Advice For Successful Onboarding of Contingent Workers

I’m just going to be blunt – coordinating the successful onboarding of temporary employees with your clients can be a huge challenge.

While external tools like our own staffing software can help you discover better matches, there will always be outside factors that can prematurely poison a relationship.  And unfortunately, even if the relationship between your clients and temporary employees grows negative outside of your control, it will still reflect poorly on your staffing agency – from the viewpoint of both your client and your candidate.

While you will never have complete control over how your clients onboard contingent workers, you fortunately can take some actions to ensure your agency is seen as a conduit to a successful employee / temp relationship.

First and foremost, ensure you can draw a straight line between the objectives of your candidates and the objectives of your clients.  Do you have a shipping client that simply needs an influx of workers for the holidays?  This will likely not be a fit for a candidate seeking temp to hire.

Next, ensure you have a clear understanding of the unwritten needs and capabilities of your candidates.  For instance, it makes no sense to place a temporary worker with a client that pays $1 or more per hour less than the candidate’s asking price.  Even if everything else appears to be a fit, this relationship will likely end quickly, forcing you to rush a new candidate into place.  Additionally, if you have candidate that depends on public transportation, it makes little sense to place them with a client located far from any bus or train lines.

Finally, ensure you have a clear understanding of your client’s onboarding process – and when necessary – suggest subtle improvements.  I am not suggesting that you demand changes, only that you consult where necessary – based, of course – on your experience with other clients.  While this may at times be a bit out of the scope of your agreement – it can help to position your staffing agency as an indispensable consultant – even helping you to capture more revenue from that client when budget time rolls around.

No, you can’t completely control how your clients onboard contingent workers, but you definitely can set the stage for a beneficial relationship.  By keeping the insight above firmly in mind, you can expect better success.

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