Recruiting Software That Helps Your Recruiters be 5-Tool Players

A 5-tool baseball player has it all — a good eye at bat, speed to steal bases, a cannon arm, great glove work and strength to hit home runs. Along with baseball season it’s recruiting season too, with the U.S. contingent workforce growing and 3 million people employed by staffing companies every week.

“Over the last decade there has been general improvement among buyers who find certain factors more encouraging towards the use of temps, suggesting greater acceptance of temp labor usage,” writes Staffing Industry Analysts’ Subadhra Sriram in her post, Learning the Temp Lesson. “In fact, it goes one step further beyond acceptance. In many cases we see very savvy use of temp labor providing greater efficiencies as well as cost savings.”

As the contingent workforce expands, it’s the perfect opportunity to take advantage of industry growth at your recruiting firm. We’re offering lessons for growth from famous 5-tool baseball players and recruiting software so your team can attain their own 5-tool player status with keen eyes, speed, good throwing arms, glove work and the ability to hit for power.

  1. Ty Cobb | Good Eye: Ty Cobb hit .420 and stole 127 bases in the same season. Top hitters like Cobb need a good eye for knowing what to swing for. Your recruiting team needs fast, clear, comprehensive sight into prospective candidates so that they can see every detail critical to placing that “just right” talent. Recruiting software can help your team dig through the data connected to prospective candidates and search by various parameters. 

For many of our clients, being able to search their candidate pool by employment history, job title, skills, profiles and social networks is key to obtaining clarity into who will be a perfect fit for top clients. Learn how to get a good eye using LinkedIn with our paper, 7 Ways Staffing Agencies Can Leverage LinkedIn.

  1. Dave Winfield| Speed: Dave Winfield was a great hitter with a strong arm in right field, but his speed was extraordinary. He stole over 20 bases four times in his career. A 5-tool player has the speed to steal bases when an opportunity presents itself. There are a number of ways that recruiting software can give your recruiting team speed to advance. For example, website access for candidates allows them to update their profiles and resumes, search for jobs and check the status of jobs for which they’ve applied.

Allowing candidates access moves tasks from your recruiters to candidates. Many of our clients appreciate the time this saves recruiters since they don’t have to follow up with prospective candidates via emails or phone calls, but rather have their candidates view job statuses and other information and update their profiles online. Discover how using the cloud can help your team move fast with our paper, Five Reasons Why Staffing Firms are Rising Into the Cloud.

  1. Recruiting Software That Gives Your Recruiting Team a Good Eye, Strength and Speed from the Bond BlogKen Griffey Jr. | Strong Arm: Ken Griffey Jr. was a graceful player with speed — but his arm really made him shine. Top baseball players need strength so they can throw the ball in from the outfield accurately. Your team needs software that strengthens your recruiting process by interfacing with necessary tools and incorporating business processes for clients. 

You may have clients who want to ensure that certain prerequisites are fulfilled before candidates are brought in for interviews. Those requirements can be included in your candidate status pipeline as a seamless part of recruiters’ workflow. That includes tasks such as background checks, drug testing, skills assessments or tax documentation. Learn about selecting a software that gives your company a seamless recruiting process with our white paper, 10 Steps to Successful Staffing and Recruiting Software Selection.

  1. Willie Mays | Great Glove Work: Willie Mays was a strong player in all areas, and arguably the best centerfielder of all time. Recruiters need to be able to catch the strongest candidates’ information and relay it to clients. 

Recruiting software can give your team a cannon arm by taking candidates’ resumes and automatically creating ones per your firm template. With a few clicks, your recruiters can tweak resumes per job orders and send them to clients. Learn how one company is using recruiting to capture top talent with our paper, How Recruiting Stole the Show at Netflix. 

  1. Babe Ruth | Strength for the Wall: The Bambino had 714 career home runs, leading the American League for 12 seasons. Your recruiting team can hit for power when they have the right analytics that give insight into performance. Recruiting software can provide management with information about individuals’ scheduled and finished activities, communications, interviews, goals for placements and other insight. 

Many of our clients use metrics as a basis for training and ongoing education. They can see areas where a certain team member might be struggling and implement strategies to help. That way recruiters can overcome areas that are challenging so they can perform better and achieve more home runs. Our webinar shows you how to access the metrics that matter — Discover the Metrics That Will Drive Your Growth and Profitability.

Pass by your local ball fields and you’ll hear the crack of the bats and calls from the umps. The cheers from the crowd indicate a great play — maybe even a home run. Get your team into position to win and take advantage of the growth being seen throughout the contingent workforce. Make sure that your recruiters have access to recruiting software that helps them have a good eye, speed, a cannon arm, glove work and strength to get more recruiting home runs for your agency.

Learn how Bond AdaptSuite recruiting software can help the members of your team become 5-tool players by downloading our AdaptSuite brochure.

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