7 Ways We See Your Competitors Beating You


Voice and text broadcast integration to your recruiting and staffing software can automate routine tasks and improve your competitive advantage.

Guest blog by Adam Arnold

By now most light industrial and clerical staffing firms have at least considered using automated voice broadcast to fill open positions with a single call.  Staffing firms are eliminating mind-numbingly boring processes and proactively communicating with associates in many other situations, too.  Some call it efficiency, and others just call it making life easier.  I prefer to look at it as another way to beat your competition.  Here are my seven favorite non-job fill uses of Call-Em-All by staffing clients:

  1. Chasing Down Missing Timesheets

    “Before you leave today, please make sure your timecard has been submitted.  If you have questions, please contact us at…..”

  2. Sending W-2s to the Right Address the 1st Time

    “If you have moved or your information has changed since we sent your 2011 W-2, please contact payroll at……”

  3. Changing Shifts

    “This is ABC Staffing calling to let you know of a cancellation (or recall) of third shift.”

  4. Weather Closings

    “This is ABC Staffing calling to let you know that due to this evening’s snow storm, third shift has been cancelled.  We will keep you up to date as weather conditions evolve.”

  5. Open Enrollment

    “Don’t forget that Friday is the last day to submit your changes during open enrollment.  Please contact HR with questions at…….”

  6. Wakeup Calls

    “This is ABC staffing calling to remind you that you begin work at XYZ company today.  Your shift starts at 8:00am sharp!  If you have questions, please contact me at…..”

  7. Dress Code

    “Don’t forget that your work assignment requires steel toe boots, a black jacket, and hairnet.”

  8. Unemployment Hearings

    “Your honor, we offered him 3 jobs and included him on 12 job opportunity broadcasts, but she is seeking unemployment compensation.  See these offers and call results?”  (OK, so this is not a broadcast, but it IS great result of good data!)

Are you trudging through the same calls over and over while you could be doing something more engaging?  Think automated calling & texting can improve the efficiency in your office?

Call-Em-All is an integrated partner with Bond Adapt, eEmpACT, and StaffSuite staffing and recruiting software.  If you do not yet have an account, you can try it for free by clicking here.


Adam Arnold is Director of Business Development at Call-Em-All.