Mobile Recruitment on-the-go with Adapt InTouch

Take the office with you wherever you go!

In these days of mobile and flexible working, the need to deliver functionality securely to users when recruiters are out of the office has never been more important. Laptops have been replaced by tablets and phones, and running a full application on a relatively small screen, even if possible, can be frustrating.

Instead, via our configurable mobile apps, users can be given selective access to areas of the office-based application based on their specific requirements – i.e. serving up just the data and workflow they need. Unlike most products which only have a fixed “one-size-fits-all” app, ours is fully configurable, like every other element of Adapt. So field-based sales consultants can have access to prospect and client data including maps and directions, and can add leads and jobs for office based support teams to work on immediately. Clients cannot fail to be impressed by the ability to run a live search right in front of them and propose possible matches for their requirements on the spot! Naturally all the data is viewed or added in real time straight into the main database, so there is no need for data uploads at the end of the working day. As always, data security is paramount, so measures can be introduced to ensure that your valuable data cannot be downloaded remotely.


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