erecruit™ Reports 100 Percent Growth in 2015

Operational Growth, Product Developments and Customer Wins Fuel Momentum During a Time of Staffing Industry Transformation

Phoenix, AZ – Feb 22, 2016 – Today at the Staffing Industry Analysts’ Executive Forum North America, erecruit, the leading innovator in enterprise staffing software, VMS and onboarding solutions for large staffing firms and employers, announced its fiscal results for 2015, reporting more than 100% year-over-year revenue increase.

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Text messaging communication: Adapting the way you communicate to improve business

Text Messaging CommunicationIn today’s extremely competitive and fast paced industry standing out with a clear message is a must. Text messaging communication is an adaptive form of communicating and helps to connect with your team members. It can help recruiters remain organised and also provide recruiters with essential information to enhance quality and timeliness of employee interaction on the go. James Payne, Sales Director, Adapt, provides his top text communication tips on how to improve your recruitment processes.

Top Tip: Mass communication makes the world go round

Gone are the days of traditional recruitment which relied on either telephone or written correspondence. Texting can be used in an effective way to get your message across quickly in a time of critical need. Imagine having to individually call over 200 employees to let them know your client’s office is closed due to inclement weather when a simple text message can be sent in less than five minutes. This will save you crucial time.

Top Tip: Helpful reminders

People can be forgetful. If you are working in Payroll and constantly have to wait for timesheets to be sent across, a text reminder can help meet deadlines. Reminders can also be tailored in various ways: for holidays, documents, or even appointments. As a recruiter, you can update your systems and keep up to date with each employe

Top Tip: Being consistent all year round

Many recruiters can lose track of time when the workload piles up and require a quicker way to share those all important messages. For an employee, it makes a difference to know you’ve been remembered and appreciated within the workplace. As a recruiter, making sure you send out messages around Christmas and Easter lets your employees know they are valued. Birthday cheer messages will also have an impact.

Top tip: Staying in the loop 

Overall the power of communication leaves you in the best position to move your business forward. The option of texting allows you to be creative when drafting messages and seeing what works best for your employees by giving them the choice to respond with yes or no or request a follow up call if needed. A combination of traditional and modern communication tools is always necessary, but using a text communications provider, such as Icetrak, will help to track if this method is right for your employees. Whether your employee prefers text, an email, or a phone call – if you’re consistent in communicating you’ll remain updated on important employee information.

What is clear is that although the modern role of a recruiter is radically different to the one five years ago, essential elements do not change. Communication will always be a vital part of your role to interact with people on all levels. So considering how you can use it on a mass level will be beneficial for the future.

Bond Adapt Puts Recruitment Companies in the Driving Seat with cube19 Partnership

cube19 logoBond International Software, global provider of staffing and recruitment software, has partnered with cube19, the number one business intelligence (BI) and performance management solution for recruitment and staffing companies. Bond International Software is specifically working with cube19 to help recruitment companies grow faster using the power of their own data.

The partnership with cube19 provides Adapt users with enriched data abilities, including company-wide data aggregation, charting and data analysis functionality, and real-time tracking of progress towards team and company targets. Generating clear, holistic business intelligence is important for any recruitment company looking to improve performance and revenue.

cube19 displays data on dashboards, mobile devices, and big TV screens in real-time, with gamification functionality to motivate teams, improve data quality, and help achieve business targets.

Many senior recruitment industry professionals have started out from grass roots – starting as a recruiter to growing and creating their own business – therefore there is a level of appreciation for the power data and capabilities modern day recruitment technology can provide. In order to grow a successful business, Managing Directors of recruitment agencies are looking to make fast, data driven decisions in real-time to adapt to changing industry demands and opportunities. cube19 puts data at the fingertips of those who need it.

Dan McGuire, CEO, cube19, comments, “With triple-digit year-on-year growth, it is evident that companies in the recruitment industry are ready to build a foundation that enables them to scale rapidly – and they are looking for a partner that understands the complexities of their business, without the implementation timelines of generic business intelligence software. When BI and performance management tooling are used together with a solid CRM, like Bond Adapt, recruitment and staffing companies are able to realise the benefits of enterprise-grade functionality at a fraction of the cost. We are looking forward to our continued work with Bond International Software to help our customers overcome industry challenges.”

Toby Conibear, European Business Development Director, Bond International Software, concludes, “cube19 is an example of our ongoing commitment to source and select leading-class partners to provide a recruitment solution which fully addresses challenges faced by today’s recruiters. The ability to respond to meaningful, clearly visualised data can make the difference between more successful candidate placements or missing the mark, and in our modern industry this is vital for any recruiter looking to succeed.”

Diamond Recruitment Services Select Bond Adapt to Enable Cloud and Mobile Recruiting Following Rapid Growth

Diamond Recruitment ServicesDiamond Recruitment Services, the Industrial and Commercial specialists, have selected Bond International Software, the global provider of staffing and recruitment software, to provide Bond Adapt OnDemand, recruitment-specific CRM, via high-speed SaaS (Software as a Service).

Founded in 2009 by Donna Rogers, Diamond Recruitment Services have firmly established their position as a leading supplier to the UK Industrial sector; and in 2015 they expanded into the Commercial sector with unprecedented levels of business growth.

Kettering-based, with offices in Holywell and Wellingborough, Diamond Recruitment Services are 100% privately owned and have the flexibility to offer a full recruitment service or a tailored package utilising individually-requested areas of expertise.  Working with their clients to help source the skills required to further the recovery of the UK Industrial and Commercial sectors, Diamond Recruitment Services are passionate about recruitment and committed to achieving the right results.

A growing Industrial client base, recent Commercial sector success and a move to larger premises prompted Diamond Recruitment Services to upgrade their recruitment software.  A scalable cloud solution was required to support their mobile consultants and drive future growth plans.  The look and feel of Bond Adapt, coupled with the logical nature of its tasks and workflows, resulted in the system becoming an early frontrunner in the agency’s review.  Key features which helped solidify Diamond Recruitment Services’ decision to implement Adapt included:

  • SaaS (Software as a Service) – Bond OnDemand enables Diamond Recruitment Services users to log-in and use Adapt wherever they have internet access
  • Adapt Studio – all Diamond Recruitment Services users may select from built-in recruitment dashboards or design their own based upon their preferred working methods
  • Lead Generation – real-time business development dashboards within Adapt Studio enable Diamond Recruitment Services to effectively track leads and opportunities and grade their priority
  • Adapt Temp Desk – colour-coded, drag and drop interface brings speed and efficiency to Temp bookings and will vastly reduce levels of admin for Diamond Recruitment Services
  • Adapt Outlook Add-in – enabling Diamond Recruitment Services users to access client and candidate records and run recruitment workflows in Adapt from emails received in Microsoft Outlook
  • Adapt InTouch mobile app – allowing Diamond Recruitment Services consultants to access Adapt via their smartphones and effectively recruit on the move, 24/7

Paul Rogers, Director, Diamond Recruitment Services, comments, “Our vision is to become the number one staffing supplier throughout our sectors by constantly improving strategies and technologies whilst maintaining first-rate service levels.  Growing and expanding as a business, the time was right to upgrade our recruitment software and Bond Adapt OnDemand impressed from the very first demonstration.  The Adapt Studio dashboard system really is unique and it’s incredibly easy to use, as is the drag and drop Temp booking system.  Adapt is a true all-round recruitment solution and we’re confident it will help us achieve even more and realise our vision for the future.”

Toby Conibear, European Business Development Director, Bond International Software, comments, “With strong foundations in the Industrial sector and recent, very successful, expansion into the Commercial sector, Diamond Recruitment Services have certainly staked their claim to become the leading recruitment specialists in their marketplace.  The experience and tenacity Diamond Recruitment Services bring to their work has already achieved great results and we’re delighted they have chosen Bond Adapt OnDemand to help take their business to the next level.  By adding efficiencies throughout their processes and enabling their busy consultants to work remotely, Diamond Recruitment Services are set to achieve their vision.  We’re looking forward to seeing what’s next for this exciting agency.”

Ten Steps to Successful Staffing and Recruitment Software Integration Part Two

10 steps to recruitment software integrationFollowing the first instalment James Payne, Sales Director, Adapt, shares the final five steps for a successful staffing and recruitment software integration.

Step Six: Integrate, don’t synchronise

Wherever possible consider integrations, not synchronisations.  There is a huge difference between the two approaches and matching business needs to technical requirements is key to successful integration.

Step Seven: Define Data Ownership

It is essential that everyone knows which system owns the data – because users could find the process confusing if data can be updated anywhere. There are perceived efficiencies of an ‘any system update’ model – someone in payroll, for example, wouldn’t need to ask a recruiter to update a piece of information – but in reality no-one will be 100% sure what’s happening, so there’s a lot of double-checking. Clarity is the key to minimising confusion.

Step Eight:  Gain Efficiency, not Inefficiency

The way in which integrations work with and enhance the recruitment process is key – and it is essential to ensure that integrations fit into the company’s business processes. The most important factor is how business processes flow across the systems being integrated.

Step Nine: Make sure the software provider is in the game

This software deployment should support the business for many years to come. So while development and delivery may only take a few months, it is important to make sure the provider can support both its own software package and the integrations in the future. Companies with a strong track record in bespoke development will have the experience, skills and knowledge to avoid any pitfalls.

Step Ten: Continually Develop

While recruitment and staffing software is now the hub of the business and includes a raft of essential functionality, the speed with which new technology innovations are being introduced is exciting. Companies can now consider any number of new opportunities, such as big data analytics.

From out of the box integrations to smart APIs, third party recruitment software integrations are becoming easier. Paying attention to the on-going developments of the recruitment software provider is the key to rapidly exploring new opportunities and technologies.