How you should gear up for the increased pace of employer hiring

The job market is on the mend and that means employers are once again looking to make some hiring decisions in the near future. After all, many businesses have just completed their annual budgets and are poised to stimulate job growth, fill empty positions and flesh out departments.

According to Right Management Research, employers are more optimistic about the upcoming year and are planning on spending money to hire and develop talent. A global survey of more than 2,000 senior human resources executives in 14 companies found that a majority of U.S. executives believe the economy is in recovery – greater than the one-third who had the same belief for 2012.

“The prevailing caution of 2013 seems to have given way to a much more positive outlook for the year ahead,” said Gerald Purgay, Senior Vice President at Right Management. “Another shift appears to be wider recognition of the strategic need to invest in talent. We know that HR executives are tuned into senior management’s thinking and planning, and they’re saying that talent development initiatives have become a top priority as their organizations build for the future.”

And, it seems a number of companies are looking to gain new employees.

“According to our findings, a majority of U.S. employers (56 percent) see limited hiring in order to fill specific openings, and 31 percent say that hiring will increase only somewhat. Just 13 percent expect significantly more hiring prompted by strategic business needs,” said Purgay.

This survey isn’t the only indicator that the jobs market is on the road to recovery. A report from the U.S. Labor Department released the first week of February 2013 also showed noticeably stronger hiring trends. Experts are predicting the trend will continue, which is boosting employer confidence.

But complicating the need to increase hiring and invest in talent is the recognition that hiring is often a drawn-out process. Businesses are creating a number of new openings and management is looking to decrease the time and resources spent on identifying the right job candidate from a pile of resumes. What a hassle that can be! So staffing and recruiting agencies are uniquely positioned to help their clients reduce that ‘time-to-fill’ metric.

Your clients are finding themselves needing qualified workers to fill position gaps for contingent employee short-term projects, long-term contracts, as well as full-time employees. Here then are some suggestions for how you can gear up to handle more orders effectively.

First, leverage your professional expertise and cutting edge recruiting software to provide the best job candidates by establishing concise work-flows to handle job orders from first contact through client billing. This ensures a higher level of client service when your clients know that you have a dependable method for fulfilling their orders. Equally important, it reduces the time and effort you spend on filling those orders.

Second, an intuitive staffing program that is cloud-based, mobile-accessible, and secure can help your recruiting team respond faster and more effectively to both client and candidate communications. This is vital in today’s 24×7 business world.

Finally, tie everything in your staffing business together with seamless contingent employee payroll integrated into your recruiting software so that you further streamline your internal processes.

When a hiring boom is taking place, you want to make sure you’re able to appropriately handle the client shuffle and find the right candidate for the right job. Your staffing and recruiting software is an integral key to helping you achieve those goals.

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