Innovantage, leading provider of talent information and analytics, integrates with Bond AdaptUX and TempBuddy

Innovantage, provider of talent analytics, has integrated its lead generation application with Bond International Software’s globally adopted recruitment software, AdaptUX, and TempBuddy’s multi-award winning contingent workforce platform.

With its purpose-built analytics platform Innovantage captures job postings from over 250 job boards and 200,000 employer websites to provide recruiters with relevant sales leads tailored to their chosen job market and industry sectors. Richard Turner, CEO of Innovantage, says, “Integrating with Bond’s AdaptUX and TempBuddy enables us to serve our clients better by delivering operational efficiencies, accuracy of data and enhanced visibility and measurement of ROI. By powering AdaptUX with our aggregated talent data recruiters can start their day with a real-time pipeline of open vacancies that are a potential fit for their candidates’ specialist skills, thereby reducing inefficient time spent cold-calling.”

Regarding the strategic alliance Tim Giehll, Group CEO Bond International Software and TempBuddy states, “Our combined technologies help staffing agencies combat the erosion of profit margins through greater productivity and improved efficiencies. Their consultants can act on informed data about market opportunities provided by Innovantage and effectively manage the entire recruitment cycle using AdaptUX’s recruitment platform and TempBuddy’s staffing software. The addition of Innovantage adds a whole new dimension to our CRM and contingent workforce platform; it’s like software on steroids.”

All three organisations were acquired in 2016 by Symphony Technology Group (STG), a strategic private equity firm with a strong presence in the Human Capital Management space.

William Chisholm, Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer, STG, comments, “Together the trio of staffing innovators give recruitment organisations competitive advantage by combining market insights with innovative software solutions. With STG’s strategic input and investment, they have the resource and capability to become global staffing software and analytics solutions leaders.”

Future Engineering Recruitment Look Forward to Business Growth with AdaptUX Cloud Solution Investment

Future Engineering Recruitment Logo GreyFuture Engineering Recruitment, Engineering and Technical specialists, have selected Bond International Software, the global provider of staffing and recruitment software, to provide AdaptUX recruitment-specific CRM via high-speed cloud service.

Central London-based Future Engineering Recruitment was established in 2009 by four career-long engineering recruiters with three clear goals in mind: to provide engineering staff who add real value to UK engineering companies, to be a great place to work by providing amazing careers for their staff, and to continually grow as a brand.  Since their inception, Future Engineering have built a team of highly trained consultants delivering first-rate services to a loyal client base.  A number of the UK’s most successful and innovative engineering companies rely upon Future Engineering’s consultative approach and unparalleled marketplace knowledge to place the right engineers in maintenance, service, design and project positions.  REC Engineering and Technical members, Future Engineering Recruitment are proud to operate in an industry which is going from strength to strength.

The time was right to upgrade and Future Engineering Recruitment undertook an in-depth review of the recruitment software market, keenly focused on finding a cloud-based, fully scalable system designed to drive business growth and expansion.  The agencies’ wish-list included requirements such as adding efficiencies throughout their processes, per-consultant reporting and KPI tracking and easy integrations with third party software, especially for dynamic telephone communications.  As their review concluded, the intuitive recruitment cycle workflows, active reporting tools and powerful integration capabilities provided by AdaptUX finalised Future Engineering’s decision and their implementation includes the following features:

  • Cloud/SaaS (Software as a Service) – Bond OnDemand enables consultants to log-in and use AdaptUX wherever they have internet access
  • Adapt Studio – all users may select from built-in recruitment cycle dashboards or design their own based upon their preferred working methods
  • Active Reporting – powerful business intelligence and management reporting tools delivered via graphical displays help inform new business strategies
  • Adapt Outlook Add-in – enabling users to access client and candidate records and run recruitment workflows in AdaptUX, direct from emails received within Microsoft Outlook
  • Adapt InTouch mobile app – allowing consultants to access AdaptUX via their smartphones and effectively recruit on the move, 24/7
  • CloudCall by SYNETY integration – driving advanced telephony functions direct from AdaptUX

Issy Mehmet, Engineering Director, Future Engineering Recruitment, comments, “Our key goals are to be widely recognised in the engineering industry for the quality of our consultative approach and solid placements, and in the recruitment industry for the positive, rewarding environment we create for our recruiters.  By selecting AdaptUX, we have upgraded our CRM to fully support us on these fronts, and many more.  The ease of workflow delivered by the Adapt Studio dashboards will enhance our processes, and the meaningful reporting and KPI tracking tools will help drive strategies to consistently empower our consultants.  We love what we do and with AdaptUX, we’ll love how we do it.”

Toby Conibear, European Business Development Director, Bond International Software, comments, “Throughout their recruitment software review process, we have been struck by Future Engineering’s industry knowledge and the pride they take in placing the very best people for the role.  The strong team culture and clear career progression they provide for their consultants is admirable and obviously very effective.  We are delighted they have selected AdaptUX to deliver the user experience to further empower their consultants and the reporting and KPI tracking to take their business strategies to the next level.  AdaptUX is designed for business growth and we fully expect to see Future Engineering Recruitment continue to live up to their name.”

Erecruit™ Reports Second Consecutive Year of Triple Digit Growth in 2016

Company’s Development Continues with Impressive Number of Wins, Implementations and Technology Enhancements

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Bond International Software and TempBuddy join forces

Bond International Software, worldwide provider of staffing and recruitment software solutions, and TempBuddythe multi-award winning contingent workforce software innovator, come together under common leadership.

Both organisations were selected for recent acquisition by Symphony Technology Group (STG), which has a successful history of building leading global companies at the intersection of software, analytics and services with a strong presence in the Human Capital Management (HCM) space.

William Chisholm, Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer, STG, comments, “Bond and TempBuddy deliver a unique and compelling solution that addresses both sides of the recruitment and staffing equation: permanent or direct hire, plus the ever-growing contingent workforce. By leveraging each other’s strengths of world-class staffing software and award-winning technological innovation alongside STG’s backing and strategic input, they are poised to become global staffing software market leaders.”

To reinforce the increasingly global focus of the business, the partnership will be driven by Tim Giehll who joins as Group CEO, with Roderick Smyth, CEO of TempBuddy, taking a broader role of Chief Product and Strategy Officer. Giehll joins from Field Nation, where he was EVP of Operations, having previously been employed as Chief Revenue Officer with Avionte, and prior to that with Bond as Global Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer in the US.

Sunit Mukherjee, Principal, STG, states, “Tim is an accomplished executive who brings deep industry and financial management knowledge together with significant operational and leadership experience. The majority of his career has been overseeing and executing the transformation, growth and development of market leaders and fast-growing start-ups in the recruitment software ecosystem. Under his steer, the companies will build on their joint strengths, drive long-term growth through continued innovative product development and increase customer satisfaction.”

The two companies will retain separate corporate structures, whilst sharing joint leadership to form a tight partnership. This will allow them to operate together, but also separately so that staffing companies can choose their own CRM and still benefit from TempBuddy’s revolutionary contingent workforce software.

An integrated acquisition and workforce management suite is prioritised on our product roadmap, whilst stand-alone software solutions will continue to offer staffing organisations freedom of choice.

Regarding the strategic direction Giehll, explains, “With the unification of Bond’s time-tested staffing solutions and the Uber-like user experience of TempBuddy, we will create a new mobile-based software solution that will revolutionise the global staffing industry.”

Roderick Smyth, CEO of TempBuddy and Group Chief Product and Strategy Officer, adds, “At TempBuddy our vision has always been to make contingent work easier and more rewarding and our game-changing SaaS platform and worker app have already been adopted by users in over 1000 cities across three continents. Our workforce management software is now underpinned with an infrastructure to accelerate our reach giving staffing organisations and their clients competitive advantage, whilst simultaneously enhancing candidate experience.”

Toby Conibear, Group Sales Director, concludes: “the investment by STG allows us to fast-track development of our our global flagship products AdaptUX and AdaptSuite. The leadership team is comprised of key personnel from both Bond and Tempbuddy ensuring that our planned growth is backed by exemplary customer service and product knowledge to further enhance our position in the continually evolving staffing and recruitment marketplace.”

3 Simple Candidate Bugbears to Overcome – and why it’s worth doing so

3 Simple Candidate Bugbears to OvercomeA recruiter’s business, client and legislative responsibilities can result in candidate frustration and may even lead to negative word-of-mouth or social media posts – but, as Shane Wheeler, Marketing Communications Executive, Adapt points out, sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference…

Market research we recently commissioned found that ‘63% of employees believe that recruitment agencies focus on employers’ needs over employees’ requirements’ – suggesting the majority of candidates felt they were given little attention by recruiters when it came to at least some aspects of their recruitment experience. 

There are, undoubtedly, a myriad of reasons why candidates may not view a recruiters’ service in the most positive light.  Recruitment business, client and legislative responsibilities can mean disappointing a candidate is unavoidable, but, often, it’s the little things that can change perception and result in candidate commitment.

Here are 3 simple candidate bugbears which are easy to overcome (and why it’s worth doing so)…

1. Not responding to communication

When a candidate decides, through business or personal reasons, to actively pursue a new role, this can be quite a tumultuous time.  Each new step on their journey can be exciting, stressful, pressured and so on…often all at once. 

Whether they instantly turn to a recruitment agency for assistance, or do so following a fruitless series of online or personal job applications, making that first contact by call, email or website application can feel like they’re ‘sticking their neck out’.  If a response isn’t forthcoming, even the least sensitive of candidates can feel slighted.  Worse still, if the initial conversation with a recruiter was encouraging, maybe even regarding their dream job, and ‘radio-silence’ followed – that can be even more frustrating and lead to resentment.  Resentment soon shared with colleagues, friends, or everyone on social media – discrediting you and your agency.   

Of course, most candidates don’t appreciate the complex business processes behind recruitment work (not to mention the necessity of prioritising client needs).  In many cases, a lack of contact is unavoidable – but, if possible, a quick call or email can make all the difference and engender real candidate loyalty.  Loyalty soon shared with colleagues, friends, or everyone on social media – promoting you and your agency.

Setting call reminders in your CRM software should be simple and effective, as should creating a respectful, confidence–boosting email template (even for rejections) to quickly fire-up, personalise and send.  Both take little time and effort, but go a long way. 

Candidates love being called back, with one exception…

2. Calling candidates at work

[tweet_box design=”default” float=”none”]‘37% would be extremely unreceptive if called at work’ – @BondIntUK Market Research |[/tweet_box]

Active or passive, when a recruiter calls a candidate at their current place of work, it can be quite an uncomfortable experience.  There’s every chance they’re sat next to their colleagues (or boss) and the last thing they want to do is ‘let the cat out of the bag’ by having a recruitment-related conversation within their earshot.  Some might be able to discreetly step away and find a secluded corner of the office, many won’t.  Some might have mastered the art of sounding ‘breezy’ while divulging or requesting sensitive information, many won’t.  There’s every chance your call will be met with a curt response or, if the candidate is more polite or sympathetic, an awkward array of ‘ums’ and ‘ahs’ while attempting to re-arrange the call or request an alternative contact method.

Aside from the potentially embarrassing and awkward moments when receiving a call at work; many candidates may even consider such an approach disrespectful of their time and responsibilities – irreparably damaging your future relationship with them.   

What are your candidate’s standard working hours?  It should be easy to record them in your CRM system.  Many workers have set lunch times, probably between 12 and 2, but regularly noting the correct times on your records will help reduce the list of calls you need to make during your lunch hour.  A reasonable percentage will probably take lunch unusually early or late too…you’ll never know for sure unless you record this information.

Often, only a ‘human to human’ conversation will suffice, but if your candidate has a preferred method of contact in the meantime – text, email or calling a specific number – make a note and use it.  They’ll probably appreciate your attention to detail and feel more confident in your ongoing services as a result. 

3. Pitching jobs in the wrong location

Candidates have most-likely thought very carefully about which locations they could work in, how long their daily commute would take and what it would cost.  For many, these requirements will be high on the list, and one or more will probably be ‘deal-breakers’.  If a recruiter contacts a candidate to pitch a role in an unsuitable location, especially if this information has already been provided by the candidate, it could understandably lead to frustration.

Be sure to use whichever means your CRM provides to record, update and act upon this valuable information.  The Adapt Google Maps integration (which comes as standard) graphically displays a candidates’ location in relation to a job, and does so very quickly. 

Sometimes, the simplest things go the furthest          

Why add simple to overcome bugbears (such as the ones above) to the unavoidable ones your candidates may already have?  If their CV doesn’t match this time, it might do next time – so it’s always worth using quick and easy ways to ensure you keep more candidates on side, and don’t lose out in the long run.