Morgan Hunt Saves £300,000 a Year in Improved Employee Productivity

Morgan Hunt 200x200Morgan Hunt, the award-winning recruitment firm, has achieved record annual savings thanks to its purchase of SmartPhone  – the market-leading Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) solution in the UK. 

SmartPhone integrates with Bond Adapt, the specialist portfolio of recruitment software applications, such that when candidates call in, their details are automatically displayed onscreen within the Adapt system.

Due to the fact that SmartPhone increases the number of calls able to be handled by each consultant by 20%, and therefore vastly increases staff productivity, the integration with Bond Adapt has been credited with delivering Morgan Hunt with in excess of £300,000 in additional revenue & efficiency savings in one year alone.

Morgan Hunt provides a range of recruitment, consultancy and headhunting services to leading global firms, SMEs and government bodies. Based in the UK with further offerings in Russia, the company’s 150 recruitment consultants currently manages over 300,000 candidate records, and places on average 450 candidates on a monthly basis.

Since purchasing Bond Adapt from Bond International Software five years ago, Morgan Hunt has been named the “Public Sector Recruiter of the Year” four times, a recognition which places them over 300 public sector recruiters alone. Morgan Hunt focuses on placing candidates in public sector vacancies, as well as those in the construction, finance and private sector health industries and is now successfully diversifying into other private sector areas.

Due to the nature of the vacancies and candidates applying, Morgan Hunt’s recruitment consultants are required to deal with large numbers of non-UK citizens on a daily basis, which has the potential to result in inadvertent poor customer service due to cultural and linguistic barriers.

Gavin Megnauth, Director of Operations at Morgan Hunt, explains“Our consultants each make approximately 110 calls on a daily basis, trying to place candidates in suitable roles. Investment in SmartPhone and Bond Adapt means each of our recruitment consultants are able to make 20% more calls each day as the time taken for each one is reduced, a feat which has delivered us in excess of £300,000 additional annual revenues & efficiency savings in the last 12 months. This coupled with our enhanced customer service means the integration of SmartPhone with Bond Adapt has been an investment of huge value to us this year.

Megnauth continues, “In the public sector, many of the candidates for temporary positions are from Eastern Europe, the Asian subcontinent and the African nations. For instance, we deal with a number of healthcare professionals that come from the Asian subcontinent and Africa, whilst a high proportion of Polish and other Eastern European nationals are placed in construction vacancies. To have a candidate calling into our offices to make an enquiry and then having to repeat or spell out their name four times so that the consultant can bring up their details onscreen is not only time-consuming and inefficient, but it also damages the customers’ perception of our service and business as a whole.”

Megnauth continues“SmartPhone allows our staff to see which caller is calling before they pick up the phone via its ability to monitor and immediately identify all callers by their telephone number. Integration with our existing Bond Adapt software means that when candidates now call our recruitment consultants, their records automatically appear onscreen. This allows the consultant to identify which of their colleagues last dealt with the candidate, the type of vacancies they have been searching for and at what stage of the application process they are – permitting any consultant to handle any inbound enquiry equally effectively, thus further improving customer service. In the currently challenging market, where there are numerous candidates fighting for a handful of jobs, and over 10,000 recruitment companies scrambling to place them, this capability is a tangible differentiator for us for our customer service offerings.”

Whilst this has only been deployed in the UK at present, Morgan Hunt has plans to roll out SmartPhone integration with existing Bond Adapt software to its 40 consultants at its Russian sites in Moscow and St. Petersburg in the near future.

Megnauth concludes, “The fact that our recruitment consultants can now work far quicker and more efficiently has allowed us to make substantial annual savings, a feat which simply would not have been possible without investment in Bond Adapt and SmartPhone.”

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Innovate CV Discussion on the Future of Recruitment Technology

CVA post by James Lawson, Business Development Manager – Bond International Software (UK) Ltd.

This week I had great pleasure in attending a dinner hosted by our industry colleagues – Innovate CV. The theme of the main discussion that evening was the future of recruitment technology.

Following the economic turmoil of last year, we all had our own perceptions of what the future could hold for the recruitment industry. The following is my summary of the general consensus of opinion:

The last 12 months has been one of economic uncertainty for many organisations in the recruitment industry. It has forced recruiters to examine their recruitment processes and question how they can reduce costs but still attract a high calibre of candidate. Technology has played a prominent part in facilitating this, and for those who have acted decisively, they have not only survived these turbulent times, but have in fact flourished and are now in a much stronger position as we move forward into 2011. One opinion is that the recession has served to re-shape the way the recruitment industry operates. So what can we expect for the future?

Streamlining your recruitment processes is something many of us will be anticipating: In a highly competitive marketplace, recruiters need to exceed candidate expectations and differentiate their business by delivering a superior candidate experience. Technology is instrumental in making this possible, and allows companies to offer enhanced recruitment services, which also serve to strengthen communications and promote transparency. These include candidate portals, which allow candidates an element of self service, giving them visibility and input into the recruitment process. By automating the communication system, candidates will benefit, by being kept informed throughout the application process, be alerted to new opportunities and even share these opportunities among their peers. They can also log into your career portal to keep their contact information and skills / CV up to date and confirm or rearrange interviews. By utilising these tools recruiters can continue to improve the candidate’s experience and lower administration costs.

The real consensus of opinion fell between the boundaries of ‘People buy off People’ and ‘Phone Technology’ which is still in regarded as one of the most ‘under-used’ technologies available. Whilst technology can significantly streamline and improve recruitment processes, it is NOT a substitute for the experience and knowledge of a professional recruiter: Recruitment skills are essential in order to identify, assess and nurture suitable candidates; the software will provide the support mechanism, but it cannot replace the experience, skill and judgement of a recruiter.

Above all, recruiters must make their technology solutions work hard. They are a fantastic business management information tool that can be used to constantly monitor the success of your campaigns, consultants and placements. By automating all reporting systems through the software to analyse KPI’s, training needs, bottlenecks, cost per hire, time to hire etc,  managers can make informed decisions that will help to shape the future effectiveness of your recruitment…

Bond Awarded Membership to APSCo

APSCO 200x200Bond International Software, the worldwide recruitment agency software provider today announces its membership to The Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo).

As an affiliate member of APSCo, Bond will receive a range of recruitment system benefits, including extensive networking with industry peers through regular meetings and special interest forums. There will also be the opportunity to discuss recent trends and industry standards with APSCo – with a view to developing and promoting suitable best practice. As such, the membership will give Bond a strong competitive edge over many in the marketplace and will ensure that the Bond portfolio accommodates the changing face of the industry as rapidly and reliably as possible.

Bond has recently announced a number of additions to their staffing agency software portfolio, including dedicated software for the field of executive search with the development of Bond Vantage. Bond Vantage has a set of features that are specifically aimed at all levels and areas within an executive search consultancy, from administration to research and consultancy. This allows vital candidate or corporate intelligence to be accessed in a timely manner, maximising the visibility of the executive search consultancy’s information. Technological enhancements to the Bond Adapt recruitment system are also currently being implemented; which are due for release at the end of 2010. As a direct result of the opportunities that Bond’s APSCo membership will bring, further industry- and vertical-specific products are likely to be developed to accommodate particular needs.

Ann Swain, CEO of APSCo, comments, “Bond were able to show several glowing references for their excellent portfolio and recruitment system service delivery and passed all requirements to evidence that they adhere to a clear code of practice in order to promote professionalism. We are therefore delighted to award them APSCo membership – Bond is a global leader in recruitment software and we are certain that they will be a highly valuable asset to the APSCo association.”

Bond International Software is the leading provider of fully configurable staffing and recruitment agency software and supports over 100,000 staffing professionals in 42 countries. Bond is the recruitment system software of choice for many of the largest staffing companies in the world.

Tim Richards Managing Director of Bond International Software, concludes, “We are delighted to be awarded membership to APSCo. To be part of an influential governing body which has such a far reach throughout the industry is an excellent move for us and affirms our dedication to the interests and needs of the industry. Staffing never stands still, and so we are delighted to be provided with the forum from which to discuss the ways in which our staffing agency software services can help the industry further.”

APSCo is the UK’s leading professional recruitment industry body, and provides a unified powerful voice for the recruitment industry. Current APSCo members include small specialist independents through to publicly quoted companies. APSCo represents the interests of recruitment organisations, provides a recognised stamp of quality assurance for staffing agency software products and affords APSCo members business intelligence, industry solidarity and a clear commercial advantage.

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