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Staffing Firm with an RPO Practice? 8 Things You Need From Your ATS

Staffing firms are incredibly well positioned to succeed at the Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) model. By their very nature, staffing firms are revenue generating whereas internal recruiting organizations are cost centers. Call me a capitalist, but I believe that the dynamics of having to turn a profit in an incredibly competitive market with low barriers to […]

SIA’s Collaboration in the Gig Economy: An Erecruit Retrospective

Last week, Erecruit’s Sales and Best Practices teams had the privilege of attending Staffing Industry Analyst’s Collaboration in the Gig Economy conference in Dallas, TX. There were some fantastic keynote and panel discussions about how buyers, staffing suppliers, and technology platforms can work together to shape and support the future of the way people will […]

High Impact Technology Projects: 5 Ways to be SMARTER about Goals

After what always feels like a longer-than-we-hoped-for selection process, new project teams are anxious to get started ASAP and often want the implementation project to kick-off immediately after the contract is signed. High impact technology projects take time, before the project starts, to establish strong, strategic and measurable business objectives to ensure that the project […]

Create a Business Process Blueprint before Implementing New Technology

Just like you would not remodel your house without a blueprint, you should not implement new technology without a business blueprint either.  Documented business processes describe who will do what, when and how – much like an architectural blueprint. When implementing new technology, document the future state business process, which shows all stakeholders and users […]

Further Advancing erecruit’s Staffing Best Practices Approach

Here at erecruit™, we are very invested in our customer’s success. Thousands of hours have been invested by erecruit in capturing our thought leadership and infusing it into how erecruit is implemented and utilized to enable staffing business processes to maximize our client’s business performance. Our staffing industry best practices leads take a consultative, workshop-based […]