TempBuddy Onboarding

Once you become a customer, we will connect you with a member of our implementation team. They will help you build a project plan and you will have their direct email address for any questions about your onboarding.

What you can expect during your onboarding.

Welcome email

A welcome email containing documents which will help you get started is sent to you as soon as we have confirmation from our sales team that the sale is closed.

Welcome call

We will contact you within the next 48 hours to ascertain that you have received the email and set up a time to do a formal introduction of TempBuddy.

Introduction call

A member of our onboarding team will walk you through the rest of the onboarding process, the documents you need to provide and how to inform everyone in your organization of the upcoming usage of TempBuddy.


Once you’ve completed the scoping questionnaire contained within the welcome email, we will review it once you send it back to support@tempbuddy.com.

Issue handling

This call will comprise of further questions that may arise from the scoping review by our team.

Admin training

The administrator is trained on the admin panel. The lesson will be to understand the default settings, integration available with additional software and to set up the custom fields that are to be used by recruiters.

Recruiter training

The recruiter is trained on the day-to-day operations and the process that has been discussed specifically in the previous stage.

Academy review

Your implementation manager will take you through a tour of the online training portal, the TempBuddy Academy.

Customer success

A member of our customer success team will contact you and will set up meetings to complete the onboarding and help you achieve more.