mBLAST to Provide Social Media Profiles for erecruit’s Enterprise Staffing Software

erecruit customers gain valuable insights into candidate qualifications, history, expertise

mBLAST, the leading provider of web presence analytics, today announced that erecruit is integrating mBLAST’s patented social analytics within its industry-leading enterprise staffing software to provide erecruit customers with intelligent “social profiles” for potential and existing candidates and client contacts. With this integration, erecruit users will gain valuable insights into the qualifications, history and expertise of the people behind the resumes they are reviewing as well as being alerted based upon candidates’ and contacts’ online activities, allowing immediate, thoughtful, warm follow up opportunities.

mBLAST’s dISTIL™ algorithms discover, analyze and rank the public content individuals create online – not only in popular social sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook, but across the entire web, including mainstream media, blogs, forums and discussion groups – to deliver detailed, scored profiles of a person’s comprehensive “web presence.”

Based on this information, erecruit customers can better identify true subject matter experts by understanding and measuring their impact on specific topics or communities of interest, as well as perform targeted sourcing of candidates and clients – whether or not they’re currently “in the market.” Additionally, the combination of erecruit and mBLAST provides a documented, repeatable process for the use of social media during screening, ensuring recruiters conform to regulatory and corporate guidelines.

As the leading enterprise staffing software solution, erecruit is fully customizable and fully integrated to drive staffing firm performance, productivity and profitability. erecruit was developed to unify the staffing lifecycle into one enterprise-class solution, empowering mid- and large-sized staffing firms to deliver exceptional talent, value and service. The company’s enterprise staffing software offerings include a complete front-, middle- and integrated back-office, full VMS and real-time analytics for ultimate control over business success.

“We are thrilled erecruit has chosen to partner with mBLAST to deliver next-generation social media analytics to the staffing market,” said Mark Hatch, CEO of mBLAST, Inc. “erecruit is a software innovator for staffing firms and the integration of our web presence data will greatly enhance the ‘big picture’ their customers can see when finding, evaluating and vetting candidates and clients. Social data is a critical lens through which to evaluate candidates, and erecruit can now offer their customers more of it and more quality than any other staffing vendor in the market.”

“We are excited to be integrating social media and web presence history directly into erecruit,” said Judd Hoffman, Co-CEO of erecruit. “This important enhancement will give our users the opportunity to quickly learn much more about their candidates and client contacts through the creation of real-time social profiles that take LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and hundreds of thousands of free web data feeds into account. erecruit users will now have the ability to understand their candidates and contacts in greater depth and to better evaluate who is most ripe for a warm recruiting or sales call.”

ABOUT ERECRUIT: erecruit is the first company in over a decade to offer a fresh alternative to legacy software solutions designed for larger staffing firms. Built by staffing and enterprise software leaders, erecruit uses modern, standards-based technologies to provide an integrated front and back office solution with VMS and powerful, real-time analytics that allows today’s best agencies to put their clients and candidates at the heart of their businesses. Customers range in size from $20M – $400M and have found that erecruit combines an unparalleled level of configuration, ease-of-use, and reporting with unlimited integration capability, providing them ultimate control over business success. To learn more about erecruit, visit www.erecruit.com.

ABOUT mBLAST: mBLAST web presence analytics help OEMs, consulting firms and enterprises discover, analyze and engage with the voices that matter most to them. Our mPACT solutions use patented mPACT dISTIL™ algorithms to filter out the noise of social chatter to deliver results focused on the signal of meaningful conversations, in near real time. mPACT solutions are optimized to solve the business problems faced by customer service and HR organizations. mBLAST is a global company headquartered in Cambridge, MA, with sales and development teams around the world. For more information, visit http://www.mblast.com or contact us at info(at)mblast(dot)com.

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