Why James Bond Villains Need Better Recruiting Software

In honor of 50 years of 007 James Bond, and the 23rd movie, ‘Skyfall’, in the franchise; a look at why his many opponents need better recruiting software.

Over the five decades that James Bond has been thwarting the plans of various would-be world-dominating megalomaniacs, one clear fact has remained unassailable. James Bond is the ultimate type ‘A’ employee that MI6 has been all too happy to recruit, train, equip, and deploy to ensure their continued success. Conversely, while Bond has faced innumerable villains, many of whom would seem to be smarter and have lots of henchmen to help, they have all failed miserably in their attempts to dispatch Bond.

Therefore, I would suggest that the leadership of the villains suffers from one glaring fault besides their obvious megalomania – lousy recruiting software.

After all, these villains, from Auric Goldfinger to Ernst Stavro Blofeld, apparently had pretty good recruiting processes within their sometimes vast international criminal organizations. They found many capable scoundrels to help them, like Oddjob and Jaws. Yet, if their recruiting processes had the software to back them up, surely they could have found a few type ‘A’ heavies of their own with the skills, brains, and focus needed to take out James Bond.

So, let’s see how good recruiting software could have helped the villains achieve their own nefarious goals.

First up, your recruiting software really needs to be able to handle a lot potential candidates, er, henchmen, then, when you search for the right person for the job, you should be able to rank them according to their skills, experience, job history, and training. One example where good recruiting software might have helped the villain is that of henchperson Tiffany Case, played by Jill St. John, in Diamonds are Forever, which would seem to work well with Bond’s well-known weakness for beautiful women.

Unfortunately, if the villain’s recruiting software had noted her job history, it might have clued the recruiter that Tiffany was a ‘job hopper’, as she switched sides to join Bond in his fight against her employer (start the video below at 5:30 to see Tiffany’s ‘conversion’).


Lesson: Make sure your recruiting software can pull in all relevant henchperson data from their resume and populate the database for future searches.

Second, another example is Red Grant, the highly-trained psychopathic assassin in the 1963 Bond movie, From Russia with Love. Grant seemed to be a perfect fit for his assignment, emotionless and completely focused on killing James Bond. Alas, he failed in his task when distracted by the potential offer of more cash – Bond was thus able to overcome him.

Lesson: It’s not enough to be able to recruit henchmen based on skills. Your recruiting and staffing software, with a great, fully integrated payroll system, will enable you to make your offer and payroll that should be able to keep them happy enough that they don’t actively seek more pay at inconvenient times.


Third, recruiting software is a great enabling tool, with its ability to automate the dull and mundane tasks that should leave your recruiters with more time to call, interview and select the right henchmen for the assignment. This is vital when you have a lot of job openings to fill. And it usually seems that there are a lot of bad guy job openings after James Bond has killed off the henchmen and thwarted the villain’s evil plans in some spectacular fashion.


Lesson: Your recruiting and staffing software needs to be able to scale up to your needs, whether you’re a boutique recruiting business specializing in assassins with unique skills like Xenia Onatopp, or a global terror organization such as SPECTRE.

In the final analysis, it would seem that the only person with a reasonable chance of killing off James Bond is…James Bond.


Finally, if you are in the market for really great recruiting software or staffing software to help you find type ‘A’ agents – and are NOT part of some organization led by a megalomaniac bent on world domination, please click or call us today. We’re ready to help!


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