Bond StaffSuite staffing software update adds candidate radius area search capability

Bond StaffSuite update enables recruiters and staffing coordinators to quickly find candidates within a defined physical search radius and speed up the time-to-fill for each job order.

Bond International Software, the global recruitment, HR and Payroll specialists, announced the 1st Quarter release of Bond StaffSuite staffing software. This update includes a number of enhancements designed to improve the speed, efficiency and productivity of staffing and recruiting professionals in fast-paced temporary staffing companies.

When staffing and recruiting companies are tasked with finding the right candidate for a particular assignment or job, the proximity of the job-site to the residence of the candidate is often a vital consideration for the candidate. In this release of StaffSuite, new searching capabilities for recruiters and staffing coordinators give them the ability to quickly find candidates within a specified search area.

Importantly, these radius searches can be done within StaffSuite’s robust employee, company, company rep, and assignment search functions, which improve the ease and speed of searching. These fine-tuned targeted search areas are based on updated postal codes in conjunction with the current advanced search parameters available in StaffSuite. With fast and easy candidate radius search capabilities, recruiters and staffing coordinators can find likely candidates who are physically near the job site and are thus more likely to accept the assignment or job offer.

In addition to StaffSuite staffing software’s new radius search function, several other enhancements are included in this release to improve temporary staffing operations. For example, with StaffSuite’s new Bill Factor precision, customers can increase their bottom line with the ability to set Bill Factors to four decimal places and maximize the margin dollars for OverTime and DoubleTime rates. Also, additional new Mass Activities functions increase efficiencies in completing Make a Note Activities and the ability to conduct multiple employee terminations at once.

Finally, with this StaffSuite Version 7.0 release, Bond has added support for changing taxation and governmental regulations along with the latest Vertex software update, Windows 8.1 and Office 2013 compatibility and an Oracle database upgrade.

This update is available to all active Bond StaffSuite customers.


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