Keeping Your Business’ Recruitment in the Fast Lane

shutterstock_135273797In this blog Toby Conibear, European Business Development Director at Bond International Software, discusses how to ensure you are utilising your recruitment technology to stay ahead of the competition.

Do you find getting candidates through the door a long winded process? Keeping recruitment turnaround in the fast lane can be a challenge for any recruiter. Whether you are a recruitment agency or in-house HR departments, waiting around to source the ideal talent for a vacancy can be frustrating.

With a 24/7, always connected mobile environment both candidates and employers are becoming increasingly unwilling to adhere to a slow recruitment process. Latest statistics show that 50% of worldwide job searches now takes place on mobile, with over half of UK citizens now using their smartphones to look for jobs. Where once we submitted a CV via the Royal Mail, recruiters now expect to pull top line information from profiles such as LinkedIn.

So how can you speed up your candidate search experience?

Using the right recruitment technology solution for your business environment is critical. Too often you hear of recruitment agencies or in-house teams selecting solutions based on buzzwords. Yes, it is important to research and understand the software available to your business; but firstly, truly understanding what you require it for and how you need it to perform are top of my technology checklist.

How do you search? Do you search from the database you have built up of past and current candidates; do you look to post on multiple job boards and search their databases; or do you use social media profiles such as Twitter as your first point of the search? Although crucial, creating and running searches can be laborious and often require high-levels of human input in the final stages of the candidate selection process. By finding a solution that helps to bring together all the candidate information including your database, multiple job boards and social media profiles, you will increase efficiency and improve accuracy. If you are a large organisation recruiting in bulk, you may want to have your recruitment technology set up so you can batch email or text in bulk to invite candidates for jobs.

So how can I secure the best candidate before the competition?

Selecting the right candidate for the role comes as second nature to recruitment agencies and in-house departments, but what next? Depending on your preferred style, whether that is the traditional telephone call or perhaps a text message or email, ensuring candidates are notified in the most suitable and efficient way possible could help beat competition to the finishing line.

Ultimately, selecting the right recruitment technology for your business is about not missing good opportunities. With competition fierce for new candidates and unemployment figures nearing a six-year low adding pressure to the mix, understanding how your particular business environment works and ensuring you are using the right technology at the right time will help you stay one step ahead of the competition.

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