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Staff Wars: Change Star, Rogue None

A blog series to guide you on how to implement a new project initiative without it getting blown up. Disclaimer: The views expressed in this post are the author’s own and do not represent Erecruit’s support of a particular alliance – Empire or Republic. With the Star Wars franchise officially in light speed over the […]

Staff Wars: The (Work)Force Awakens

Are Managed Service Programs (MSPs) the Evil Empire? Are Vendor-neutral options our only hope? Or is there an opportunity to find a balance within the workforce? As I sat down to write a typical blog post on the always-controversial topic of MSP vs. VMS, I started thinking about the parallels between this and a certain […]

And the Award Goes To…

It’s that time of year again in Hollywood – awards season. It seems as though every other week there is another show honoring the achievements of celebrities and the work they’ve contributed for the previous year. They certainly are not averse to praising one another and showering their colleagues with accolades and trophies, symbols of […]