing how staffing and recruiting professionals like you use the software, we find ways to simplify its use. The resulting upgrades will have a more appealing, streamlined and intuitive user interface, helping you accomplish more with less effort.

Fifth, we want to fix the bugs. Software development is both art and science. And developing software is a complex task, so no software is error free. As part of its constant process of improvement and maintenance, Bond International Software actively seeks feedback on its recruiting and staffing software from users, as well as looking deep within the code ourselves. We seek out and correct errors and defects that have a significant impact on performance, usability, reliability, etc.

At the end of the day, the benefits to you to upgrade your staffing and recruiting software can be likened to putting your business through a fitness program that improves your strength, flexibility, reliability and ability to perform at a higher level every day.

Click or give us a call to talk about upgrades today. We’re here to help.

Social Media Enabled Software That Drives Successful Staffing and Recruiting

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, You Tube, WordPress, Blogging — that we are in a new era of multi-channel, highly-personalized, news, lifestyle and information distribution is enough to make a good recruiter or staffing professional cry.

So much chafe, so little time…

How do you manage all of those streams of information? How do you easily and effectively search for candidates across so many different sources? How can you possibly track all of your own job order related postings and activities to determine what works and what doesn’t? There aren’t enough hours in the day. And you don’t have the time to waste — you have orders to fill. You need solutions that reduce your effort, while helping you separate the chafe (all the junk out there on the Internet) from the wheat (all the good candidate and employee information you need for recruiting).

Enter Bond International Software and its three staffing and recruiting software packages: Bond Adapt, Bond eEmpACT and Bond StaffSuite.

Each of these three products is uniquely designed to help harried staffing and recruiting professionals better manage their time by reducing the effort it takes to keep up with virtually anything related to social media and your staffing and recruiting business.

For example, from within Bond software you can record candidates’ online profiles on LinkedIn and other social media sites so that you can develop a better understanding of their fitness for your job orders. You can also easily send job postings from within the software to your own site and, at the same time through RSS feeds, to your own social media sites to aid in recruiting with less effort.

But there’s more. It’s not enough that you can track candidates or customers through their online social media profiles or post jobs or send news via RSS feeds. With Bond recruiting and staffing software you can also develop and implement tracking and reporting that helps you understand the effectiveness of these efforts. You can determine the ROI of your social media campaigning.

Like to find out more? Call us at 800-318-4983 or click for more information. We look forward to helping you put social media to work for you!