Progressive and Powerful New User Interface Improves User Productivity with Release of Bond StaffSuite 6.0 Staffing Software

Bond StaffSuite 6.0 features a completely new user interface to improve recruiting and staffing efficiency while reducing training needs for both new and experienced users

Bond StaffSuite staffing software logoBond International Software, the global leader in recruitment and staffing software, announced today a new release of Bond StaffSuite that greatly improves its ease-of-use for recruiting, sales, staffing coordinators and other users. With a completely new user interface that is instantly as familiar as many Microsoft Office® applications, StaffSuite 6.0 will enable users to quickly learn to perform all of their daily tasks with greater speed and efficiency.

User-Centric Design Offers Staffing Professionals Greater Control and Configuration Options

In a world becoming used to sophisticated applications whose power is easily accessed by user-centric interfaces, Bond delivers an equally powerful user experience with StaffSuite 6.0 staffing software. The new interface is designed with its intended users – staffing professionals in high-volume staffing offices — in mind at all times. As a result, StaffSuite 6.0 delivers a host of benefits to staffing software end users that include:

  • Easy User Interface: A simplified user interface is easier to use, reduces clicks and speeds data entry while reducing training requirements.
  • User-Configured Experience: An easily user-configured personal view of their data that can be specific to their preferences and/or roles, such as recruiting, sales, or payroll and billing.
  • Configurable Ribbon Toolbar: The new ribbon toolbar is easy to learn and use while giving users the ability to quickly access key data such as Employee, Company, Order, etc. Custom tabs can be added to the ribbon that can include personalized, customizable actions, such as adding a tab for typical pay/bill activities.
  • Configurable Quick Access Toolbar: The new Quick Access Toolbar is similarly easy to learn and use and fully customizable.
  • Intuitive Icons and Keyboard Shortcuts: Easily recognizable icons enable users to initiate actions with a single click; plus, users can assign keyboard shortcuts to commands to reduce clicks or keystrokes.

User Interface Ease of Use Increases Performance in High-Volume Staffing Companies

Since its introduction StaffSuite has become the dependable fully-integrated staffing software of choice for progressive high-volume, multi-discipline staffing companies. With powerful front-office functionality and precise back-office payroll and billing, the new release of StaffSuite 6.0 extends its capabilities for management, including:

  • Reducing training time and related support expenses for staff while minimizing disruption of staffing business operations due to StaffSuite’s ease-of-use.
  • Improving efficiency through easy mass activity management and shortcuts, such as full integration for automated voice and text messaging, enabling staff to accomplish more tasks, fill orders, and respond to customers with less effort within StaffSuite staffing software.
  • Powerful Query Builder and Activity Workflow Builder enabling you and your staff to perform effectively and consistently to deliver superior customer service.

Steve Taylor, President and CEO of Bond International Software, Inc. said, “Owners of high-volume staffing businesses are looking for ways to improve their profits in what is still a very tough market. We are confident that the intuitive new user interface in this release of Bond’s reliable StaffSuite front and back-office staffing software solution helps achieve this. StaffSuite 6.0, with its ease-of-use, scalability, precision payroll, and organizational workflows are exactly what our customers need to grow revenues and maintain tight cost controls.”

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