eStaff365™ to be Featured During the “Hot Tech: The Top 10 Features to Hit Staffing in 2015” Session at ASA’s Staffing World

Boston, MA – October 27, 2015 – Today, erecruit™, the leading innovator in enterprise staffing software, VMS and onboarding solutions for large staffing firms and employers, announced that for the second consecutive year, an erecruit solution has been chosen by the American Staffing Association (ASA) as one of the top ten technologies to recently hit the staffing industry.

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Bond Adapt Flexes to the Changing Demands of the Modern Recruiter

Bond International Software, global provider of staffing and recruitment software, today announces its latest software update – Bond Adapt Version 11.9.5 – which includes Tempaid, Hirabl and Firetext integrations to provide recruiters with an even more powerful suite of tools to meet the demands of the customer. The update, currently available to its global base of customers, includes three new integrations alongside LinkedIn and SYNETY – plus AdaptCentral. As the ‘Year of the Candidate’ continues, Bond has continued its focus on providing a high-level of user experience for recruiters and recruitment agencies. With the latest functionality, users can now take advantage of the technology Bond and its carefully selected partners provide.

The latest version of Bond Adapt delivers the following main new features and enhancements:

Tempaid integration: Tempaid by Oxford Software is a back office recruitment software package that brings high levels of efficiency to all aspects of temp payroll and sales invoicing within the recruitment environment. An export capability for clients, contacts, candidates and timesheets is now available.
HIRABL integration: HIRABL provides actionable reporting on backdoor hires in order to reclaim missed fees and the ability to identify backfilled candidate openings and preserve hiring manager relationships.
FireText integration: FireText is a marketing tool to reach and engage with customers and candidates. The powerful platform can send and schedule SMS text messages in seconds. Messages can be individually personalised with a click of a button, including six different fields. Links (URLs) can be tracked using the SMS tracking tool and full delivery reports can be instantly viewed and downloaded.
LinkedIn Cross System Awareness integration: Seamless integration with Bond Adapt enables recruiters to view their candidate’s status without leaving the system, leading to incremental time-savings.
LinkedIn Recruiter InMail integration: Enhance the power of LinkedIn Recruiter InMail by attaching InMail messages you have received to the relevant candidate records in your Adapt database. Quickly create new Adapt candidate records from LinkedIn member InMail responses and effectively build your talent pool.
AdaptCentral: Candidates applying for a job listing are directed to AdaptCentral, an online portal provided by Bond. Candidates can find further information on the job role, upload CVs, apply with basic information or their LinkedIn profile. Recruiters can manage job applications via Adapt, importing only the records required.
SYNETY integration: CloudCall provides Bond Adapt users with functionality that allows them to drive advanced telephony functions directly – as well as on any webpage – using the CloudCall Chrome plugin. This enables Bond Adapt users to make calls directly from the CRM, with all calls being logged and recorded and available to download within the client and candidate record.

Toby Conibear, European Business Development Director, Bond International Software, comments “We pride ourselves on developing products that enhance the performance of people at the frontline of the industry – recruitment consultants and agencies. We actively sought out integration partners, third party impartial advice and user feedback in order to develop our latest version which delivers a superior user experience to help recruitment consultants meet the demands of the market. The latest version of Bond Adapt will provide recruiters with a powerful tool set that will really set the agency apart when it comes to servicing clients and finding the perfect candidate.”

i3 Recruitment Selects Bond Adapt OnDemand for High-Speed Cloud Delivery and Reduced Costs

i3 Recruitment Logo 388x140

i3 Recruitment, Permanent, RPO and onsite Temporary and Permanent solutions specialist has selected Bond International Software, the global provider of staffing and recruitment software, to deliver Bond Adapt OnDemand, following an in-depth market review focusing on recruitment cycle functionality, third-party integration capability, cloud delivery speed and value for money.

i3 Recruitment enable clients to reduce spend and keep selected stages of the recruitment process in-house by offering ad-hoc rates for individual services, such as advert writing and CV resourcing, via their ‘Pick & Mix’ options. They also provide a 5% Permanent Recruitment solution, On-Site services and full Recruitment Process Outsourcing solutions. Their pricing is fixed, clear and open and it was imperative their chosen software solution was fully flexible to support their unique methodology.

i3 Recruitment’s consultants will be using the latest Adapt Studio dashboard system, enabling them to select from a number of pre-set recruitment dashboards, or create their own based upon their preferred working methods; with all options delivering a live feed of valuable data. Additional features include Broadbean integration for powerful distribution of job postings to multiple online job sites and Adapt Outlook Add-in for an effective mechanism to progress important recruitment workflows within Adapt without leaving Outlook.

The Bond Adapt deployment is initially for i3 Recruitment’s UK office, however a key factor in their decision to select Adapt was Bond’s ability to quickly set-up new users in the UK and overseas as the business grows.

Using Bond’s Adapt OnDemand, high-speed cloud solution, i3 Recruitment will add new efficiencies to support their unique service offering and further drive down costs. In turn, helping their clients reduce their recruitment spend and solidifying i3 Recruitment’s reputation as a leading agency with a difference.

Daniel Newton, Head of Operations, i3 Recruitment, comments, “We provide both temporary and permanent recruitment solutions so it was important to us to find a recruitment software that was equally as good at supporting both but that could also provide the flexibility to bespoke the system to our needs. After speaking with numerous other recruitment software providers, Bond Adapt was the clear winner. Bond’s initial costs may be slightly more than some of their competitors but we have soon recouped the costs in free support, intuitive systems and functionality, cutting down our man hours in admin and duplication. We have also found that using an award winning recruitment software has opened doors for us as we can prove our ability to provide a faster recruitment process for our clients.”

Toby Conibear, European Business Development Director, Bond International Software, comments, “We are delighted to have been chosen by i3 Recruitment to deliver their new CRM solution. By providing three distinct recruitment services with a transparent pricing structure, i3 Recruitment are effectively carving a niche and building their reputation as a go-to agency offering great value to their clients. Throughout the review process, software deployment, training and ongoing support, all Bond staff working with i3 Recruitment have been struck by their drive and admirable business ethics. We’re excited to be delivering the software to empower their recruiters and we look forward to seeing the company achieve even greater success.”

How to provide feedback – good and bad!

good and bad feedbackIn order to grow and improve as a person, you need to learn from experiences. Receiving feedback is a great way to gauge how you are performing in any situation. For candidates, this is extremely important. How will they know how they fared in an interview, or if their C.V. stands out during the application process if you don’t tell them? The difference between being a good recruiter and an exceptional recruiter can be boiled down to the level of customer service you are providing.

Can you respond to everyone?

Probably not, no. At least not personally with a hand-typed email. However, if using a recruitment software that allows, you can send automated responses to thank a candidate when they submit their C.V. or apply for a specific job posted online. A warm, well written email, even if it’s the same one going out to everyone, can still be perceived as thoughtful and more considerate than a generic ‘thanks for applying’ one. Use the response email to offer links to your blog, or an online video offering interview tips and techniques. Provide links to your social media profiles or a way for them to subscribe to future job listings posted online.

Take 5 minutes to offer suggestions

The first step to finding a new candidate employment is typically an interview with a recruiter. If a candidate doesn’t seem to fit the bill, don’t just write them off as a ‘do not use’. Perhaps they were nervous, or are not used to interviews. Maybe their people skills are lacking, but do they have the right skill set? A bit of coaching can help. If they were dressed too casually, let them know a suit would be expected for any potential interviews in the future. Did they not make eye contact? Let them know! Perhaps they don’t realise they are appearing shifty and nervous. Some things are easy for a person to change, others could take a bit of time, but again, if they don’t know they can’t do anything about it. Be the person that helps them improve and change their approach.

Be direct but kind

Although you want to make sure your feedback is understood, don’t be blunt, and remember to be constructive. Provide the advice in a way you would like to receive it, with kindness and understanding. For some, looking for and applying for jobs can be a stressful undertaking. Perhaps you can relate to them and offer ways in which you might address the changes yourself. Using your own examples could help them with addressing your suggestions.

Acknowledge the positive

Don’t forget to give praise for the good ways in which the candidate handles the process. Or, if they have an exceptional C.V. which caught your eye, tell them that! We are all learning new tricks and skills and it’s great to know what we are doing right that is working. If they answer a specific question in an impressive way, tell them. It means they can confidently answer the same question again knowing that it will make an impact with one of your clients.

Your candidates are an extension of you

If you are submitting a candidate to one of your clients, how they perform will reflect back on you and the agency you work for. Like it or not, the interviewer will link the quality of the person being interviewed to the person who submitted them. It’s really in your best interest to help candidates prepare to wow their interview panel. Be honest with them, and you can both reap the rewards.

Bond International Software Provides Sellick Partnership with Bond Adapt OnPremise Solution

Sellick Partnership Logo 471x200

Sellick Partnership, the leading provider of expert recruitment services across the UK in the legal and finance sectors, has selected Bond International Software, the global provider of staffing and recruitment software, to provide their recruitment CRM solution via an on premise server deployment.

Chosen following a broad, in-depth market review focusing on functionality to facilitate business growth, the Sellick Partnership deployment of Bond Adapt OnPremise will include Bond’s latest advances and integrate seamlessly with their back office payroll and timesheet solution.

Underpinned by the Adapt Studio dashboard system allowing users to select from pre-designed recruitment dashboards or create their own based upon their preferred working methods, the Sellick Partnership solution is bolstered further by the Adapt Outlook Add-in for enhanced Outlook and CRM database integration and the Adapt InTouch mobile app for effective, 24/7 recruiting on the move.

Powered by technology unique to Bond in the recruitment software market, Adapt InSight provides intelligent contextual search and match capabilities, enabling Sellick Partnership to stay ahead of their competition in the current climate of skills shortages. And the Adapt Temp Desk delivers simple and intuitive ‘drag and drop’, colour-coded temp booking functionality to Sellick Partnership’s recruiters for additional time and cost-saving efficiencies.

Jo Sellick, Managing Director, Sellick Partnership, comments, “Over the last ten years, Sellick Partnership has consistently grown by delivering the highest levels of service and building a reputation as a leading provider within the financial and legal sectors. We recently opened a new office in London and we have ambitious future growth plans, so the time was right to review our recruitment software and find a system powerful enough to effectively drive our business forward. We looked carefully at the best recruitment software on the market and selected Bond Adapt because we firmly believe the breadth of functionality it delivers will help us continue to excel and realise our vision.”

Toby Conibear, European Business Development Director, Bond International Software, comments, “It was exciting to be tested by Sellick Partnership’s stringent review process and we are proud to have been selected to provide their new CRM solution. Sellick Partnership required a system fully capable of empowering their recruiters to exceed, while remaining true to the exacting recruitment processes integral to their success. We look forward to delivering the technology to further strengthen their exemplary service and build upon their solid reputation as a leading agency in their specialist sectors.”

Live Webinar: HIRABL – What is a ‘backdoor’ hire?

We are excited to announce our next webinar in conjunction with HIRABL. This webinar is designed specifically to provide insight in to ‘backdoor’ hires and why they take money away from your bottom line.

HIRABL provides actionable reporting on backdoor hires (when a client hires one of your candidates without your knowledge) so that you can collect missed fees immediately. This allows you to know when your hiring managers move to preserve existing business and target new business. You can then know when your candidates move and there are openings that need to be backfilled, and identify new clients who are hiring.

Join us for our webinar with HIRABL to find out:

  • What is a backdoor hire?
  • How often do they happen?
  • How to find out if you have them.
  • What do you do if you find one
  • How to minimize them going forward

Subject: How to STOP losing revenue and uncover missed fees
Date: Thursday November 12th 2015 
Time: 3 pm (UTC – London) 

Register here.

About our presenter: 

Jon Guidi: Jon is the founder of HIRABL, a big data company that helps recruiters track their candidate submissions and has uncovered $18 million in missed fees for its customers.  His “Aha!” moment came during his 10+ years’ experience working as a recruiter and constantly losing revenue to “backdoor hires”. Previously, he was President and CEO of Healthcare Recruiters International and grew its franchise operations to sixteen offices across the United States. Previously, Jon spent 10 years with Morgan Stanley and UBS Financial ending his tenure as Senior Vice President.


With HIRABL, Bond clients can now identify potential “backdoor hires” (when a client hires one of your candidates without your knowledge), and grow sales revenue with these new tools:

Candidate Tracker: HIRABL alerts when you candidates you previously placed change jobs so that you can “backfill” the position. Your recruiters can also follow these candidates into other firms who are hiring candidates that you’re already expert in placing.

Hiring Manager Tracker: HIRABL also alerts you when a hiring manager you work with changes employers so that you can preserve your existing job orders at their former employer, and open a new book of business at their new employer.

Bond and HIRABL are both proud members of APSCo. APSCo was formed to provide all firms involved in the recruitment of professional talent, that share a commitment to excellence, the specialist support and distinctive voice they need to be successful. To find out more, and explore the benefits of membership, visit their website here.  

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Bond International Software Provides CNA International, the Executive Search Arm of the Pertemps Network Group Ltd, with Bond Adapt OnDemand plus

CNA International Logo 200x200CNA International, the Executive Search arm of the largest independent recruitment company in the UK, The Pertemps Network Group Ltd, has selected Bond International Software, the global provider of staffing and recruitment software, to implement the Bond Adapt recruitment CRM solution to help realise their global expansion plans.

Specialising across multiple sectors, CNA International have 35 offices working internationally across the UK, Europe and Asia (and soon to be opening in Russia). They required a fast, robust Cloud delivery recruitment solution with the agility to quickly add new users and effectively run meaningful KPI reporting throughout their global locations; as part of a wider project implementing Bond Adapt across the Pertemps group.

CNA International’s cross-discipline consultants will utilise the latest Adapt Studio dashboard system, enabling their recruiters to select from pre-set recruitment dashboard layouts or create their own based upon their preferred working methods. The Adapt Outlook integration and Add-in will deliver advanced CRM and email integration capabilities and the InTouch mobile app will enable all CNA International’s consultants to effectively recruit on the move. All Adapt features and functionality will also fully support CNA International’s unique CABS® (Candidate Aspiration Based Search) methodology.

CNA International will be implementing Bond Adapt in October 2015 and expect all of their global consultants to be using the system by the end of the year.

Nick Sprang, Managing Director, CNA International comments: “The success of CNA to a large extent can be attributed to the in-depth knowledge of our Consultants who specialise in various sectors. Using a market leading, tried and tested methodology CABS®, CNA International ensure that candidates put forward are the best fit for each and every role. With the implementation of Bond Adapt across our global network of offices, we feel confident that CNA International will be partnering with a market leading provider of CRM and ATS software that will help our business to continue with its rapid expansion in existing and new territories”

Toby Conibear, European Business Development Director, Bond International Software, comments: “We are delighted to have been chosen by CNA International to provide their global Executive Search solution. CNA International required not only the consistency of technology Bond are uniquely positioned to provide as part of our wider deployment of software to The Pertemps Network Group, but also specific functionality tailored to their precise methods and KPIs. We look forward to helping CNA International continue to set new standards in Executive Search and fully realise their global expansion plans.”

Efficient Recruitment: How Can Electronic Signatures Help?

Electronic Signatures 200x200How do you save time, and in some cases DAYS, when it comes to clients and candidates signing and returning documents? Oliver Perilli, Senior Sales Executive, Adapt, explains why electronic signatures could be the answer…

Put electronic signatures to work

Electronic signatures are a great way to quickly and easily confirm contracts with clients and candidates. When a contract is sent by email or needs to be signed with a pen and returned via the Royal Mail, when is that contract going to come back? Do you even know it’s been delivered? Maybe, if you can track it. Do you know if it’s been signed? Not unless you phone the client and contractor to ask. Once signed, how long will it actually take for the contract to come back to you? Onerous, time consuming processes and overheads you can do without. Yes, you could use FedEx etc. but that becomes costly.

So how can you speed up the process?

The key to saving time and money in this process is sending contracts as quickly as possible and having them signed and tracked in your recruitment software in real-time. Electronic signatures enable you to do this. As soon as placements are made and contracts are ready to be confirmed, they can be drawn-up digitally and sent quickly to clients and candidates. Both parties can provide an electronic signature at the click of a button, which is automatically tracked back in Adapt – all the legal documentation is in place and everything is ready to go. A lot of money is saved in terms of administration, and placement fees are guaranteed faster.

Electronic Signature Software can help

Adapt easily integrates with a number of electronic signature software applications. Let’s use Adobe eSign as an example. eSign is a PDF/Adobe Acrobat based system, where clients and candidates receive an email with a hyperlink to click on, read the contract within a web browser and simply click ‘Sign’ to accept. That’s all they need to do. An actual written signature is not required, just a click on the right link. The contract is audited and tracked in terms of when it was delivered and signed and version control is also taken care of. If a party does not wish to sign because some details are incorrect, they can query this within the online portal and the recruitment agency is notified straight away – then they can re-issue the contract. Using the mail could add another week to this process!

Electronic signatures aren’t just a huge benefit during the contract process. They can also be used for any kind of on boarding or application process document. These could range from employee handbooks, authorisation forms for direct deposit, or client specific acknowledgement forms. Any time you need a signature, using software to speed up the process just makes sense.

All-Time High: 5 Factors Fueling the Unprecedented Growth in Healthcare Staffing


“We are in a time of incredible and unparalleled healthcare staffing growth”, was the headline of the Staffing Industry Analyst’s 2015 Healthcare Staffing Summit in Las Vegas last week. The number one takeaway from the conference is that a number of healthcare trends have fundamentally increased the healthcare market and healthcare staffing is benefitting, with staffing growth numbers and forecasts across all healthcare staffing sub-segments. But what is attributing to the healthcare staffing market achieving record, double digit growth?

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