New HR Recruitment Software, What Can Digital Processes Do?

DigquestionThe latest issue of ‘The Global Recruiter’ magazine (formerly Recruitment Consultant Magazine), featured an interesting article which drew upon the salient aspects of how HR recruitment software has come to rely so heavily on digital processes to streamline business and consultants working processes.

Written by Jim Tanfield @GlobalEditor, the article’s opening sets the theme:
‘It is almost hard to remember the time when software wasn’t used by recruiters, can you honestly imagine going back to the now archaic methods used in the 1970’s? Thought not. So we asked some of the providers of these essential software services to explain the effectiveness of their current products and to predict the usefulness of future processes…

The article features overviews from some of recruitments leading software and services suppliers. Social media,workforce management, cloud computing and managing new legislation such as the Agency Workers Regulations (AWR) are some of the topics covered in the feature.

Bond International Software was proud to also be featured in the article. Bonds Chief Technology Officer Daniel Richardson, broke down the benefits of Adapt for the recruiter facing fast-moving changes to their industry:

Changes, such as the recent introduction of the AWR , can have a major impact on consultants recruitment processes and thus the resultant software that they utilise. Working closely with influential and insightful industry bodies such as APSCO and REC, we gain advance notice of specific trends that are emerging and we are thus able to react accordingly and deliver flexible software solutions that are in line with any new industry regulations…’
In the article, Richardson adds that with its [Adapt’s] flexibility also comes scalability, and Bond offers solutions that can accommodate in excess of 5,000 users or more. 

With Adapt, clients can start off small and the system will grow with them as their business grows.

Richardson continues‘Having access to high quality and accurate data is one of Adapt’s key strengths. For example, a recruiter might well opt for a low cost system, that offers a basic set of features and is relatively easy to use, but whether he is getting value for money depends entirely on whether it allows him to run the business effectively. 

For instance, if a consultant has a particular job vacancy to fill, but his recruitment system is full of inaccurate data – out of date CV’s or candidates profiles who are missing key bits of information – he might be presented with a list of entirely suitable candidates. If the consultant was to put forward an unsuitable candidate to his client, the client might well be less than impressed with his recruitment consultants performance, which may affect his decision to use that same recruitment agency in the future. 

In short, inaccurate data could lead to loss of business in the long run. With Adapt, accuracy and quality of data are crucial factors to our success, so our clients are confident that for every search they complete, only the most pertinent candidate is drawn up..’And in the spirit of international recruitment, Adapt has been supplied in a non-English based system. Richardson adds that Adapt has the ability to be translated into any language should the client have such a requirement…

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