Top three things to avoid in your staffing and recruiting office

We all have our vices and little character flaws that can come out in the work place, but what actions can get you in the most hot water or interrupt your productivity? As a staffing and recruiting professional, you are working under constant deadlines so any unnecessary fluff that isn’t contributing to your happiness or professionalism should get shown the door.

1) Office gossip. Yes, we realize that everyone talks about everyone. However, if you don’t let yourself get caught up in office chatter you can spend more time on completing tasks and avoid becoming engrossed in unhealthy commentary. Gossiping about coworkers behind their backs about failing to correctly complete a project or what they looked like as they rushed into the office late one morning is not only unkind, but it poorly reflects on your ability to be a leader in the workplace. Also, the same professionalism applies to your candidates and contingent employees. Remember that getting them into good working situations with your clients keeps you employed and profitable! Keep a more positive outlook and demonstrate to everyone that acceptance and kindness are positive virtues by walking away from office gossip. You will decrease the negativity in your life and increase the amount of time you have to focus on work and succeeding as a recruiter.

2) Focusing on the past. Focusing unduly on your past actions in a negative light is going to get in the way of your ability to succeed at work. Instead, try and turn every mistake into an opportunity. Learn from your past social faux pas or lack of organization by using tools like recruiting software more effectively and re-strategizing your approach. Use your software as a tool to measure your progress over time and improve your recruiting and staffing processes to reduce errors. Every day does not have to be a repeat of the last. You can learn and advance your career and outlook on life by being willing to change and adapt.

3) The Blame Game. Just like when we were children and trying to foist off the repercussions to our actions on our siblings, no one likes to own up to making a mistake. However, in the workplace, it will often make you a stronger employee to own up to your mistakes and offer potential ways to fix whatever negative outcome came about as a result. Playing the blame game shows a lack of maturity. Hold yourself and your team accountable for the results and you’ll be able to cheer on the victories that come from a better understanding of your complementary strengths and weaknesses.

As a staffing professional, your job is to strategically evaluate the strengths and weakness of a potential candidate for the job your client is looking to fill. Turn those skills inward and try and determine how you can better your career. Do you have any key strategies for avoiding unhealthy or unproductive actions during the workday?

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