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Bond International Software, the global provider of recruitment and human capital management software and services, today announces a revolutionary, intelligent search and match functionality – Adapt Insight –available in the latest version of Bond Adapt – the specialist portfolio of recruitment applications. Bond will be showcasing Adapt Insight at the Recruitment Agency Expo, 26-27th February 2013, Olympia London, Stand 18.

The Adapt Insight functionality offers a ground-breaking tool which understands what the recruiter is searching for and is able to carry out an intelligent, contextual search on all candidate information held within the CRM system. The new functionality saves time, removes the risk of human error, ensures no relevant candidates are missed and, crucially, returns superior search and match results.

Until now, recruiters have had to rely on a combination of structured data searches and free text keyword searches to match candidates to a particular role within their CRM. This is an extremely arduous and administratively time consuming task, the success of which is reliant on the accuracy of the information entered into the system and the individual recruiter’s attention to detail and their competency to do the job correctly.

Daniel Richardson, CTO, Bond International Software, comments, “In the past, the effectiveness of search and match technology has been limited by the individual using it. But Adapt Insight changes the game for recruiters – it brings a competitive advantage, actually enabling recruiters to do their job better and quicker.”

The new Adapt Insight functionality provides contextual searching capability that is able to search on unstructured raw data, as well as structured data, which bases its results on understanding what is contained within text, rather than the filename or the associated fields.

This capability will equip recruiters with advanced search and match technology to extract maximum value from the candidate data that resides on their CRM systems, enabling recruiters to capitalise on the wealth of information now available to them.

Richardson concludes, “Where a link may not have been made before between a candidate and job specification during a keyword search, a contextual search will ensure that relevant candidates are not missed and therefore a potential fee is not lost for the recruitment agency. Through the new Adapt Insight functionality, Bond is pioneering the future of recruitment, offering a previously unprecedented search tool which will revolutionise the recruitment market.”

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