Are you prepared for the new Facebook Timeline?

It’s happening again – Facebook is changing its Timeline. In a move that has brought on sighs, confusion and anticipation, Facebook, the most popular social network currently on the market, is tinkering again at its design.

At the end of the day, though, businesses may want to rejoice at this latest version of the social media giant. Less than a week after Facebook announced that it is redesigning its Timeline and News Feed, changes are already being rolled out. According to Mashable, the Timeline navigation swaps places with ads that are currently residing at the top right of the page. A new about “About” section design that is more heavily customized has also been added as well as a more intrinsic integration of what a consumer reads or views.

So, what does this mean for staffing professionals? It means you will need to prepare to switch to the new Facebook design by March 30. The Silicon Valley Business Journal reports that social media experts believe the shift to the new design will provide companies will more tools to reach and engage clients.

“When it comes down to it, (Timeline) is not terrible for brands if you use it right,” said Adena DeMonte, director of marketing at Menlo Park-based Badgeville Inc., which makes software to help companies use games and competitions as part of their business. “But the problem is most brands won’t have the resources to use it correctly.”

To handle this effectively, a staffing firm could better leverage their brand on the social tool to attract not only potential clients, but also job candidates. In addition, the new about “About” section included on each person’s profile will allow you to more easily determine whether a person has the “right” brand for a client. You won’t have to spend precious time exploring and pulling down multiple tabs to get at vital candidate information that you may want to add into your staffing software. The new design will make the entire practice easier and give you a more direct sense of who an individual is.

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