Top Three Tips to Improve the Recruitment Process for Recruiters

ImproveThere are similarities in working pressures that are felt by recruiters throughout the industry. Many of the daily activities involve face-to-face interaction with clients and candidates, meeting pressured deadlines to match the perfect candidate with the right job and of course the admin that comes as a standard with business processes.

These pressures have only increased with the rise of mobile within the industry; and with everyone from a business and a personal perspective being 24/7 switched on they look set to increase further. There is also the other rising challenge in the industry to consider – social searching – which is an issue many companies are still addressing.

So, how can recruiters and agencies be performing at their best? Here at Bond Adapt we often hear about the challenges that companies face and have compiled our three top tips to help improve the recruitment process for the recruiter themselves.

Search and Match

Once a manual activity, through the power of technology the search and match process can now be made simpler, and easier than ever before. Every recruiter works in a different way, finding a niche way to help match the perfect candidate to a role. It could be argued that this is the crux of the recruitment process as ultimately placing the right candidate in the right role results in a happy client, important for business retention. Let’s not forget the happy candidate, important for referrals and their continued employment. There is a wide range of technology out there to help pull information from candidates – including granular activity details such as estimated commute time to the potential role – which can speed up the search and match process.

Keeping Mobile

No doubt you would have had a recent experience where you have been out of the office at client meetings all day, or even a few days within one week. Recruitment by nature isn’t a desk-based role and building relationships with clients is an important activity. But when you are sitting on a train heading to a client meeting, when can you get the behind-the-scenes activity done such as admin and liaising with team members or candidates? We all live in a 24/7 switched on world and the invention of the smartphone has become an important – if not the most important – tool a recruiter should have to hand. Being able to directly access contact information, conduct a candidate search, run workflows and view consultant notes is key to help you continue your work whilst based out of the office.

Focus on Speed

Similarly to being able to work anywhere, there is a requirement for recruiters to always maintain a competitive edge and keep ahead of competitors – so replying to a candidate when you are back in the office later in the day could be the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful placement. Arming yourself with the basics, such as high-speed broadband Internet or a dongle when out of the office, is an obvious choice when looking to respond in as real-time as possible.

Ultimately each business environment is different, so what works for one recruiter or agency, might not necessarily work for another. What is important, is to take a step back, look at where you may be losing time that can be spent elsewhere in the business, or address any issues that can be helped – or even solved – by different technology tools and software.

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