Why not take the call? You might miss out on a valuable recruitment industry relationship

When was the last time you took a call from a supplier with whom you don’t have a current working relationship? We have all been guilty of screening calls, which is understandable given the everyday work pressures we face, but at what cost? Within the Business Development team, we regularly contact recruitment businesses and often receive calls from recruiters and suppliers interested in working with us – so we are on both ends of the line.  

By not taking that last call, were you missing out on building a relationship which could have proven beneficial? Good Business Developers are not ‘pushy salespeople’ trained to never take no for an answer and ‘always be closing’ – they consult with their prospects over time – understanding their business requirements and providing a reliable confidant. Developing your business is the goal and the best way to achieve it is to keep in touch, offer insight, listen and understand.    

Your business must always be running to its full capacity – but how can you evaluate this? Keeping in touch with Business Developers can help substantially.  Often, people a lot like myself will reach out to companies and by buddying-up with potential technology suppliers you can source valuable information.

It is a well-known fact that the recruitment industry is more dependent on technology than ever before, thanks to 24/7 activity coupled with the ‘always-on’ factor mobile technology has brought. Keeping abreast of the latest developments will ensure your business is not left behind.

Some questions to consider are:

  • How up to date is your knowledge? – With constant advances in technology and delivery methods, keeping in touch with your contacts at recruitment software providers will ensure you remain ‘in the know’. 
  • Do you know if your solution will grow with your business? – It is natural for business requirements to grow and change, can your solution effectively adapt to new requirements?  
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