Top Tips for Achieving Recruitment Industry Event Success

The Business Development team at Bond International Software regularly speak with prospective clients, ensuring they receive the right levels of contact at the right times and they’re always up to date regarding Bond International Software’s latest releases.  

Bond International Software sponsor and exhibit at a number of recruitment industry events annually.  Part of the business development role is to research, co-ordinate and organise the company’s presence at the selected events – making sure diaries line-up and all the relevant people are available.

It’s great to meet clients and prospects face-to-face and discuss the hot topics of the day with the recruiters handling them ‘on the ground’.  Alongside the valuable networking environment provided – events also deliver informative seminars, workshops and speakers to ensure delegates receive the best and most current information and advice available.

Below are our top tips to consider if you are looking to attend an event:

  1. Pre-event planning – Do you have goals in mind?  Be sure to save time and energy during the event by planning what you would like to achieve in advance.  If you are looking to learn about new technology developed to support your business, check which companies are exhibiting and plan when to fit in a visit to their stand.  If you are keen to stay up to date with industry news and trends, research the event’s speakers and decide whose insights would be most beneficial to your business and make sure to arrive in time for their seminar.
  1. Book appointments – If you are researching the latest technology, contact the providers ahead of the event and book an appointment time.  Booking a time-slot with your chosen providers enables you to avoid waiting for an opening at their stand and will add some structure to your day which will save time and hassle, making sure you can meet everyone you would like to.
  1. Study the map – Most events provide maps with seminar/workshop room details and exhibitor stand numbers.  Study the map and where possible pre-plan your routes, saving time and confusion due to the sheer size of some venues which often have different floors and inter-connecting halls.
  1. Know your requirements – If you are looking into new technology, writing a list of your requirements will help you effectively shortlist potential suppliers.  Make copies to give to consultants, this could help immensely in finding the right supplier by allowing them to factor in your requirements early.  Don’t forget notepads, pens and business cards, which can run out at the most inopportune moments, as you never know who you might meet!


Industry events continue to offer great insight, especially valuable considering some of the challenges the recruitment industry is facing at the moment, with the 24/7 ‘always on’ culture.  Next up we have the Recruitment Agency Expo in Birmingham, hopefully we will see you there!  You can find out more about Bond International Software’s upcoming and previous events here.

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