Engaging Candidates Through Education

Educating Featured ImageKeeping candidates engaged is tough. Although they might not be the best fit for one of your open positions right now, you may have the right job for them in a few weeks. How do you make sure they keep your recruitment agency in mind for future job searches?

Not only should you be offering more than your competition, but also making sure you are offering something of real value. To set your agency apart from its competitors, provide your candidates with continual educational content. Here are five ideas on how to get started:

  • Hold free webinars online once a month. Webinars can be conducted using services such as GoToWebinar, AnyMeeting or ClickWebinar. Although there are costs associated with these services, they do have recording capabilities and will allow you to build up a webinar portfolio where candidates can access your content in a library. Webinar videos are great for posting on your YouTube page too.
  • Consider creating a series of webinars directed towards candidates in different industries. For example, for lawyers you could provide information on new and changing legislation in the law field. For medical, discuss any new certifications that might be of interest. For something more general, discuss interview skills, what to wear, and share motivational tips to boost the confidence of candidates during the interview process.

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  • You can also use free social media tools to host informal chats or Q&A sessions. Facebook Live, Google Hangouts and Blab all allow you to host live streaming sessions with candidates at a scheduled time. These can also be recorded as videos and added directly to your Facebook or Google+ pages for viewing after the event.
  • Ask people ahead of time what content they would find useful. This is helpful if you are stuck for ideas and also makes sure you are giving candidates what they need. If you are hosting a Q&A session post about it on social media in advance. Ask for candidates to submit questions they would like answered. This gives you time to prepare and make sure you are addressing questions in as much detail as possible.
  • With all the information you are gathering from Q&A sessions and webinars, you can create a lot of great content for newsletters and blog posts on your website. This will also provide candidates with informative and educational material.

The goal is to keep creating content that candidates want to come back for. Make it easy for them to sign up and register for new content. Even if they are not currently active job seekers, make sure you and your agency are top of mind when they are.

AdaptSuite is now integrated with Peoplenet

AdaptSuite is now integrated with Peoplenet, part of the Version 3.5 release.

Peoplenet is the leading provider of timekeeping solutions for the staffing industry. Recruiting teams are able to focus more time on filling orders rather than managing timesheets and resolving time capture errors. The convenient features of Peoplenet’s cloud-based, innovative services results in smooth operational procedures that enhance the experience of both candidates and staffing clients. Peoplenet’s solutions are configurable to meet client-specific business needs while maintaining a simple workflow that can handle almost any staffing environment. AdaptSuite customers leveraging Peoplenet’s innovative workforce management technologies can further reduce time and gain efficiency with this latest integration.

For more information about AdaptSuite, please contact us today.

Recruitment 101

In the fast paced world of recruitment it can sometimes be easy to forget your manners and ensure that all candidates are treated with the same respect and courtesy. In this blog, James Payne, Sales Director, Adapt suggests going back to the basics with tips for recruitment 101.


It can be a long process to head hunt a candidate to fill a specific role, ensure the profile is a perfect match and employment history ticks all of the boxes. So what happens when contact is made and you are faced with a negative response – they just aren’t interested in the role? Using basic skills and responding with a thank you email at this stage is vital to ensure that when the candidate is ready to make the move they contact you – not someone else. It shows you respect and value their time, and an appreciation that they made the effort to respond.

Ultimately, listening to your candidates is key. They may not be ready to change jobs just yet, your vacancy may just be that little bit too far away for them to happily travel or the role may not be the right fit for their skill set or career goals. Respecting your candidate goes a long way, and listening to them and contacting them at the right time will pay off in the long run.

Pick up the phone

There is such a heavy reliance on email nowadays. It is quick and efficient and can save precious time spent on fruitless phone calls, but it can be seen as impersonal. Unless you know a candidate really well it is hard to personalise an email with the kind of sentiment that can be used during a phone call. Finding out that Mary has two children and she takes them to football on a Tuesday is much easier via a phone call. It helps to build a relationship and provides an immediate reference for any future interactions!

Yes, email is effective but phone calls are better for building and strengthening relationships. It is, of course, essential to speak to candidates at a time that works for them – ensuring you don’t call them at a time when they are at work is critical. If not, you could end up creating an incredibly awkward situation for them with their current employer.

The same applies for the candidate pipeline. While maintaining candidates that you already have and while developing newer candidates, personalising your approach is something that will set you apart from other recruiters. Yes, a vacancy needs to be filled quickly but finding the right person to fill it and taking the time to find the right fit is critical to both the candidate and the client.

Don’t leave ‘em guessing

After weeks of calls and emails an interview is finally in place, but is your candidate prepared? Providing your candidate with the necessary information and ensuring that they are confident and feel supported is vital to a successful interview. An unprepared candidate can reflect badly on the recruiter. Your client will potentially be asking you some tough questions if the interview is a disaster and could look to use another recruiter for future roles. Leave nothing to chance, preparation is key.

After an interview it is essential to follow up with the candidate and the client – having the candidate feedback will be really helpful when asking your client what they thought and vice versa, provide them with the interviewer’s feedback, and gear them up for the response whether positive or negative.

Don’t leave people guessing, let them know whether they have got the position they have applied for, and also provide them with feedback where they have been unsuccessful. Offering feedback will put them in good stead for other interviews and help to develop skills.

Required Group Invest in AdaptUX to Enhance Recruitment Processes and Plan for the Future

Required Group LogoRequired Group, consisting Required IT, Required Consulting, Required Energy and Required BI have selected Bond International Software, the global provider of staffing and recruitment software, to provide AdaptUX OnDemand plus; user experience focused recruitment-specific CRM via high-speed cloud service.

London-based with offices in the USA and Singapore, the Required Group was formed in 2013 as the umbrella company to align the successful growth of Required IT and its subsidiaries.

Founded in 2002, the exemplary customer service and tailored account management delivered by Required IT soon resulted in a loyal client base, appreciative candidates and consistent year-on-year growth. Fuelled by their success, Required IT created and acquired agencies in business sectors outside of their original scope; and by enabling those agencies to evolve separately, they too rose to prominence within their marketplaces. Today, Required IT remains the group’s largest agency, however the others are certainly catching up. The strong ethos of client understanding and candidate care which began in 2002 continues to underpin the group’s success and reaffirm their admirable industry reputation.

Keen to add new efficiencies throughout their recruitment cycle processes and sustain growth, Required Group began undertaking a wide review of the recruitment software market. The agencies’ wish list included: CRM ease of use, solid third-party software integrations and, importantly, finding the provider technology roadmap which instilled the highest levels of future confidence.

Required Group soon shortlisted AdaptUX due to the new menu design and intuitive user experience the system offered. As their review progressed and explored the full depth of functionality the system provided, especially when deployed as the hub of all recruitment activity, the following features confirmed their selection:

  • SaaS (Software as a Service) – Bond OnDemand plus enables Required Group’s users to log-in and use AdaptUX wherever they have internet access
  • Adapt Studio – enabling all Required Group users to select from built-in recruitment dashboards or design their own based upon their preferred working methods
  • Adapt InSight – contextual search and match technology finds more candidates with the right skills to help Required Group succeed in every assignment
  • Adapt Outlook Add-in – enabling Required Group users to access client and candidate records and run recruitment workflows in AdaptUX from emails received in Microsoft Outlook
  • Adapt InTouch mobile app – allowing Required Group’s users to access AdaptUX via their smartphones and effectively recruit on the move
  • Adapt Web Portals – fully interactive, mobile optimised web portals connecting clients and candidates with AdaptUX; enabling online registration, job searching and application
  • Exago integration – providing enhanced reporting and KPI tools to the Required Group management team
  • CloudCall by SYNETY integration – driving advanced telephony functions direct from AdaptUX
  • FireText integration – SMS marketing tool enabling Required Group’s users to effectively reach and engage their clients and candidates
  • Google Maps integration – candidate proximity to job vacancy details graphically displayed via Google Maps within AdaptUX

Required Group will be implementing AdaptUX during August 2016.

Andrew Shone, Operations Director, Required Group, comments, “We are committed to making a lasting, positive difference by delivering the highest levels of service to our clients and candidates alike. We pride ourselves upon remaining innovative in every facet of our work and it’s imperative our recruitment CRM fully supports us in doing so. The redesigned AdaptUX system raises the bar in the ease of use, efficiency and flexibility it offers and, coupled with the best third-party software, it really is an all-round recruitment CRM built for business success. Factoring in Bond’s exciting technology roadmap, we are confident our processes will be tangibly enhanced today and in the future.”

Toby Conibear, European Business Development Director, Bond International Software, comments, “Since 2002, Required IT and the further Required Group agencies have definitely become names to watch in the recruitment industry. Their unified approach to client and candidate services highlighting understanding, ethical practices and business dexterity has yielded great results. Here at Bond we have been aware of their success for some time and we are delighted they have chosen the newly-released AdaptUX system to empower their consultants, help sustain growth and open up new opportunities for the group.”

Global Executive Search Specialists Pelham Select Invest in AdaptUX

Pelham Select LogoPelham Select, leading International search and selection firm specialising in financial services, have selected Bond International Software, the global provider of staffing and recruitment software, to provide AdaptUX OnDemand recruitment-specific CRM via high-speed cloud service.

Based in central London with a second office in Hong Kong, Pelham Select provide recruitment and search services to a range of clients throughout Europe, Asia and the United States of America. Guy Roberts and John Farmer founded Pelham Select with a clear vision to create a firm offering search quality services at the mid-to-senior end of the Financial Services market. Pelham Select‘s consultants are each dedicated to specific niches to remain experts within their field and, as a strong counterpoint, their in-house team of researchers deliver the highest levels of market mapping and competitor analysis. An industry benchmark for quality and delivery, Pelham Select are the recruiter of choice for the world’s elite investment banks, private banks and investment firms; consistently ranking among the top global boutique agencies.

Looking for an experienced, credible partner provider, Pelham Select opened discussions with the UK’s foremost recruitment software providers and began reviewing their latest technology. Keen to upgrade from their existing executive search software, the agency focused their efforts on finding the right cloud-based recruitment CRM to manage both executive search and contract workflows for their newly-opened contract desk.

Following an intensive one month review process, Pelham Select chose AdaptUX due to the system’s ease of use, intuitive menus and dashboards, candidate searching functionality (especially ease of managing multiple search lists) and seamless Microsoft Outlook integration. Key features of the deployment include:

  • SaaS (Software as a Service) – Bond OnDemand enables Pelham Select’s users to log-in and use AdaptUX wherever they have internet access
  • Adapt Studio – enabling Pelham Select’s users to choose from in-built recruitment dashboards or design their own based upon their preferred working methods
  • Contract Workflows – comparing the Contract workflows provided by a number of recruitment software systems, Pelham Select favoured the efficient processes delivered by AdaptUX in this important area
  • Adapt Outlook Add-in – enabling Pelham Select’s users to access client and candidate records and run recruitment workflows in Adapt direct from emails received in Microsoft Outlook
  • Adapt InTouch mobile app – allowing Pelham Select’s consultants to access Adapt via their smartphones and effectively recruit on the move

Using the AdaptUX solution, Pelham Select will be able to gain competitive advantages when searching for and placing candidates within their Financial Services marketplace.

Pelham Select will be implementing AdaptUX in July 2016 and expects all of its consultants across the UK and Hong Kong to be using the solution soon thereafter.

John Farmer, Partner, Pelham Select, comments, “Looking to upgrade from our existing specialist executive search software to a system providing an effective solution for both search and contract placements, we concentrated our efforts on not only finding the right system, but also a partner provider with the experience and tenacity to support our business globally and in the long-term. We knew of Bond’s standing as a market-leading provider of recruitment software, however once we spent time consulting with their team and putting AdaptUX through its paces, we fully understood why they hold this position. AdaptUX delivers all the features you would expect from such a highly-regarded recruitment CRM, and more – and the look and feel of the system is second to none.”

Toby Conibear, European Business Development Director, Bond International Software, comments, “Pelham Select are cementing their position as the global executive search and contract solutions provider of choice within their Financial Services marketplace and we are delighted they have chosen AdaptUX. Approaching their brief, intensive software review process with a clear set of business requirements for our technology to meet, it was exciting to work with the Pelham Select team and we look forward to implementing their AdaptUX system – and to many years of dynamic partnership to come.”

Oakwell Hampton Select Bond Adapt to Drive Business Growth

Oakwell Hampton IconOakwell Hampton, new start-up staffing solution specialists in the IT and Digital Marketing space have selected Bond International Software, the global provider of staffing and recruitment software, to provide Bond Adapt OnDemand recruitment-specific CRM via high-speed cloud service.

Founded in January 2016 by experienced IT and Marketing recruiters Ben Higgs and Indi Pahl, Oakwell Hampton are based in central London and operate throughout the UK. Born of a necessity to fill the knowledge gaps in an over-crowded market, Oakwell Hampton deliver recruitment solutions across the full spectrum of IT and Digital Marketing; with expert consultants specialising in specific disciplines. Ben and Indi focus on their employee’s motivation and satisfaction at all times, providing the highest levels of training and engendering a positive, dynamic, results-driven culture to ensure clients’ requirements are met first time, every time. In a short time Oakwell Hampton have experienced phenomenal growth as a business and show no signs of slowing down.

Having previously used different recruitment software, Ben and Indi undertook a wide review of the market with a view to finding the right system to help launch their business and enable it to rapidly grow. Key criteria included tools for effective searching, KPI tracking, reporting and email marketing. As their review progressed, the Adapt lead generation and business development tools designed to maximise opportunities, coupled with the KPI tracking and management reporting tools to help inform new strategies, secured Bond’s position as a frontrunner. The following features led to their decision to select Adapt.

  • Cloud/SaaS (Software as a Service) – Bond OnDemand enables Oakwell Hampton’s consultants to log-in and use Adapt wherever they have internet access
  • Adapt Studio – enabling all Oakwell Hampton users to select from built-in recruitment dashboards or design their own based upon their preferred working methods
  • Adapt Outlook Add-in – enabling Oakwell Hampton users to access client and candidate records and run recruitment workflows in Adapt from emails received in Microsoft Outlook
  • Adapt InTouch mobile app – allowing Oakwell Hampton’s users to access Adapt via their smartphones and effectively recruit on the move

Ben Higgs, Director, Oakwell Hampton, comments, “As a new start-up looking to succeed and grow, it was very important to select the right supporting software from the word ‘go’. The searching tools provided by Bond Adapt will help us find more candidates with the right technical experience and the KPI and management reporting tools will work hand in hand with our positive environment for employee happiness, training and motivation. From driving individual consultant success to delivering meaningful management information, Bond Adapt is an ideal solution for recruitment business growth.”

Toby Conibear, European Business Development Director, Bond International Software, comments, “A real new start-up success, Oakwell Hampton are quickly making a name for themselves in the IT and Digital Marketing sectors and we are delighted they have selected Bond Adapt as the foundation for their business. Ben and Indi place their consultant’s skill and motivation at the heart of everything they do and their approach is clearly working to deliver the highest levels of service to their clients. We look forward to seeing what’s next for this exciting new agency.”

Ten Steps to a Successful Staffing and Recruitment Software Implementation – Part Two

Implementation Featured Part TwoIn the second instalment James Payne, Sales Director, Adapt, shares the final five steps for a successful staffing and recruitment software implementation.

Step Six: Understand the migration process

Moving your existing data to the new software isn’t always the right decision. Rubbish in one system is just rubbish in the next. Sometimes a fresh start is a good idea. Be sure to have someone with technical knowledge of the database you are moving from and the application and business workflows involved in the process.

Step Seven: Consider your training objectives

Have you thought about how you are going to train your team? Do you have trainers already in place and ready to learn the new system? The right approach for you can depend on the size of your organisation. Less than five users, you can most-likely have them all trained online and ready to go in a few weeks. For a large organisation with multiple branches or lines of business it would make more sense to train several key people who in turn will train the rest of your staff. Just make sure you discuss this beforehand to know how to approach your training in the most time and cost effective way.

Step Eight:  Assess your reporting needs

Do you have reports you run on a daily, weekly or monthly basis? Is there a report you just can’t run your business without? Discuss those with your Project Manager at the start of the implementation project. Don’t assume your report is a standard one that every other agency uses. It could be unique to you.

Step Nine: Plan a thoughtful go-live

Your staffing software go-live should be a well-planned and executed event. Every go-live has many moving parts and many opportunities to fail. Your go-live can be smooth with just the right attention to all the details. Be sure to celebrate the success of launching a new recruitment software with all of your users.

Step Ten: Commit to ongoing education and improvement

Continually train new and existing staff. As staff turnover slowly erodes your agency of your internal software champions, you may find that knowledge and use of your software declines. Continual training plans can mitigate that issue and sometimes they don’t require a lot of time. For example, AdaptUX users are offered access to software tips, documentation, and training videos.

New recruitment software is an exciting investment and provides you a great opportunity to improve your business.  With the right team, planning, and execution, you can maintain the excitement and ensure continued success throughout the implementation and beyond.

Hill & Jago Select AdaptUX to Drive Further Success and Growth

Hill & Jago LogoHill & Jago, who specialise in High-End Consultancy recruitment within Engineering, Compliance and Business Transformation have selected Bond International Software, the global provider of staffing and recruitment software, to provide AdaptUX OnDemand recruitment-specific CRM via high-speed cloud service.

Founded in 2014 by Director Catherine Bunting – a Financial Services recruiter with over sixteen years of experience – Hill & Jago are based in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire and provide permanent and interim recruitment and support services throughout the UK. The Hill & Jago team appreciate every business has a unique identity and work closely with their clients to build a comprehensive understanding of their requirements, discover which attributes their ideal candidates possess and deliver the right solutions. Operating successfully in the Consultancy Markets, the quality and consistency of services provided by Hill & Jago regularly leads to repeat business and results in many long-term client and candidate relationships.

Hill & Jago required a recruitment-specific CRM system delivered via the cloud to improve searching, lead generation and email marketing functionality and help their business further succeed and grow. Catherine Bunting had used Adapt earlier in her career and placed the system high on her list to review; however the Hill & Jago team resolved to widely review the recruitment software market to ensure they selected the right system for their business of today and the future. As their review concluded, Hill & Jago selected AdaptUX due to the newly-released system’s ease of use; especially when progressing searching, lead generation and marketing workflows. Key features of their deployment include:

  • Cloud/SaaS (Software as a Service) – Bond OnDemand enables Hill & Jago’s consultants to log-in and use AdaptUX wherever they have internet access
  • Adapt Studio – enabling all Hill & Jago’s users to select from built-in recruitment dashboards or design their own based upon their preferred working methods
  • Lead Generation – real-time business development dashboards within Adapt Studio enable Hill & Jago to effectively track leads and opportunities and grade their priority
  • Adapt Outlook Add-in – enabling Hill & Jago’s users to access client and candidate records and run recruitment workflows in AdaptUX direct from Microsoft Outlook
  • Adapt InTouch mobile app – allowing Hill & Jago’s users to access the CRM via their smartphones and effectively recruit on the move

Catherine Bunting, Director, Hill & Jago, comments, “When using earlier versions of Adapt I always found the system easy to use, however AdaptUX is a big step forward. AdaptUX really does live up to its name – the slick menus, simple icons and helpful reminders deliver an enhanced user experience, which, in turn, we’re confident will help us to deliver an enhanced experience for our clients and candidates.”

Toby Conibear, European Business Development Director, Bond International Software, comments, “We are delighted Hill & Jago have selected AdaptUX. Their simple approach of ‘Quality candidates, delivered on time.’ is clearly working as they continue to make their mark in the marketplace and build long-lasting client and candidate relationships. We look forward to delivering the technology to help drive their further success and growth. Hill & Jago are certainly an agency to watch.”