How Data Mining Plus Staffing Software Equals Finding Top Talent

Traditional recruiting and staffing has oftentimes focused on intuition and subjective interpretation of information. Much of this past analysis was conducted using resumes and applications, matching skills with available positions.

But, in decades past, recruiters didn’t have access to the massive amounts of data available today.  To put it in perspective, Google CEO Eric Schmidt announced at its 2010 Atmosphere convention that 5 exabytes of information (one exabyte equals 1 billion gigabytes) had been created between the dawn of civilization and 2003, but now, that much information is created every two years.

As staffers and recruiters, an incredible amount of information is at our fingertips. And effectively mining this data to assist in the hiring process can lead to better, more effective onboarding decisions.

Here are just a few reasons why:

  1. Numbers rarely lie.  As subjective animals, it can be hard at times for humans to objectively evaluate all options presented to them.  But by trusting the numbers to guide the options presented to us in the first place, especially with the help of robust staffing software, we almost can’t help but choose between far more qualified options than if we were to trust our instincts alone.
  2. Data mining is a new art to master.  Many companies, even those with large financial resources to invest in the recruiting process, are still using traditional hiring methods.  In an age where big candidate data is available, and you have the software and tools to effectively analyze it, mastering this art can provide a significant competitive advantage.
  3. Better decisions are made with more available data.  Isn’t data analysis a big part of why companies are willing to pour millions of dollars into any type of strategy they employ?  If thorough data analysis is a component of every initiative, every strategy, tactic and decision will be infinitely more educated.

Overall, better recruiting methods can be achieved, more superior talent can be found, and our clients – and our agencies – can be more successful by embracing and mastering the analysis of big candidate data.

To learn more about how staffing software by Bond US can help you effectively mine and manage big candidate data, request a free demo.

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