TempBuddy Worker App Provides Real-Time Multi-Shift Availability

Latest Release of TempBuddy Worker App Provides Real-Time Multi-Shift Availability 

Candidate Experience and Worker Retention Improved Exponentially for Staffing Firms 

London – November 20, 2018 – Erecruit, a leading global technology provider and visionary for the staffing industry, today announces the latest version of its TempBuddy worker app with its new real-time multi-shift functionality.

TempBuddy was conceived to make finding temporary work easier and the latest app continues to improve the user experience by allowing workers to set and view their split shift availability and accepted assignments for a calendar month in a single screen. By keeping their recruiter informed of their availability to work, candidates are more likely to be placed in multiple bookings.

Agencies that adopt TempBuddy to give their customers a mobile experience redeploy on average 75% of their workers, compared to an industry average of 40%, facilitated by the real-time data exchanged via the worker app. Previously the mobile app offered a weekly recurring pattern, now the worker can define ad hoc times or days they are available across the entire year, as well as a weekly recurring pattern.

Roderick Smyth, CEO TempBuddy & Chief Strategy Officer Erecruit, comments: “our team of developers are continuously focused on enhancing our temporary workforce staffing software, listening to and acting on feedback from workers, recruiters and their clients. This latest release will really help those seeking work in high volume temporary sectors such as hospitality, education and healthcare where daily shift patterns are common. Staffing firms gain better access to their workers, meaning they serve their clients’ needs faster and are more productive and cost-effective with less onboarding of new candidates required.”

The new features are designed to:

  • provide a more intuitive user experience
  • merge a worker’s assigned shift information into a single view with the days on which they have
  • indicated themselves as being either available or unavailable.
  • allow workers to indicate their availability for split shifts in the same day – multiple time intervals, as
  • well as being able to set, for example, all Mondays as available and then select a particular Monday in the month as not available.

“Using TempBuddy places staffing firms on a level playing field with online staffing platforms. The software allows them to offer their workers and clients a hybrid approach that combines the speed and efficiencies of technology, with the relationships and customer service of a staffing expert”, continues Smyth. “This is a winning combination that gives them true competitive advantage”.

TempBuddy recently announced that Elwood Staffing, Malone Workforce Solutions, and Kimco Staffing Services, Inc., some of the largest independent staffing firms in the United States, have all selected to deploy its multi-award winning workforce management platform and mobile worker app to drive efficiency in their high volume staffing businesses.


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