Bond Staffing and Recruiting Software Users ‘Probably’ Added 18.5 Million Candidates/Employees to Their Databases Over 12 Month Period.

Bond Staffing and Recruiting Software Customers Use Metrics To Drive Business Performance.

recruiting and staffing software business operational metricsAs a marketing guy I’m always seeking hard data to help support the creative direction we take in our marketing efforts. With facts to back up the performance of Bond software our prospective customers can more easily see the benefits. So it was with some eagerness that I read through a recent email from one of our staffing software customers about the importance of their Bond software to their operations. The email explained that they dug into metrics that gave them insight into how the business was running. After all, as one of our founders, Murray Stinson has said on numerous occasions, “What gets measured gets done.”

This Bond customer measured things like how many candidates/employees they had added to their database in the past 12 months; how many resumes; how many activities; how many timesheets processed; and more. Those metrics provided some terrific and fascinating details about their business, which I then extrapolated out to our entire customer base.

This staffing firm — with 28 user licenses — made its measurements over a 12-month period. Using their numbers as a starting point, it’s pretty impressive to figure then that all of our Bond customers together may have:

  1. Added a total of 18.5 Million Candidates/Employees to their databases
  2. Added 34.7 Million Resumes
  3. Processed 4.5 Million Timesheets
  4. Generated 1.5 Million Invoices
  5. Recorded 334 Million Activities

If you are a manager or owner, these are the kinds of operational metrics that you probably know off the top of your head – or have relatively easy access to through various reports. As you know, having a good handle on your own operating metrics enables you to discover areas of your business that are exceeding your performance expectations or are in need of improvement.

So, dig into those metric reports and see how you measure up!



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