Easy DIY Remodeling of Your Staffing Software That Improves Your Productivity

Make your Bond StaffSuite staffing software more personal and productive with easy-to-use DIY user interface configurations.

One of the biggest shows on HGTV is “Property Brothers.” In it, Drew Scott, the real estate agent, and Jonathan Scott, the visionary remodeler, convince the home buyers that they can get their dream home – one that’s really out of their price range — by buying a “fixer-upper” and remodeling it to fit their desires. The home buyers, almost always skeptical to begin with, become true believers as they employ a little sweat equity and a little cash to turn the target home into their personal dream home that fits their lifestyle perfectly.

It’s hard not to identify with the pleasure these homebuyers experience, as I’ve benefited from a number of DIY home remodeling projects over the years. In every case, I wanted to improve the usability, flow, look, and value of my home in harmony with my personal tastes and needs.

New StaffSuite 6.0 is even easier to remodel than a near-perfect home

Like that home you’ve found that is just right for your lifestyle, StaffSuite is designed with you in mind. Right from the moment you open the “door” to StaffSuite 6.0, you’ll find it very familiar; as it follows design standards you already know if you use Microsoft Office. Like in any well-designed home, you will flow easily from one area to another to accomplish your daily tasks related to staffing and recruiting.

But, like any homeowner (or, in this case, staffing software owner), you will probably want to personalize, redecorate, and remodel each room to fit you and your needs. Now you can.

StaffSuite 6.0 now gives professionals like you in high-volume temporary staffing agencies the tools and ability to very easily “remodel” its already intuitive interface. That way you can make it completely personal to your own needs, workflows and uses so that you, too, can enjoy a better, more productive experience.

Here are just a few of the ways that you can remodel StaffSuite 6.0 to fit you:

  • You can easily configure your personal views of your data so that they are specific to your preferences and/or role, such as recruiting, sales, or payroll and billing.
  • You can also configure the new ribbon toolbar – which gives you quick access to Employee, Company, Order, and other data. You can add custom tabs to the ribbon that can include personalized, customizable actions, such as adding a tab for typical recruiting activities.
  • You can customize the Quick Access Toolbar – which gives you one-click access to your own pre-defined common tasks or actions.
  • You can assign keyboard software shortcuts to action commands to reduce clicks or keystrokes.

All of these quickly and easily-done (no coding needed) “remodelings” of StaffSuite 6.0 are just the ticket to help speed you through your work day with less effort. More importantly, all of this remodeling of StaffSuite’s personalized look-and-feel does not in any way impact its flexible, powerful, and reliable performance. Thousands of staffing professionals just like you depend on StaffSuite every day to recruit, assign, pay and manage tens of thousands of temporary employees in every state.

Ah, if only remodeling a home were as easy as remodeling StaffSuite staffing software! If you would like to find out more about the benefits of StaffSuite’s new interface, just CLICK HERE.

If you would like to talk to us about how our solutions can improve your business, CLICK or give us a call at 800-318-4983 today. We’re here to help you succeed.


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