Enhancements to Bond StaffSuite staffing software include addition of QR Code Generator and Web Portal Improvements

Bond StaffSuite Staffing Software LogoLatest release of Bond StaffSuite, a flexible, scalable fully-integrated staffing solution by Bond International Software, is designed to significantly advance recruitment and marketing efficiency

Bond International Software, the global leader in recruitment and staffing software, announced today the latest release of Bond StaffSuite that includes significant enhancements to drive increased candidate traffic and recruit more efficiently.

QR Code for Bond StaffSuite staffing software URL web siteFirst among the enhancements, the new StaffSuite QR Code Generator is one of Bond’s initiatives to help staffing and recruiting firms respond to the accelerating growth of mobile smartphones. In the U.S. today, roughly 97 million of all mobile phones are smartphones, representing 50 percent of all mobile phones – a number that is projected to grow to 200 million by 2015. Significantly, increasing numbers of smartphone users are scanning QR codes that enable them to quickly and easily go directly to a Web site URL. For example, scanning the code at right will take you to the Bond StaffSuite site.

How the StaffSuite Quick Response Code Generator Helps Staffing and Recruiting Business

The StaffSuite QR Code Generator gives staffing and recruiting firms a new tool to easily extend their sales, marketing and recruiting with less effort. It enables staffing and recruiting firms to generate QR Codes from within their StaffSuite staffing software for any URL or contact record. For example, a QR Code can be easily produced for the company main website, their StaffSuite WorldLink staffing software Web portal, a recruiting or training video on their FTP site, and much more. A QR code can be generated from a specific assignment/position record in StaffSuite that is posted to the StaffSuite WorldLink Web portal.  The image can be used in any combination of marketing materials at job fairs or a flyer in the branch window so that a simple scan of the code would take the reader directly to the job posting on StaffSuite WorldLink site.  The QR Code Generator can also create contact records in vcard and mecard formats.

StaffSuite WorldLink Web Portal Enhancements Improve Recruiting and Employee Functions

Key among the many enhancements to the recruiting and staffing software Web portal are:

  • Ability for the StaffSuite WorldLink user (a candidate or employee) to select multiple skills, industries or occupations when applying for a job
  • Opportunity for the Staffing Service to refine the list of skills, industries and occupations that display in StaffSuite WorldLink
  • Enhanced WYSIWYG editor provides greater formatting capabilities when publishing jobs to StaffSuite WorldLink

The Q1 2012 release of Bond StaffSuite includes improvements in the popular mobile staffing software application; StaffSuite Mobile Web App. Users now have the ability to conduct an Employee Advanced Search by Employee Status. This gives sales staff, recruiters, and staffing coordinators the ability to better manage their pool of employees and candidates in relationship to customer orders and assignments while on the go with their smartphone.

Steve Taylor, President and CEO of Bond International Software, Inc., said “StaffSuite staffing software has proven itself to be an invaluable tool to improve staffing and recruiting firms’ productivity. These enhancements give StaffSuite users more tools to manage today’s Web-savvy candidates, employees and customers.”

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