Could Your Agency Save Over £1,000,000 On Administrative Costs?

daxtraAt Bond, our passion is centred on developing technologies that ensure your recruitment processes are as streamlined and efficient as possible. In an age where business growth and survival is based on working harder and smarter while reducing costs, the software you choose to underpin your business processes is a key critical success factor.
With over 37 years experience of servicing the recruitment industry with our own market leading technologies, we are also the professionals when it comes to partnering with complementary cutting edge technology providers – who can ensure you get even MORE out of your investment with Adapt.

But proof, as they say, is in the pudding  and in an age where minimising costs while increasing productivity is vital to your business’s survival, we have to put our money where our mouth is and prove to you that we can deliver these savings and efficiencies:

In May 2011, Orion Group reported a saving of over £1,000,000 on administrative costs alone with the integration of Daxtra Technologies into their Adapt system.

The integration increases the speed with which candidates’ CVs can be processed and seamlessly added to their recruitment agency software, Adapt, thus reducing the amount of necessary manual administration. This has resulted in annual global cost savings of over £1,000,000 for Orion Group, via a significant reduction in administrative overheads.

Orion Group is using a second technology from Daxtra which allows consultants to search through CVs within Adapt’s system 60% faster than if they were to carry out a manual search at the same time as searching all their online candidate sources, such as job boards and social networks. Whereas previously, consultants may have been spending up to three hours a day searching for candidates on various job boards, they can now perform the search from Adapt using Daxtra in less than a third of the time with this improved recruitment system.

Derek Warrander, IT Service Manager at Orion Group, explains“The decision to integrate Bond’s recruitment agency software with Daxtra has not only resulted in substantial cost savings across the business but has also saved hundreds of man-hours per week. Previously we had a substantial administrative team across our offices whose dedicated job it was to process CVs and enter them into the Adapt recruitment system. With the integration of staffing agency software Adapt and Daxtra however, the time previously taken to complete this task can now be put to better use elsewhere, allowing our recruitment consultants to focus their energy on core recruitment competencies, such as placing candidates. The integration of the recruitment agency software itself was flawless, and having this ease of use from the outset immediately confirmed to us that we had made the right choice with our selection of software provider.”