Morgan Hunt Saves £300,000 a Year in Improved Employee Productivity

Morgan Hunt 200x200Morgan Hunt, the award-winning recruitment firm, has achieved record annual savings thanks to its purchase of SmartPhone  – the market-leading Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) solution in the UK. 

SmartPhone integrates with Bond Adapt, the specialist portfolio of recruitment software applications, such that when candidates call in, their details are automatically displayed onscreen within the Adapt system.

Due to the fact that SmartPhone increases the number of calls able to be handled by each consultant by 20%, and therefore vastly increases staff productivity, the integration with Bond Adapt has been credited with delivering Morgan Hunt with in excess of £300,000 in additional revenue & efficiency savings in one year alone.

Morgan Hunt provides a range of recruitment, consultancy and headhunting services to leading global firms, SMEs and government bodies. Based in the UK with further offerings in Russia, the company’s 150 recruitment consultants currently manages over 300,000 candidate records, and places on average 450 candidates on a monthly basis.

Since purchasing Bond Adapt from Bond International Software five years ago, Morgan Hunt has been named the “Public Sector Recruiter of the Year” four times, a recognition which places them over 300 public sector recruiters alone. Morgan Hunt focuses on placing candidates in public sector vacancies, as well as those in the construction, finance and private sector health industries and is now successfully diversifying into other private sector areas.

Due to the nature of the vacancies and candidates applying, Morgan Hunt’s recruitment consultants are required to deal with large numbers of non-UK citizens on a daily basis, which has the potential to result in inadvertent poor customer service due to cultural and linguistic barriers.

Gavin Megnauth, Director of Operations at Morgan Hunt, explains“Our consultants each make approximately 110 calls on a daily basis, trying to place candidates in suitable roles. Investment in SmartPhone and Bond Adapt means each of our recruitment consultants are able to make 20% more calls each day as the time taken for each one is reduced, a feat which has delivered us in excess of £300,000 additional annual revenues & efficiency savings in the last 12 months. This coupled with our enhanced customer service means the integration of SmartPhone with Bond Adapt has been an investment of huge value to us this year.

Megnauth continues, “In the public sector, many of the candidates for temporary positions are from Eastern Europe, the Asian subcontinent and the African nations. For instance, we deal with a number of healthcare professionals that come from the Asian subcontinent and Africa, whilst a high proportion of Polish and other Eastern European nationals are placed in construction vacancies. To have a candidate calling into our offices to make an enquiry and then having to repeat or spell out their name four times so that the consultant can bring up their details onscreen is not only time-consuming and inefficient, but it also damages the customers’ perception of our service and business as a whole.”

Megnauth continues“SmartPhone allows our staff to see which caller is calling before they pick up the phone via its ability to monitor and immediately identify all callers by their telephone number. Integration with our existing Bond Adapt software means that when candidates now call our recruitment consultants, their records automatically appear onscreen. This allows the consultant to identify which of their colleagues last dealt with the candidate, the type of vacancies they have been searching for and at what stage of the application process they are – permitting any consultant to handle any inbound enquiry equally effectively, thus further improving customer service. In the currently challenging market, where there are numerous candidates fighting for a handful of jobs, and over 10,000 recruitment companies scrambling to place them, this capability is a tangible differentiator for us for our customer service offerings.”

Whilst this has only been deployed in the UK at present, Morgan Hunt has plans to roll out SmartPhone integration with existing Bond Adapt software to its 40 consultants at its Russian sites in Moscow and St. Petersburg in the near future.

Megnauth concludes, “The fact that our recruitment consultants can now work far quicker and more efficiently has allowed us to make substantial annual savings, a feat which simply would not have been possible without investment in Bond Adapt and SmartPhone.”

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