Bond StaffSuite Staffing Software Release Adds Enhancements to Improve Tracking and Collaboration among Staff Employees

Bond International Software, the global recruitment, HR and Payroll specialists, announces the 2nd Quarter release of Bond StaffSuite staffing software. The update includes several new enhancements designed to improve the ability of team members of staffing companies to better track their daily work and collaborate with other staff employees.

First, a new Saved List feature in Bond StaffSuite provides users with the ability to perform a search and keep track of where they are as they perform related work. Additionally, lists can be shared between multiple users or independently administered so teams can work together. To aid in visualizing data, highlight colors can be used to indicate client availability or status or any other indicator that customers deem valuable. For example, when performing quality control calls or running a search of matching candidate to contact for a particular job, search results can be shared and worked concurrently to easily keep track of progress.

Second, Bond StaffSuite’s Forms & Procedures have been expanded and streamlined to maximize the hierarchy setup. This ensures that users can find and use the proper documents and processes when filling orders, assignments and positions. This is especially useful when performing such tasks across different branches and locations that may have different requirements.

Third, further visibility into pay or bill rate changes on assignments has been added. This new access helps agencies monitor the frequency of rate changes so that they can quickly resolve potential invoice disputes and gives them an opportunity to price services more competitively.

In addition to these new features, a number of other enhancements are included with this release:

  • A timesaving feature enables users to immediately narrow search results based on employee status which can also be utilized with existing filters.
  • A default branch value can be set on six Quick Lookups to minimize search time for users in performing daily activities without having to filter through lengthy result sets.
  • The ability to administratively add multiple Staffing Representatives, grant them access to branches, and set permissions all in one step saves time when setting up multiple users with new access.
  • Direct control for customers to designate which Staffing Representatives can rehire certain employees ensures that proper access is granted and controlled.
  • The StaffSuite Version 7.1 release is available to all active Bond StaffSuite customers.

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