Think Local, Act Global Approach to Recruitment

globeImagine sitting in your office in London looking for your next suitable candidate. You are part of a global recruitment organisation and use an enterprise-level application.

For head office, deploying a single common recruitment system makes perfect sense: it delivers the same core functionality to all parts of the enterprise, enables phased development and roll-out, distribution of updates and keeps maintenance costs to a minimum.

However, your requirements are completely different to those of your colleagues in Johannesburg. Firstly, you don’t need to access the global database of candidates; just those within the regional London area. Secondly, legislation, cultural and operational needs in the UK and South Africa vary greatly – each country places different demands on the system.

A single common system is no longer enough for global companies, a more nuanced approach is needed to manage their recruitment activities and monitor their business performance effectively, but balancing this whilst retaining full system functionality and quality of data is important.

The latest version of Bond Adapt, our staffing and recruitment software system, offers enhanced functionality in the form of Configuration Overrides. Overrides are applied through domain profiles, which are used to define user types, for example EMEA Recruiter, Administrator or North America Recruiter. This mechanism allows specific overrides to be put in place to ensure the right information and business intelligence is shown to each user type.

Whether the organisation uses a single global application or a core application with multiple regional versions, the need for accurate data and business intelligence remains of critical importance. By adding theConfiguration Overrides functionality, recruitment organisations can take a true ‘think global, act local’ approach to their technology and enable regional offices to access the high quality intelligence necessary for a successful and profitable business.

If you are a current Bond Adapt customer and would like more information about Configuration Overrides then please contact your Bond Account Manager.

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