Bond US Successfully Rolls-out Adapt V11 to a 175 User Healthcare Client

Bond Adapt Logo 200x200CareerStaff Unlimited, a Division of Sun Health (SUNH) and a leading provider of healthcare staffing solutions, has completed a rollout of AdaptHealthcare, a web-based staffing solution specific to the healthcare industry provided by Bond International Software. The successful implementation of Adapt includes CareerStaff’s 26 locations and allows for over 175 of CareerStaff’s employees to utilize the application.

Rick Peranton, CEO at CareerStaff commented: “Bond’s ability to configure to our exact process requirements has allowed the users to move quickly to fully utilizing the system – the uptake by our users has been excellent and we are already seeing greater transaction volume and excellent ROI from the fully integrated product.”

Ryan Taylor, Director of Operations at CareerStaff Unlimited, is already seeing the benefits of using Adapt daily. He commented: “We are noticing that our users are able to do almost everything within Adapt. Any outside documentation, such as spreadsheets, no longer exists. Ninety five percent of what we do is handled by Adapt. We have also noticed a shorter amount of time spent on payroll activities. This allows more time to be spent on driving the business.”

Bond Leads the Way in Customer Care – It’s Official!

manWithPinThis international standard is only granted to companies that can firstly demonstrate the consistent provision of products that meet customer and statutory requirements, and secondly, provide consistent customer satisfaction through the application of strong processes.

Tim Richards, Managing Director of Bond International Software (UK), comments, “As a company, our prime concern has always been customer satisfaction. This completion of the requirements for an internationally-recognised standard reassures our customers and prospects that we have implemented robust processes that ensure firstly that our software is delivered to the same high and exacting standards with every implementation and also that our customer care is equally rigorous.”