Identify the right sales candidate for your staffing firm using the dinner party theory

In the competitive, global marketplace, consumers are able to find dozens, sometimes hundreds of businesses across the world that provide the same service or product. This ability has created the ultimate competition and every day is a new tournament for industry leaders and sales teams – especially for staffing and recruiting firms.

As a staffing professional, you know that a dynamic sales team isn’t just built on the number of years a person has been in the business, but also an individual’s ability to create lasting relationships with a customer.

You’re looking for an individual who comprises multiple characteristics and skills – regardless of what industry they are in. Consider the merits of judging the professional skills of a sales person based on how they nurture leads from the beginning of a pitch to the closing of a sale. According to Marketing Profs, lead nurturing is much like a dinner party. Thus, a good sales person, and, in fact, every person in your staffing and recruiting organization, should treat his or her clients or leads like honored guests, who can portray a comfortable, inviting home or business relationship and is able to carry a conversation with aplomb.

Exploring the full scope of a sales candidate’s repertoire takes time, but your long-term sales success will benefit from a longer period of vetting the candidates’ relationship-building skills. Once you’ve selected a great sales candidate, be sure to train them up on your staffing software so that they are fully-equipped to bring in more business.

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