Showing Full Browser Independence is the Final Piece of the Jigsaw

internetPointerBond International Software, the global provider of hosted recruitment software and recruitment software as a service (SaaS), today announces that their latest version of the Bond Adapt Version 11 recruitment software as a service is fully browser independent as standard.
As a result, Bond customers using this version will be able to access their Bond Adapt Version 11 systems irrespective of which browser they are accessing the internet through and without time consuming and expensive customisation – a technical advance that sets Bond apart from many of its competitors, who are only able to provide access to their systems through Internet Explorer.
Daniel Richardson, Chief Technology Officer at Bond International Software, comments, “Initially, Internet Explorer held a significantly dominant market share in the browser market, leaving barely 10% of the market for any competitors. However, on account of perceived claims of faster service from alternative browsers, we have seen a dramatic variation in browser adoption, first in Asia-Pac and then across EMEA. Browser independence therefore becomes significantly more important than ever before as the methods of internet access have suddenly broadened.”
Bond’s products are often provided over the internet via a SaaS model, and those that are hosted on the customers’ sites also have an internet-based remote access capability, making the ability to accommodate different working practices vital.
Richardson continues, “With the increasing variety of browsers, our growth potential was threatened, especially overseas. As a result, we have spent a great deal of time and effort retrospectively ensuring that the latest releases of Bond Adapt Version 11 are entirely compatible with any browser. This has entailed an adaptation of underlying code, and also a proactive effort in ensuring that later development is ‘future-proof’.”
Bond’s browser independence sets its hosted recruitment software portfolio apart from that of its competitors, as while tailored work has been undertaken by some other web-based recruitment software providers to ensure compatibility with selected browsers, Bond is the only organisation that is able to claim full browser independence. Richardson adds, “Through dedicating development resource to ensuring robust browser independence, we have fully adapted our current web-based recruitment software Adapt Version 11 offering and our ongoing development programme. This is a level of effort and activity that many of our competitors simply do not have the resources to commit to, which is why we believe we are the only organisation to have managed to achieve full browser independence with our hosted recruitment software.”
Richardson concludes, “Independence has always been our ethos, be that in terms of, for example, the user interface language or the underlying database. Showing full browser independence is the final piece of the jigsaw.”
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pfj Chooses Bond

BondLogoNewThe pfj network is on target to achieve a turnover of over £10million and has been a Bond customer for over a decade but believes that the recruitment industry is now beginning to see the effects of the second wave of technological innovation and needs to work with a robust and flexible partner to take advantage of the opportunities that will arise.
Chris Chandler, Managing Director of the pfj network explains, “The recession was an obvious time to review our cost base, processes and infrastructure. It is also a great time to look to the future and make long term investments that can give you a competitive edge. Any major investment needs careful consideration so we retained Kamanchi, as a third party who specialise in recruitment database systems, to help us map out what we needed now and importantly what we wanted to build for the future. We are not IT experts and we wanted to make sure that not only were we equipping ourselves with the very best tools, but also that we were relying on suppliers that were stable enough to not pose a risk to our own business.”
Chandler expands, “After a period of consultancy and evaluation, there were a number of key differentiators that made the final decision for us. Most important was the approach taken to customisation. Most software packages claimed to be adaptable, but where Bond Adapt Version 11 was superior was in the ability to configure any area of the software or workflow immediately and according to our precise business needs. Bond’s competitors on the other hand were able to configure in some respects immediately, but for other aspects of what we required, we would have had to wait until the core software was developed and the next version was put on general release – it felt more restrictive from a timing perspective but more importantly the ideas and innovations that we will want to implement would then be available to everyone – without Bond Adapt it seemed to us that there would be no competitive edge.”
The pfj network is made up of specialist UK media, marketing and communications recruitment agencies PFJ Recruitment and RPCushing, the UK’s leading graduate recruiter, the Graduate Recruitment Company, and also ICUR, the Sydney-based specialist for media, advertising, creative and digital jobs. All four of these businesses, entailing over 70 users, will be going live with Bond Adapt Version 11 in the coming months.
Tim Richards, Managing Director of Bond International Software, concludes, “pfj have been a customer of ours for over a decade now and we are delighted to see yet another one of our customers extending an already healthy and fruitful relationship yet further. More often than not, this is a function of the close working practices we aim to develop with all of our customers, and our unswerving focus on product development – two factors that we believe set us apart.”

Bond International Software Secures its Position as the Global Leader

globeGlobal leader in staffing and recruitment software acquires one of its largest competitors in the US
21st October 2010, LONDON, UK: Bond International Software, the global leader in staffing and recruitment software, has acquired VCG, one of the US’s leading staffing and recruiting software developers, at a cost of $9 million.
The merger significantly strengthens Bond’s position as the largest global provider of staffing and recruitment software, allowing Bond to secure an important additional portion of the US market. Customers of both companies will be able to take advantage of the combined portfolio of products, expertise and available support.
Steve Russell, Chief Executive of Bond International Software, comments, “Clearly this acquisition is an exciting moment in our company’s history and will allow us to secure ourselves a highly enviable position in the staffing software market, from both a US perspective and internationally. The clear synergies between the two companies and their respective offerings provide us with the confidence that no changes to brands, products, company structure or delivery of the products are required – clearly a huge advantage in any acquisition.”
Steve Taylor, President and CEO of VCG, said, “Together, Bond and VCG are uniquely positioned to provide staffing organisations with the most comprehensive set of solutions available in the marketplace. The resulting product portfolios will ensure that staffing companies will be able to choose from several available options to best meet their needs.”
Bond International Software has a strong, successful history in acquisitions, both in the US and the UK, and has diversified from a provider of staffing software into a major player within the wider human capital management arena.

Bond to Showcase Bond Adapt at the REC National Convention 2010

Bond Adapt Logo 200x200Bond International Software, the stock market-listed recruitment and HCM specialist, will be attending and sponsoring this year’s REC National Convention, held on 26th October 2010 at The Brewery, Chiswell Street, London.

Representatives of Bond International Software will be demonstrating the latest version of its flagship product, Bond Adapt, the specialist portfolio of recruitment software applications.

Used by over 100,000 staffing professionals in 42 countries across the globe, Bond Adapt is the benchmark recruitment software. Fully configurable to clients’ specific requirements, and with over 37 years of development and investment, Adapt is recognised as the world’s leading platform and database independent, web based, multilingual staffing solution.

The REC National Convention is a national, whole-industry event providing a range of opportunities to discuss the key challenges and opportunities facing the industry from a fresh perspective. This year, the Convention is focusing directly on ‘The Future of Recruitment’ and features a programme of world class keynote speakers, interactive seminars from business and industry experts and an exhibition. The event will offer everyone in the recruitment and employment industry an opportunity to be inspired by and take part in a thought leadership event that will provide innovative solutions and creative new approaches to issues that matter in recruitment.

Tim Richards, Managing Director, Bond International Software (UK), comments; 

“The REC National Convention is very much a key event for all those in the recruitment industry. The event showcases and encourages forward thinking from within the recruitment industry itself, matching perfectly with our own corporate ethos of constant innovation. Bond Adapt is our flagship product and we are very proud of the place that it holds both in our portfolio and when compared to competitive products.”

Bond Adapt Enables P&K Recruitment to Streamline Processes

foldersP+K Recruitment, an employment agency specialising in the placing of supply teachers across the education sector, will reduce the time taken to complete timesheets and process invoices & payroll from three working days to a maximum of half a day. Taking advantage of its inherent flexibility, Bond Adapt – the recruitment software from Bond International Software, the recruitment & HCM specialist – has been configured to meet the specific business needs of the agency.

P+K Recruitment is an employment agency placing supply teachers in positions across nursery, primary and secondary schools. With offices in Wakefield, Sheffield and Birmingham, the business places over 300 teachers per week.

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Bond Adapt – the partner you can trust.

Bond Leads the Way by Announcing Browser Independence for Adapt Users

BondLogoNewAs a result, Bond customers using this version will be able to access their Bond Adapt Version 11 systems irrespective of which browser they are accessing the internet through and without time-consuming and costly customisation – a technical advance that sets Bond apart from many of its competitors, who are only able to provide access to their systems through Internet Explorer.

Daniel Richardson, Chief Technology Officer at Bond International Software, comments, “Initially, Internet Explorer held a hugely dominant market share in the browser market, leaving barely 10% of the market for any competitors. However, on account of perceived claims of faster service from alternative browsers, we have seen a dramatic variety in browser adoption, first in Asia-Pac and then across EMEA. Browser independence therefore becomes far more important now than ever before as the methods of internet access have suddenly broadened.”

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REC Announces Change Of Date For National Convention And Irp Awards

BondLogoNewToday, REC officially announced that the date has been put back from Wednesday 20th October to TUESDAY 26th OCTOBER…
Same time, same location, same exhibitors, same fantastic agenda…just a different date!
Bond will still be showcasing the latest version of Adapt, our recruitment software experts will still be networking with the REC attendees – and you can still come and chat to us and find out what Bond have been up to since the last event!
If you would like to book a demo with one of our Adapt experts, then please don’t hesitate to contact us today on 01903 707070 or email us a
We look forward to seeing everyone on the 26th October for yet another successful convention and awards event!

Bond International Software Japan K.K. to Partner With Grooves corp.

Bond Adapt Logo 200x200In 2009, Bond International Software opened a new office in Tokyo. This move was pivotal to Bond’s expansion programme across the Asia Pacific Region and indicative of the group’s commitment to build closer partnerships with clients through the provision of Adapt to recruitment and executive firms in Japan.
In the latest edition of  One Magazine, Bonds Asia Pacific Manager Antonio deLiseo explains why Bond decided the time was right to open an office in Japan:
The decision to open an office in Japan was customer driven. A number of our international clients are already using Bond recruitment and talent management systems in Japan, and our dedicated team can now provide them with a greater level of support…We are looking to provide an increased range of services, including technical back-up and training, and foster greater communication with our clients. In the past support was provided remotely, and mostly in English via our global network, but having people on the ground in Japan now enables us to respond to customer questions and requests in the same time-zone and Japanese language. We are ramping up our support to the next level and envisage delivering measurable benefits as a result…’
And in 2010 – a partnership with grooves corp…
Commencing this month (August 2010), Bond International Software and grooves corp will partner on the introduction of Bond Adapt to Japan’s 18,000 recruitment agencies.
grooves, who currently deploy their Recruiting Net portal in more than 500 staffing firms, will enhance its offering with a world-leading candidate/job management platform for those agencies who are increasingly seeking the global capabilities that Bond Adapt can provide.

Bond to Sponsor ‘World Leaders in Recruitment Conference 2010’

Recruitment International LogoBond International Software, the stock market-listed recruitment and HCM specialist, will be the headline sponsor at this year’s World Leaders in Recruitment Conference held on 8th September at Dexter House in London.
Some of Bond’s largest clients will be speaking, including spokespeople from Penna and Alexander Mann Solutions, while representatives of Bond will be showcasing one of its core services, Bond Adapt – the specialist portfolio of recruitment software applications – at the show.
Bond Adapt is a specialist portfolio of recruitment software applications which has earned Bond the reputation for enhancing business growth and profitability throughout the global staffing industry. Bond Adapt provides recruitment consultancies of all sizes with the optimum tools to manage their present business and confidently plan future success – while staying ahead of technology trends.
The World Leaders in Recruitment Conference 2010 is an annual recruitment conference and has been running for 13 years. The speakers attending the events represent all sectors of recruitment, all sizes of business and have experience both in the UK and globally. The conference gives visitors the opportunity to meet, share knowledge and experience and discover how their own recruitment processes may be improved based upon the comments, discussions and presentations.
Tim Richards, Managing Director, Bond International Software (UK), comments, “The World Leaders in Recruitment Conference is, as the name suggests, one of the primary events in the UK recruitment calendar. As a world leader in our own sector of the recruitment industry, our involvement with this event is a perfect match. The value of our software comes mainly in our determination to proactively develop not just in line with industry demand, but often ahead of it. As such, participation in events of this calibre is essential.”
As the headline sponsor, Bond is giving away a limited number of FREE tickets to this exclusive conference.

Bond and Newberry Consulting Group Announce Partnership

Newbury Consulting Group LogoThis partnership will benefit the customers of both companies by integrating Bond Adapt – the specialist portfolio of recruitment software applications – with the equally powerful and flexible Peoplesoft Staffing back-office system that encompasses payroll, billing, general ledger, payables, receivables and more.

Tim Richards, Managing Director of Bond International Software (UK): “We are very excited about this partnership between Bond and Newbury. Now our global clients will be able to radically improve transparency and efficiency throughout their organisations by having a single integrated solution globally. We see significant ROI being generated as a result.”

As John Weston, Managing Partner of Newbury, notes, “The problem in the past has been that there was no single, scalable solution available for global staffing companies to connect their operations with their financial systems. So over the years, they have been forced to deploy a variety of systems in each country. The result is inconsistent business processes, lost opportunity for economies of scale and over-spending on administrative tasks to keep the payroll, financials and front-office systems in sync. In addition, it has been incredibly difficult to get centralised reporting when you have many different systems across the world.”

Richards continues, “Now our global clients can get the best-in-class Oracle Peoplesoft for Staffing back-office solution integrated with the terrific front-office business process improvements available through Bond Adapt as a single, powerful solution.”

Richards comments, “I believe the benefits created by this partnership with Newbury form an important milestone in the evolution of global staffing software. It is an important part of Bond’s strategy to provide a single integrated solution for human capital supply chain management to the world’s largest recruitment companies.”