Are you making the most of your Account Manager?

Are you making the most of your Account Manager?In this blog post, our Account Managment Team explains the purpose and benefit of providing a dedicated service to our clients.

The Adapt Account Management Service is a complimentary service offered to all clients who have an annual support and maintenance agreement with Bond. Our dedicated team service the entire client base (excluding our OnDemand clients who are managed by a separate team) and fulfill the following roles:

Point of liaison for non-helpdesk/training issues

Our goal is to build and maintain strong relationships with all of our clients and to provide them with an advocate for their interests within Bond; someone who understands their business and can translate those requirements into advice and guidance relevant to each client’s specific needs

Latest Adapt development & features

With our extensive annual investment in research and development our product suite is constantly evolving and we typically bring out 2 major releases a year and a number of more minor updates.  The role of your account manager is to keep you informed of these updates and the new functionality or fixes they contain, so that you can take an informed decision as to whether it would be worth taking the release and if so when.  Your account manager can provide a demonstration of any new functionality and provide all the relevant information regarding your upgrade options

Feedback client ideas to product developers

By holding regular service review meetings we try to establish regular opportunities for our account managers to spend time with their clients looking at all areas of the service we provide.  This also provides a forum for feeding back suggestions for enhancements to the product, which are then fed into our Change Control Board – responsible for determining the future product development strategy.  In this way all of our clients have an opportunity to influence the direction of our ongoing development.

Ensure issues are resolved rapidly & satisfactorily

Our experienced support and helpdesk teams adhere to industry standard processes, ensuring all issues are addressed and progressed appropriately based on their impact and priority. In the unlikely event  an escalation is required, your account manager will be able to assist in coordinating the best way forward.

Provide information & costs

We hope that you will continue to invest in your Adapt system to continue to benefit from our ongoing development and to maintain your competitive advantage.  Your account manager will provide information and quotes for any additional services you may require, whether training, configuration or other services.

Ensure all clients derive maximum benefit from their investment in Adapt

All of the above is intended to ensure that you continue to derive maximum benefit from your investment in Adapt, not just in the period immediately after implementation, but indefinitely thereafter.  We have a large number of long-standing clients who have continued to update and improve their system in partnership with us.

Mutually beneficial partnership

We hope that the relationship between our clients and their account managers will be a symbiotic one that benefits and rewards both parties in equal measure.

If you would like to know more about the account management service, please contact Adrian Pearcey, Head of Account Management, on 01903 707070

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