Headford Strategic Growth Selects Bond Adapt for Advanced Recruitment Software and Global Best Practice

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Headford Strategic Growth, the UK’s leading freight and logistics recruitment and M&A (mergers & acquisitions) specialist, has selected Bond International Software, the global provider of recruitment and staffing software, to provide their recruitment CRM.  Headford Strategic Growth will utilise the latest Adapt Studio dashboards, Outlook integration and add-in and InTouch mobile app to empower their consultants globally.  By selecting Bond Adapt OnDemand plus, Headford Strategic Growth also have full system configuration options via their own dedicated SaaS delivery on the cloud.

Headford Strategic Growth previously used two different systems provided by competitors of Bond International Software.  Consultant uptake on their previous systems was low due to poor user experience and training, leading to their decision to conduct a thorough market review.  Bond Adapt’s advanced searching and reporting functionality and flexible training options solidified their decision.

Headford Strategic Growth have aggressive global expansion plans and using Bond’s Adapt OnDemand plus solution will allow the company to consolidate their global users on one system with effective user engagement to drive best practice in all areas.  This will enable  Headford Strategic Growth to gain the competitive advantage when searching and matching the very best candidates in the freight and logistics industry.

Bond International Software are set to deploy the Headford Strategic Growth system over a three-phase implementation, due to be completed within five months.

Craig Headford, Managing Director, Headford Strategic Growth, comments, “The level of service we provide to our clients is driven by our commitment to deliver a shortlist of the best people for an opportunity within twenty-four hours of receiving an assignment.  This commitment, coupled with our plans for worldwide growth and expansion, means our consultants require robust software with the best tools and online accessibility to complete their tasks quickly and effectively.  And management reporting functionality must be of the highest standard to facilitate the right business development decisions and best practice throughout our organisation.  As our review process progressed, it became clear that Bond Adapt was the system designed to truly deliver on these fronts and partnering with Bond was the right decision.”

Toby Conibear, European Business Development Director, Bond International Software, comments, “We are delighted to have been chosen by Headford Strategic Growth to provide their global recruitment solution.  The freight and logistics sector demands fast placement of individuals with very specific skill sets and Headford Strategic Growth are meeting these challenges head on with a dynamic service offering.  We are keen to deliver the advanced tools their recruiters and managers need to be as effective as possible and enable their rapid growth plans.  We look forward to helping them achieve their vision.”

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PSR Solutions Selects Bond International Software for Advanced Recruiting Software

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PSR Solutions, a leading recruitment specialist to the UK construction and engineering industry, has selected specialist staffing and recruitment software Bond Adapt to improve candidate search and match, track performance statistics and increase efficiency and productivity of its staff.

PSR Solutions was in need of an advanced searching system to maximise search and match capabilities across their entire database of freelance, permanent managerial and technical staff in the UK construction and engineering industry.

Using the Bond Adapt solution with the Adapt Insight contextual search module – a system which understands full paragraphs of text, not just keywords – will ensure consultants at PSR can effectively search and match candidates with the right skills. This will give PSR the competitive advantage when searching for ideal candidates within the construction, civil engineering and infrastructure, mechanical and electrical, rail and residential sectors.

PSR Solutions will be implementing the Bond Adapt On Premise solution in Q2 2015, achieving further efficiencies via a digital signatures integration, reducing contract preparation, delivery and agreement times. Add-ons including Outlook Add In, and the In Touch mobile app round out the package. The combined software solution will enable staff to track statistics and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to gain better management information and produce graphical reports that will enhance visibility across the entire PSR operation.

James Sanders, Managing Director, PSR Solutions, comments, “Our primary focus is to support the future growth of our company. By moving to a dynamic platform such as Bond Adapt we will have the most advanced tools to work smarter and find the most relevant and skilled candidates for this highly specialist industry. It delivers everything we were looking for: ease of use of the actual system, enhanced search and match capabilities, visibility of candidate placement status and increased productivity of our staff. With Adapt, we will have the competitive advantage.”

Toby Conibear, European Business Development Director, Bond International Software, comments, “We are very happy to have been chosen to provide PSR Solutions with the platform to amalgamate all the information needed for the company to place candidates into many market leading contractors as well multinational blue chip companies.

“The construction industry is a highly competitive area where the level of service provided to clients and candidates is of major importance. We look forward to helping the company manage candidate placements more easily so their recruiters can focus on providing the personal service that will deliver profitable long-term relationships and save time on administration.”

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New eBook: 10 Steps to Successful Staffing & Recruitment Software Selection

Technology advances at a dizzying pace. Ten years ago ‘social media recruitment’ via online social networks was only an idea in some entrepreneurial minds. Today it is a mainstay for tech-savvy recruitment and staffing professionals. With ongoing advances and an eye on the future, the recruitment industry must continually adapt to provide faster, better services than ever before. 

Staffing and recruitment software plays a crucial role in the continued success of agencies. It is, as one staffing agency owner said, “the lifeblood of our company,” enabling the effective management of the many complex business relationships between clients and candidates.

So it is with understandable anxiety that agency management considers upgrading the technology they already have in order to keep up with or improve their fortunes in today’s sophisticated and competitive environment. Today, measuring quality, increasing productivity, and being operationally efficient are all-important in the business of making placements and filling jobs.

Choosing the best staffing or recruitment software product to meet your agency’s specific needs and goals can be a formidable task. The stakes are high.

You need a vendor partner that delivers solutions, not just features.

To some, choosing the “best” system consists of looking at all the vendor software packages and buying the one with the most or newest bells and whistles. With so many products available on the market, it’s important to look much deeper than what the software may offer –you need to look at the partnership you’ll be entering into as well.

The 10-step approach that follows for selecting staffing and recruitment software should reduce the stress of the selection process and ensure that your final choice will help you meet your goals. It can be downloaded here. Find out the best way to approach your decision, and the best approach on the following:

  • Choosing the right selection strategy and a selection team
  • Defining your business requirements and priorities
  • Identifying internal resources and technology infrastructure
  • Comparing product demos