Technology is changing our world – we have to change with it…

LondonCalling“Technology is changing our world -we have to change with it” was one of the top 10 insights Kevin Green, Chief Exec, Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) shared following the recent CIETT 2012 World Employment Conference.

On the 23rd – 25th May this year, hundreds of delegates from 34 countries, representing five continents, descended upon the Landmark Hotel in London to attend one of the biggest – and most important – recruitment conferences the Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) has ever hosted.

The theme of the 2012 CIETT World Employment Conference was ‘Transforming our Global Brand’AdaptUX were proud Co-Sponsors of this unique, visionary event.
Over two agenda packed days, world leading speakers shared their experiences and expertise on the future of the global recruitment industry. Hot topics ranging from industry trends, youth employment & global branding, right through to social media, the UK labour market and the future of recruitment were all discussed and debated – giving inspirational insight to those who came and listened.
Top 10 Takeaways from CIETT 2012

– by Kevin Green, CEO, REC    

Kevin Green of the REC – (the organisers of the CIETT event and recent winners of ‘Trade Association of the Year’ Award ) – published the top 10 insights he took away from the conference.

A little taster of  these insights:

1) Now is our time

Jobs and growth are currently the number one issue for governments, businesses and the media around the world. As recruiters we need to be recognised as being a central provider of solutions. However we must be bolder and more confident in promoting ourselves as addressing this concern. We get people back to work, we help people advance their careers and we support organisations in securing the talent they need to succeed.

2) Technology is changing our world – we have to change with it

Lynda Gratton from the London Business School told us how the interface between workers and technology is making the world a much smaller place, and skills more transferable. Younger generations are looking for personal development and learning from their careers, not just financial reward. Flexible working is only going to increase as keeping people in offices will simply be too expensive in the future. Are you ready for Gen Y and a world of home workers?

3) We must play to win

PR expert Richard Cox said that it looked to him like recruiters, collectively as an industry, had been playing for the draw. To positively reposition ourselves in the ongoing debate with governments and trade unions he urged us to play to win – using more engaging and emotional messages to make an impact.

4) Lay the “comeback sauce” on every customer

One of my favourite sessions of the whole 3 days was the presentation by American recruiter Mary B Lucas. Using tales of her father’s homespun wisdom she shared some really sharp insights into improving the customer experience and putting relationships at the heart of your business. Everyone you do business with is different – what can you do in each interaction is to make every customer feel recognised and special, if you do this they will “comeback” time and again.

To read the FULL list of Kevins Top 10 Insights, please CLICK HERE


  • Did you attend the 2012 CIETT World Employment Conference?
  • If so, what were your top takeaways?
  • How has the event inspired you to transform YOUR global brand?

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