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configurationBlog for Global Recruiter by Toby Conibear, Business Development Director, Bond International Software:

‘Configurability’ is fast becoming a buzz word when it comes to software. More often than not customers are demanding an off the shelf system that can be configured – historically this has been a complete paradox. Many software providers create an illusion of configurability – yet as more people buy into these ideas, they realise that these offerings do not deliver what is required.

The variety of roles and the numerous sector-specific legislation demands make it very difficult to create a ‘one size fits all’ solution for recruiters. To accommodate the many demands from recruiters would mean that all sector specific requirements need to be catered for – this would result in a system which is unusable due to the vast array of detailed information which would need to be managed.

Many recruitment agencies place candidates across a variety of industry sectors therefore to accommodate all of this information on a standardised system, all industry sectors and their related requirements would need to be displayed at any one time.  Such a system would be extremely cumbersome and difficult to use, as well as leaving the consultant with a barrage of compliance information that isn’t relevant to their market focus.

A good software solution will bring configurability to a standardised system, but will also provide the ability to switch it on and off as necessary. This means that if the agency is recruiting supply teachers, all of the requirements for that specific group can be switched on and all other compliance information can be switched off, but always available when required.

In addition, when any legislative changes occur, the user should have the opportunity to either update the system manually or wait for the software supplier to provide a generic upgrade. Configurability should ensure that the system is as intuitive as possible and give the end user exactly what they require in order to run the business and its divisions as efficiently as possible.

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