Staff Wars: Change Star, Rogue None – Part 2: Recruit the Right Team

This is part 2 in our series focused on guiding you on how to implement a new project initiative without it getting blown up.

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High Impact Technology Projects: 5 Ways to be SMARTER about Goals

Blog-SMARTER Goals - Image 1.jpgAfter what always feels like a longer-than-we-hoped-for selection process, new project teams are anxious to get started ASAP and often want the implementation project to kick-off immediately after the contract is signed. High impact technology projects take time, before the project starts, to establish strong, strategic and measurable business objectives to ensure that the project mobilizes in the right direction with full acceleration.

The concept of setting “SMART” goals has been around for decades now. I’m guessing we have all been trained and coached for how to generate SMART (or SMARTER) goals for our professional and personal aspirations.

While we do a good job of coming up with SMART project goals, there are opportunities to improve how and when we establish, define and communicate our desired project outcomes.   

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Staff Wars: Change Star, Rogue None – Part 1: What’s the plan, Tarkin?

This is part 1 in our series focused on guiding you on how to implement a new project initiative without it getting blown up.

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Create a Business Process Blueprint before Implementing New Technology

Just like you would not remodel your house without a blueprint, you should not implement new technology without a business blueprint either.  Documented business processes describe who will do what, when and how – much like an architectural blueprint. When implementing new technology, document the future state business process, which shows all stakeholders and users how everything will work when the new technology is up-and-running. Read more

Staff Wars: Change Star, Rogue None

A blog series to guide you on how to implement a new project initiative without it getting blown up.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this post are the author’s own and do not represent Erecruit’s support of a particular alliance – Empire or Republic.

With the Star Wars franchise officially in light speed over the next few years, this has presented me with yet another opportunity to use the lessons learned from the saga and apply them to the world of staffing. Who knew there were so many parallels? Yoda probably did, but sadly none of us were able to train with him, so you’re stuck with me…

Not too long ago, in a galaxy very nearby, you had a great idea. A concept that, if implemented successfully, could expand your organization’s influence, engagement, and footprint. You did your research, calculated the ROI, and pitched it to your Imperial governing board, who approved it. Yes! Let’s create this artificial moon, living environment and starship! It’s going to be awesome! Read more

Staff Wars: The (Work)Force Awakens

Are Managed Service Programs (MSPs) the Evil Empire? Are Vendor-neutral options our only hope? Or is there an opportunity to find a balance within the workforce?

As I sat down to write a typical blog post on the always-controversial topic of MSP vs. VMS, I started thinking about the parallels between this and a certain film series’ recent release and wondered: just like a movie, why can’t the idea of workforce management get a reboot?

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And the Award Goes To…

It’s that time of year again in Hollywood – awards season. It seems as though every other week there is another show honoring the achievements of celebrities and the work they’ve contributed for the previous year. They certainly are not averse to praising one another and showering their colleagues with accolades and trophies, symbols of their appreciation and respect. Read more

On Your Marks, Get Set…Staff!

There are times when I think back to my days in the bullpen of a staffing agency, and feel as though it was similar to an episode of the 90s TV game show, Supermarket Sweep. Most notably, the “Big Sweep”. If you are too young to know what I’m talking about, or if you just want to relive the gloriousness that was this show, here is a clip…you’re welcome (skip to 2:07).

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Further Advancing erecruit’s Staffing Best Practices Approach

Here at erecruit™, we are very invested in our customer’s success. Thousands of hours have been invested by erecruit in capturing our thought leadership and infusing it into how erecruit is implemented and utilized to enable staffing business processes to maximize our client’s business performance. Our staffing industry best practices leads take a consultative, workshop-based approach to facilitate a business results-focused transformation of our best practice processes into our clients’ future state processes. We leverage the immense configurability and flexibility that erecruit’s technology brings to the table to maximize efficiency and drive greater business success.

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All-Time High: 5 Factors Fueling the Unprecedented Growth in Healthcare Staffing


“We are in a time of incredible and unparalleled healthcare staffing growth”, was the headline of the Staffing Industry Analyst’s 2015 Healthcare Staffing Summit in Las Vegas last week. The number one takeaway from the conference is that a number of healthcare trends have fundamentally increased the healthcare market and healthcare staffing is benefitting, with staffing growth numbers and forecasts across all healthcare staffing sub-segments. But what is attributing to the healthcare staffing market achieving record, double digit growth?

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