What staffing and recruiting companies should look for when selecting a cloud-based software provider

For many staffing and recruiting organizations, the switch over to the cloud can seem like a daunting task. However, as more and more information is required to appropriately handle clients and potential clients, the change can create many positive benefits. By setting up an appropriate cloud-based system, recruiting and staffing software and all corresponding applications are made easily available and professionals are able to securely access the information they need to succeed.

However, there are some questions a staffing firm will need to ask before it selects a cloud storage provider to ensure it gets the right combination of features. Here are five questions to ask before selecting a provider:

1) What does the cloud provider specialize in?
Each cloud provider has a certain set of offerings that makes that business a strong fit for businesses with corresponding criteria. For example, Tech Target reported that cloud provider Box supports encryption for file transfers and stored files. However, ShareFile and StorageZones allow a user to keep files on-premise or store them in the cloud. Determining what features the cloud provider makes accessible to a company is crucial to selecting the right option.

2) Do cloud-accessible applications integrate with the provider’s system?
For a recruiting firm, cloud-accessible staffing software enables professionals to view and search for pertinent information on any device – it’s an invaluable tool. As a result, it is imperative that the provider’s system is easily integratable with the software. ZNet reported that looking carefully at which cloud applications your firm is using and if native integration is possible will help ease headaches in the IT infrastructure switch.

3) Does the storage provider allow for “encrypting on the wire?”
Information Week reported that many organizations rely on cloud storage providers to store and secure precious data, which may require encrypting beyond the facility. Some businesses prefer having data encrypted as it is being transferred to a remote cloud storage facility, which is referred to as encrypting on the wire. This process can be done and sometimes is preferable for companies with a large number of remote workers. However, it is an added expense and could slow system performance. In more relevant terms, when using Bond’s cloud-based recruiting software or staffing software, SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protection is used to provide 128-bit level encryption of the data sent between the user’s computer and the software application servers.

4) Do you require backup or file sharing?
One cloud provider is not the same as every other, and each one will be able to tack on additional services, which means evaluating the pros and cons is an intense process. One staffing firm may require simple document sharing, but if the organization wants to get full use of the cloud, it will require a more centralized backup and recovery system that can integrate other services and applications. For example, some applications that are popular can fail to provide file revision backups or the ability to promote sharing. While staffing software does promote the inclusion of all of these tasks, if the cloud service provider doesn’t make them accessible or support usage, the program will have decreased operational efficiency.

5) What security features do you provide?
A cloud provider will most likely be in charge of holding a lot of sensitive information about a staffing firm and its clients and potential hires. As a result, it is especially important for an organization to determine what the security practices are and whether a cloud provider has a plan if the system is breached. Details like this are crucial, according to Tech Target, and can make or break the reputation of a cloud service provider.

Bond International Software offers cloud-based hosting for its staffing and recruiting software solutions that frees up your time and energy so you can focus on driving your business ahead. Contact us for more details or a demonstration.

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