Using Staffing Software To Find Specialized Candidates

You may be one of those staffing firms that specializes its recruiting efforts exclusively in one industry, such as healthcare, accounting, or manufacturing.  While staffing software assists you no matter which industry you serve, keep in mind it can also provide you with specialized help for specialized fields.  Using software to sort through all that candidate big data helps you zone in on very select market segments, and amplifying your results.

How exactly does the right staffing software help?

1. Laser targeting of miniscule market segments.  The job market isn’t the greatest right now, and no matter who is elected to be our next president, odds are our economic problems will take years yet to fix.  If you have a large amount of data available, the right staffing software can help you to laser target nearly any micro targeted niche of candidates.

If you take a macro approach to hiring, you are going to have a difficult time producing results for your clients and your own business.  If you can find success in several micro niches other firms have overlooked, you can be successful, even in this economy.  An upward trend in temporary and contingent staffing has helped other staffing agencies to actually experienced growth since the economic collapse of 2008 – and it’s possible for yours to grow, too.

3. Future market conditions will remain challenging.  The near future will stay challenging because of the current economic conditions, but so will the long-term future.  Did you forget about the baby-boomers?  The current generations getting ready to take their place simply do not have enough numbers to replace all of the baby boomers, and in many sectors, the next generations also aren’t yet experienced enough.

You will have candidates from which to choose, but the challenge will be selecting the right candidate who can do the job.  Fortunately, increasing amounts of data will become available, so if you have the right staffing software in place and the skills to use it, you will be in a better position for long-term success than firms who can’t change along with market conditions.

4. Companies are exploring new talent pools, so help them.  Telecommuting is becoming increasingly easy for knowledge workers.  An eased telecommuting process breaks staffing agencies free of geographical barriers and entering into a larger pool of candidates from which to choose.  Because it can cost nearly the same as an employee’s annual salary to replace that employee, your firm can become a strong player in the market by having the highest success rate of matching qualified candidates to positions fitting their skills well.  However, that does mean you will have to know how to use software to find those needle-in-a-haystack candidates.

Your staffing agency can succeed in any market.  The challenge lies in successfully locating job seekers other firms can’t find and successfully matching them to the right jobs.

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