Kick The Tires On Our Software At Staffing World 2012 & Win An iPad

The challenges your staffing agency faces in 2013 are new and unprecedented. But what you need to overcome them will be familiar: time and tools.  And what better tools than newly enhanced staffing software and a new iPad?

Next week, Bond will be onsite in Las Vegas at Staffing World 2012, the annual convention and expo held by the American Staffing Association. Headlined by widely recognized industry expert Jim Collins, this year’s event will share cutting edge-leadership strategies designed to help you overcome the challenges you will face in the coming year – and set your staffing agency apart from the competition.

Supporting the strategies shared by speakers like Collins will be my team, as we share with you the latest enhancements built into our recruiting and staffing software.  And just by attending a demo and getting a look at these latest enhancements, you will automatically be entered to win an iPad.

To hold your time at Staffing World next week, I invite you to pre-register for a personalized demo online. And if you can’t make it to Staffing World, or if your schedule is already full, you will also have the option to register for a demo after the event.  Schedule anytime through October, and you will still qualify for the iPad.

I look forward to seeing you at Staffing World next week – and sharing how our staffing software can help you overcome new challenges and achieve your agency’s goals in 2013.

Event Details:

What:      Staffing World 2012: ASA Convention & Expo
:     October 9th-11th, 2012
:    The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino

Bond StaffSuite staffing software adds job board postings with CareerBuilder and electronic onboarding with Efficient Forms

Hot temporary staffing market helps drive Bond StaffSuite 6.0 staffing software integrations for recruitment job board posting and electronic employee onboarding that streamline staffing agency processes for improved efficiency

Bond StaffSuite staffing softwareBond International Software, the global leader in recruiting software, has today announced the upcoming release of Bond StaffSuite staffing software that adds integrations to CareerBuilder for job board publishing and Efficient Forms for electronic onboarding. These enhancements to StaffSuite staffing software enable agencies to optimize their recruiting and employee onboarding processes and to reduce the time and effort associated with these tasks.

StaffSuite integration to CareerBuilder simplifies job postings and management

CareerBuilder is the largest online job board site in the U.S., and is widely used by staffing and recruiting agencies to attract talent. In today’s hot temporary staffing market — up 8.9% from a year ago according to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics — staffing firms need an efficient means to distribute job openings to external websites.  By integrating StaffSuite staffing software to CareerBuilder, recruiters are able to quickly and easily post jobs directly from within the StaffSuite job to their CareerBuilder account. This saves the recruiter valuable time and reduces data entry and potential errors to improve job posting management. Candidates who wish to apply to CareerBuilder job postings can be directed to the staffing firms’ StaffSuite WorldLink site to complete their online application process and further refine the entire recruiting process.

StaffSuite integration to Efficient Forms streamlines employee onboarding

Once a candidate is recruited, the process of onboarding this new employee with speed and accuracy is completed with StaffSuite’s integration to Efficient Forms. The Efficient Hire process uses the Transaction Origination Platform (TOP) to ask candidates only the necessary questions in one succinct interview which saves time and effort.  Once the information is entered, the system populates the primary information across all of the forms eliminating the need for the candidate to enter redundant information in multiple places. This reduces data entry and errors as all primary employee hiring records are created automatically within StaffSuite staffing software from this data. Start-to-finish, Efficient Hire’s web-based onboarding solution saves staffing agencies countless hours and thousands of dollars. “Because of the success of our partnership with Bond, we are excited to expand our combined offering and integration capability with Bond StaffSuite,” said Todd Fenske, VP of Sales, Efficient Forms, LLC.

Steve Taylor, President and CEO of Bond International Software, Inc. said, “High-volume staffing agencies need ways to improve their productivity when juggling increased staffing demand with limited internal resources. We believe that the integrations to CareerBuilder and Efficient Forms in this release of Bond’s flexible StaffSuite front and back-office staffing software solution helps achieve this by reducing the time and effort associated with job postings and onboarding.”

StaffSuite 6.0 will be demonstrated at the Bond exhibit, Booth 801, at the American Staffing Association Staffing World 2012 conference in Las Vegas, NV October 9-11. To learn more about StaffSuite 6.0 and these new enhancements and benefits to your staffing agency request a free demo of Bond StaffSuite staffing software.


About Bond International Software, Inc.

Help Us Help You

How providing extra pieces of information can help support better assist you when you need it most!

There are two ways support cases can be opened with the Adapt Helpdesk. They are by calling the Support phone number (888.493.2032, opt2) or by using Email ( When a case is opened via a phone call, the Support Rep. responding to the call will gather enough relevant information to begin troubleshooting the issue.

When a support case comes in via email, sometimes we don’t get enough information to start the troubleshooting process. Instead of being able to jump right into the troubleshooting process, we start off by reaching out to you to ask more questions. By providing a few key details initially, you would allow us to start the troubleshooting process and follow up with answers instead of reaching out with more questions.

For example, a case that is opened with the below description will require us to follow up with additional questions:

“I get a BO error message when trying edit a record”.

If the same case was opened with a little more detail such as below, we would be able to troubleshoot and respond with an answer.  More effective, right?

“I am trying to update the status to show “on Assignment” on Job Order number xxxx”

While it might not always be apparent what details are relevant, know that the more detail, the better. Here are some guidelines to follow:

General Support Questions you could ask yourself and identify when opening a case:

  • Does this issue only happen on my PC, or does it also happen when I log onto another PC?
  • Is this issue only happening to me, or is it happening to everyone in my company?
  • What version of Internet Explorer  am I using
  • What Version of Java am I using?

Specific details you could provide when opening a case:

  • Details on what you were doing when you ran into the issue.
  • Identify the specific record, employee, Company, Assignment, etc. that you see the issue for.
  • Include screen shots

We recognize that your time is valuable and would like to do what we can to address your questions and issues as efficiently and effectively as we can. Hopefully this will help!

Bond International Software announces AdaptSuite – a cloud-hosted front-to-back office recruiting and staffing software solution

Bond AdaptSuite staffing and recruiting softwareBond AdaptSuite, a 100% web-based software solution, enables staffing and recruiting agencies to increase customer and talent acquisition, reduce IT costs and streamline operations

Bond International Software is proud to announce the release of AdaptSuite, an innovative cloud-hosted recruiting and staffing software. Our new world-class solution will debut in the US February 25-28 at the SIA Staffing Executive Forum in Orlando, FL. With Bond AdaptSuite, recruiting and staffing agencies can access a centralized and completely unified suite of cloud-hosted capabilities with front office functionality, mobile, web portals and back office including payroll processing.

Unlike other recruiting and staffing software solutions, Bond AdaptSuite combines all front-office and back-office capabilities into a single Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that can significantly reduce IT infrastructure and support costs while improving both user productivity and business performance.

“Staffing firms come under constant pressure to operate more effectively and efficiently to stay ahead of the competition,” says Tim Giehll, CMO of Bond International Software Inc. “Bond AdaptSuite provides the ultimate in agility and visibility for staffing firms, which directly translates into increased sales, enhanced client services and improved profits.”

Bond’s AdaptSuite staffing software solution for commercial and professional staffing firms includes:

  • Specifically designed features for the unique requirements of the recruiting and staffing industry based on 40 years’ supporting leading firms around the world
  • Scalable, configurable and affordable functionality for faster growth and greater productivity
  • Cloud-hosted SaaS environment with a choice of either front office or seamless front and back office
  • Front office Enterprise version available in Cloud-hosted MSP or Self-hosted models

Bond handles all servers, data storage, backups, data security and upgrade responsibilities with the cloud-hosted solutions. Its state-of-the-art Tier-1 site provides world-class uptime, reliability, and security.  To ensure world-class data security, Bond’s hosted infrastructure is certified under the rigid data security standards of ISO 27001.

Steve Taylor, Bond International Software Inc. CEO adds “AdaptSuite is the result of a tremendous effort over the last year and a half to combine the best of our front office recruiting features with our industry standard back office capabilities. Customers will recognize the robustness of the features they have become accustomed to as well as benefit from the many enhancements that have been delivered. The introduction of AdaptSuite at the Staffing Industry Executive Forum demonstrates our commitment to delivering flexible, web-based products and services to the industry. This is an exciting time for our industry, a time where technology can truly assist organizations to be more efficient, and Bond is pleased to be at the forefront of providing world class solutions to our customers”.

For more information on Bond AdaptSuite recruiting and staffing software or to schedule a demonstration, please visit or call 800-318-4983.


About Bond International Software PLC (UK, AIM: BDI)

London stock-market listed Bond International Software has been a global provider of Recruitment, HR and Payroll software & services for 40 years.

Bond is one of the largest, and most established, global specialists in staffing software for recruitment agencies worldwide and is a rapidly growing provider of web-based e-recruitment and talent acquisition software to the corporate market. Bond also provides established HR and payroll outsourcing services and software directly to both the public and private sectors. For more information please visit

Bond International Software, Inc. is the U.S. operating company for Bond, with headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia and offices in Richmond, Virginia and Bloomington, Minnesota. The Bond U.S. operations, with more than 100 employees, support nearly 800 customers and 20,000 users. For more information please visit

Corporate Resource Services Selects Bond International Software for Front Office Technology

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Corporate Resource Services, Inc. (OTCBB: CRRS), a diversified staffing, recruiting, and consulting services firm providing managed services and trained employees in the areas of Insurance, Information Technology, Accounting, Legal, Engineering, Science, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Creative Services, Hospitality, Retail, General Business and Light Industrial work, today announced that it has begun implementing Bond International Software’s eEmpact solution throughout its organization.

eempact-square-150x150 (1)“By implementing eEmpact we will bridge the gap between the field operations and headquarters as well as increase the speed of service delivery to our customers,” said Mercedes Essmann, Vice President of Corporate Services at Corporate Resource Services, Inc. “Our clients rely on our level of service to staff their every need but our technology provides us the advantage of filling orders accurately, quickly and within compliance guidelines.”

“This is a major company-wide initiative and will unify all of our staffing locations throughout the United States,” said Mark Levine, Chief Operating Officer of Corporate Resource Services. “The implementation of eEmpact will be a great resource for CRS associates and will assist us in providing tools to streamline our operations, resulting in greater efficiencies and value for our customers and shareholders.”


About Corporate Resource Services, Inc.:

Corporate Resource Services, Inc. provides diversified staffing, recruiting, and consulting services and offers trained employees in the areas of Insurance, Information Technology, Accounting, Legal, Engineering, Science, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Creative Services, Hospitality, Retail, General Business and Light Industrial work. The company’s blended staffing solutions are tailored to our customers’ needs and can include customized employee pre-training and testing, on-site facilities management, vendor management, risk assessment and management, market analyses and productivity/occupational engineering studies.

The Company’s ability to deliver broad-based solutions provides its customers a “one stop shop” to fulfill their staffing needs from professional services and consulting to clerical and light industrial positions. Depending on the size and complexity of an assignment, Corporate Resource Services can create an on-site facility for recruiting, training and administration at the customers’ location. Company recruiters have the latest state of the art recruiting resources available to help customers secure the best candidates in today’s ever-changing marketplace. CRS’s national network of recruiters has staffing experts that get excellent results by focusing within their areas of expertise.

The Company operates 207 staffing and on-site facilities in 37 states and the District of Columbia and it offers its services to a wide variety of clients in many industries, ranging from sole proprietorships to Fortune 1000 companies. To learn more, visit

This press release contains forward-looking statements, which are subject to risks and uncertainties. Such statements are based on assumptions and expectations which may not be realized and are inherently subject to risks and uncertainties, many of which cannot be predicted with accuracy and some of which might not even be anticipated. Future events and actual results, financial and otherwise, may differ from the results discussed in the forward-looking statements. A number of these risks and other factors that might cause differences, some of which could be material, along with additional discussion of forward-looking statements, are set forth in the Company’s Annual Report on Form 10-K filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission.


Corporate Resource Services, Inc.
Michael J. Golde, 646-443-2380
Chief Financial Officer

It’s More Than March Madness

by Renu Khator, President, The University of Houston

College sports have a way of taking over our lives. Each year, I vow to remain calm, but each year I get more emotionally vested than the year before. Day-long tailgates, red-hot rivalries, logic-defying superstitions, post-game dances, post-loss depressions, pre-game butterflies, nail-biting anxieties–I have lived it all. I thought I was a real serious fan until I met Murray and Sharon Stinson. (Editor’s note: Murray Stinson helped found what became Caldwell-Spartin, the leading staffing and recruiting software vendor of its day, in 1973. He is still active with Bond in aiding staffing and recruiting companies design, develop and implement streamlined business processes.)

Since the day they settled in Houston 35 years ago, Murray and Sharon have attended every single University of Houston Cougar football and basketball game–at home or away–except 8. Eight misses in 35 years! Yes, it makes for nearly 1,600 games! Whether the football team was 0-12 or 12-0, whether the basketball team was the famous Phi Slama Jama or filled with yet-to-be-proven new recruits, whether the game was in California on a Tuesday night or in Orlando on a Wednesday afternoon, or whether the weather was subzero or above 100°, they were at the game. They were simply there.

Renu Khator, President of the University of Houston, with Murray and Sharon Stinson

Sometimes at away games, Murray and Sharon were the only two people in the stands wearing red, but they were there.

I sat next to them at my first Cougar basketball game in 2008. Murray was intense, but mostly quiet. Sharon, on the other hand, was animated, calling out players by name, yelling at referees, and signaling the crowd to make some noise. They knew every coach and cared for every player. They even knew all about the referees.

Since then, I saw them at every game and every Cougar sporting event. No bragging, no egos, no grandstanding, and no sideline coaching…they were at the games for the simple joy of the moment. In all of my years as president, which included major athletics decision points like recruiting an athletic director, a football coach, and a basketball coach, I never recall Murray or Sharon telling me what I should do or who I should hire.

Just like a rainbow, their support comes in different colors. They have endowed scholarships for student-athletes. Murray introduced the Helmet Buggy which runs on the field after every touchdown. On senior nights, Sharon bakes cupcakes for the entire team. They do so much and all of it for the simple joy of supporting their team.

During this time of March Madness, Murray and Sharon remind us that there is more to athletics than the few weeks of madness, that there is more to the games than winning or losing, that there is more to college sports than being a fair-weather fan.
Real madness is loving your school 1,600 times over!

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Bond Scoops Technical Innovation Award at Onrec Awards Ceremony 2013

Onrec awards Bond with winning award in the supplier category at annual event

The Bond Adapt Engine Development Team with the Onrec 2013 Technical Innovation Award

The Bond Adapt Engine Development Team with the Onrec 2013 Technical Innovation Award

Bond International Software, the global recruitment, HR & Payroll specialists, have been awarded the Technical Innovation Award in the supplier category at the annual Onrec Awards Ceremony for the UK online recruitment industry. Bond received the awards for its specialist portfolio of recruitment applications, Bond Adapt.

The recognition was made for Bond Adapt’s V11 architecture and the continued benefits and technological advancements it brings to the global recruitment industry, including innovation, product versatility and investment in quality. The software offers a competitive edge to global companies, both large and small, that can benefit from its multi-lingual capabilities and intuitive user interface.

Tim Richards, Managing Director, Bond International Software, comments, “We are delighted to have won the Technical Innovation Award at the Onrec Awards Ceremony. We pride ourselves in our continued research and development and in making sure that our products are innovative and at the forefront of the market. Through this award we have seen that the market has recognised the work which Bond is undertaking and our continued investment in the development of technology for recruiters.”

David Hurst, Founder of Onrec, concludes, “The nominees and winners this year prove again that despite the current challenging economic climate, our industry has been resourceful and continues to triumph.”


 About Bond International Software

The Affordable Care Act and your Staffing Firm – What You Must Know

Free Webinar covers the most recent updates on health care reform and important strategies your staffing firm can employ to stay ahead of the curve.

Health Care Reform, the ACA and your staffing firmJoin Bond and our partner, Essential StaffCARE, on Thursday, May 23, 2013 at 3:30 p.m. EDT,  to cover the most recent updates on health care reform and important strategies you can employ to stay ahead of the curve. If you participate in the health reform decision at your company, you should attend this event.

Essential StaffCARE will present step-by-step instructions to help you and your staffing company navigate through health care reform in an easy to understand format. Learn how Bond International Software will reduce the administrative effort necessary for staffing companies in relation to the Affordable Care Act in its recruiting software.

Our presenter will be Aaron Lesher, a licensed insurance producer with Insurance Applications Group (IAG). IAG has approximately 500 staffing companies as clients, employing about 1.5 million temporary employees nationwide. Staffing companies rely on their company to manage their employee benefit plans for their temporary workforce and to help guide them through health reform.  Bond International Software, Inc. is proud to partner with IAG and their Essential StaffCARE solution.

Space for this FREE WEBINAR on Thursday, May 23rd at 3:30 p.m. EDT is limited. Click to register today!

Bond Sponsoring CIETT-ACSESS 2013 World Employment Conference

Bond International Software is pleased to be a sponsor of the CIETT-ACSESS 2013 World Employment Conference May 15-17.

The Association of Canadian Search Employment & Staffing Services will host the world international conference – the annual event of the International Confederation of Private Employment Agencies (CIETT) at the Westin Harbour Castle in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

CIETT 2013 will explore market trends and developments; it will also focus on how to deal with the challenges facing our global industry, and the way to future success.

Attending for Bond International Software, Inc. at booth 202 are Steve Taylor, President and CEO of Bond’s North American operations and Tim Giehll, Chief Strategic Accounts Officer for North America. They will be available to discuss Bond’s global software solutions for staffing and recruiting talent acquisition and management.

For more details on the conference, CLICK HERE.

Bond Sponsoring California Staffing Professionals Conference

Bond International Software is pleased to be a sponsor of the California Staffing Professionals 2013 Staffing & Recruiting Conference May 16-18.

Bond International Software - recruiting and staffing softwareFor three days, hundreds of the BEST staffing, recruiting, and search professionals will gather for the top recruiting conference in the industry at the Newport Beach Marriott Resort & Spa, Newport Beach, CA.

Bond International Software, Inc. is represented by Jennifer Palmer, Manager of Account Management, at booth 115. She will be available to demonstrate and discuss the capabilities of Bond’s newest product release, AdaptSuite, a 100% Web-browser-based, cloud-hosted, front-and-back-office staffing and recruiting software solution.

For more details on the conference, CLICK HERE.