The importance of the human element

It seems that we can’t do anything without a digital presence anymore. Our phones are now gadgets that can handle a million and one tasks – or waste our time with a game of ‘Angry Birds’. Our televisions have become computers and even remotes are getting a facelift with touch screen applications. You and I are increasingly identified by our digital presence, but are you also remembering to keep a human element to your social strategy?

With miles between us and communication being done in 160 characters, it can sometimes be easy to forget that the audience we are talking to is just like you and I. However, the most successful social marketing or branding strategies enable the human element. The strategies remember the individual amidst the collective.

For example, actor Zach Braff from “Scrubs” is making headlines this week for the quickly rising popularity of his Kickstarter film “Wish I Was Here.” The film is expected to be somewhat of a sequel to the popular RomCom “Garden State,” and Braff wished to fund the project and show his backers how a film is made in a step-by-step process. His goal is to give the audience the ultimate inside look. In less than a week, Braff has managed to raise about $2,491,848 (past his $2 million goal) with about 35,000 backers.

You may think to yourself, that’s great, an actor who has a following, but what does this have to do with me in the staffing industry?

Braff has a history of engagement with his fans. He has over 1,092,000 followers on Twitter and 1,334,421 Likes on Facebook, as of May 8, 2013. Amidst that huge following, instead of talking at his audience, he has remembered to talk with them by creating conversations about projects and mundane tasks and sharing funny GIFs. Instead of talking to his fans about his latest clothing line, he is remembering the human element and trying to create conversations as an individual instead of a brand (consequently increasing his brand’s street cred).

As a staffing professional, you don’t have to be as cool as Zach Braff (even if it might help), but you do need to remember to engage your audience with a sense of integrity and honesty. If you’re slightly nerdy, let that come out a bit in your profile. You can still remain professional, while giving a hint of your overall personality.

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