APSCo Legal Update: The Year Ahead for Recruitment

APSCO 200x200A new year and a new set of rules, regulations and legislations to put on our radar.

As APSCo members, we thought it was imperative to share this with our recruitment audience:

This helpful article entitled ‘Legal Update: The Year Ahead’ published by APSCo yesterday makes a sensible read for anyone connected to the recruitment industry. In the article, Kevin Barrow Partner at Osbourne Clarke (also an APSCo member), looks at seven legal issues for staffing companies and other recruiters in 2011 http://bit.ly/hmrAgi

2011 looks set to be a particularly challenging year – so swot up on your legislative knowledge .. because you never know when you will need to rely on it!

Executive Search Optimistic for 2011

SearchingAs January picks up its pace, it is both refreshing and reassuring to continue to hear positive industry outlook news to kick of the new business year:
Today, Recruiter magazine www.recruiter.co.uk published a news article based on positive stats issued by the AESC (Association of Executive Search Consultants):
Executive search consultants are optimistic for the year ahead, according to a new survey by the Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC).
The 2011 Search Industry Outlook Report reveals that 68% of search consultants are positive and 30% neutral for 2011, denoting a peak in industry confidence since its low point at the end of 2008…..’ [ Read the full article at:http://www.recruiter.co.uk/ ] 
In the article, Peter Felix AESC president, commented: “The New Year outlook by our members is most encouraging and confirms the renewed demand for executive search services that we witnessed in 2010…
…Our members are more confident about their pipeline of assignments and although not all markets around the world are recovering at the same pace, the underlying trend is strong. This creates more positive planning support for the expansion of resources that in many cases were severely depleted in 2009.”
What is equally of interest, is the AESC Third Quarter Industry Report 2010  which accompanies the stats highlighted in the article.
Bond Vantage: Of course it’s who you know. But it’s how you manage that knowledge that really counts.
Taking into account today’s news, the timing of the launch of Bond’s executive search software ‘Bond Vantage’ in Q4 last year, has been well placed to respond to the increasing demands that executive search professionals will start to place on their software, in order for them to make the most of this positive shift in trend.
Bond Vantage supports the executive search professional by delivering a sophisticated CRM functionality combined with a suite of executive search utilities, to enable executive search professionals to optimise their processes and manage their relationships effectively.
If you would like to find out more about how Bonds revolutionary executive search software can help your business prosper, call us today on +44 (0)1903 707070 or email james.payne@bond.co.uk.

Recruitment Technology Outlook 2011 – Heading Back to the Future?

rec_tech_suppFollowing an economically turbulent 2009 and 2010, we can breathe a sigh of relief that a new year has arrived and hopefully we can all look towards a positive 2011.

However, the start of a new year is a time for businesses to define new objectives for the year ahead and find out what new technologies are available to support their business processes throughout the year.

Front office software is no exception to this rule – and in the latest edition of Recruiter Magazine, an insightful technology supplement has been written looking at technology trends in 2011 for recruiters.

Making the best of technology to help and improve the recruiting process should always be the aim, rather than technology for technology’s sake: Recruiter magazine editor Sue Weekes, has asked a few experts in their field to highlight what they think the opportunities may be for the coming year.

James Lawson, Business Development Manager at Bond International Software was interviewed and gave his opinion:

‘We can expect a rise in the number of products and technology-based services which reflect the widespread shift in emphasis towards enhancing the levels of service recruiters are able to offer clients, beyond simply placing more candidates into more roles. Dashboards, for instance, are overtaking traditional databases in the real-time monitoring of activity and progress. Most notably, however, is the degree to which expectations have risen when it comes to mobile functionality….

…The growing trend of i-Desking – the use of iPads and similar tablets to access the back office software system – will cause technology providers to accelerate their development of mobile applications that are compatible with leading hardware releases….’