Facebook Timeline Changes: What Your Staffing or Recruiting Agency Needs To Know

Just when you thought you had your staffing agency’s Facebook page in perfect order, they went and made you change it.

Whether you are a staffing or recruiting agency, a staffing software or services provider – or any type of firm in between – your company’s Facebook page has likely been upgraded to the new Timeline format.  And you are somewhere on the spectrum of ‘loving’ and ‘adjusting.’

Regardless of where you find yourself, there are some basic truths that are constant:


  1. Change is inevitable, especially in social media
  2. With the opportunity that comes with change comes the opportunity for mistake
  3. Social media – and Facebook – remain one of the strongest tools in your staffing arsenal

So how can you ensure you continue to use this tool effectively, maximizing new opportunities and minimizing the type of mistakes that will earn either derision from social-savvy prospects or a firm slap on the wrist from Facebook?

Start by referencing our list of Facebook Timeline mistakes to avoid and opportunities to take advantage of below:

Facebook Timeline Mistakes to Avoid

1. Wrong Size Cover Photo
From now on, you’re limited to one large banner photo across the top of your page.  So you need to consider what type of image best communicates your recruiting or staffing agency’s brand message.

The photo can be a graphic or an actual photograph – as long as it is sized 851 x 315 pixels.  Any other sized image will simply look ‘off.’  For your image, you may want to show a location beauty shot of your firm’s exterior or even repurpose branding elements from your website, as we do on the Bond International Software Facebook page.










2. Wrong Size Profile Photo
Every time you post, you staffing agency or recruiting firm profile picture will appear with your updates, so it’s important to find an image that will still maintain quality in a smaller size — 180 pixels that will scale down automatically to a length and width size of 32 pixels.*

To avoid viewing problems with the smaller size and to give your company instant recognition, consider using your logo as your profile image.

(*Update – per an email I received from Facebook today, the new profile picture will be 160 x 160 pixels and will sit at 23 pixels from the left and 210 pixels from the top of the Page, starting April 26th.)

3. Adding a CTA to Your Cover Photo
Facebook does not allow a call to action on either your cover or profile photo.  Call to actions include but are certainly not limited to:

  • Contact information
  • Price or purchase information
  • Asks for ‘Likes’ or ‘Shares’

Instead, showcase your brand in a way that makes it hard for visitors to resist liking you or being moved to action. See a great example of this below:








Facebook Timeline Opportunities:

1. Take Advantage of Content Display Improvements
The Facebook team constantly refers to the site as a story-telling channel.  With expandable photos that can span across your Timeline with just a click, visitors can get a strong visual sense of your company’s unique story.

Complement those stirring images with the compelling and relevant content you’re already featuring and you’ll provide a powerful reason for fans to visit often.

2. Share Company Milestones
Another interesting add-on to the business Timeline is the Milestones feature.  This allows you to showcase the history of your company by posting important events that have occurred over time and to provide your visitors with a multi-pronged illustration of your firm’s effectiveness in placing candidates over the years.

And don’t limit yourself to milestones that have only occurred since Facebook was launched.  Remember, it all starts with the Model T:













To learn more about how your recruiting or staffing agency can best take advantage of the new Facebook Timeline updates, and how our social media enabled recruiting and staffing software can help you integrate candidate information from social profiles, contact us or register for a free demo.

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