Performance Based Hiring – What Lou Adler Knows That You Should, Too

There’s no doubt that professionals in the staffing and recruiting industry are constantly on the lookout for the best technology and approach to boost their staffing and recruiting processes.

Beyond the addition of sophisticated recruiting software, companies need to use methodical tactics to find the top performing candidates.

But which approach is the best?

Take a page from author and hiring maven Lou Adler’s playbook.  One of the top recruiters in the country, Adler has over 40 years’ experience in the industry.  During that time, he has gained valuable insights resulting in a unique methodology for finding and hiring the best recruits – without sacrificing assessment quality or relying upon needless salary premiums.

Thankfully that treasure trove of recruiting gems isn’t locked away – Adler frequently speaks and writes on his famous principles. His platform includes four steps, which provide a “seamless approach based on how top performers look for, compare and accept one position over another.”

Top performers. As you might guess, these folks aren’t in a must-move frame of mind.  They are able to pick and choose and think in terms of both short and long-term benefits of new jobs.


Source, screen, interview, and recruit – 4 magic steps to snag top talent, from @LouA #recruiting

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So how do you attract them? Adler’s four-step process for performance-based hiring focuses on key details dealing with such top candidates – which makes it a plan worth following, focusing on:

  1. Sourcing:  Beyond skills or experience, this stage includes defining the “challenges and critical deliverables” that top performers must deliver.  Next, recruiters  use this knowledge to shape optimized advertising, thus bringing in a bigger pool of better candidates.
  2. Screening:  How can you analyze a candidate’s profile more deeply?  Using recruiting software, hiring professionals can quickly run and track background checks.  Recruiters can also assess “comparable accomplishments, career gaps and learning opportunities.”
  3. Interviewing:  Conduct “performance based” interviews to match a candidate’s skills and history of success with those deliverables that are must-haves for the position.
  4. Recruiting:  Communicate through recruiting and closing that the job is not just a lateral move offering a higher salary but a bonafide career opportunity.

Performance-based hiring recognizes that the top job candidates are usually already employed.  Because they are less likely to be out scanning job boards and searching for new positions, recruiters and hiring managers must work as a team, using the four steps to flush out the best of the best.

We think Lou Adler is on the right track.  What do you think? Are the best candidates for the job typically employed – and do you agree with Lou that these folks are the ones to snag?

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